Build With Chrome

Lego kept me, and i’m sure many reading this post, entertained for hours on end as a kid and now you can create whatever you want in the comfort of your browser. Lego and Google have collaborated to bring you “Build With Chrome“, an online 3D modelling app that uses Lego blocks and functions inside of your browser.

Build With Chrome originated from experiments done in 2012 that were conducted by Google in Australia. They have now opened up the program to the world and users can now plot their designs on any part of the globe. Since its creation, Build With Chrome has been added to and simplified to make it easier for new users to get into.

Much like real Lego, the blocks used in the app are limited in number. There are only 14 different types of blocks and 7 extra’s (doors, windows, etc), which means you’ll have to get creative with your block placement and how you design.

Google have designed the Lego modelling software with mobile and touchscreen’s in mind. Devices with Chrome for Android support and high-end graphics capabilities will be able to use the program. Traditional key board and mouse setups will still be able to use the program. Sharing features have been included, with users able to share their designs on Google+.

They have also included a series of short tutorials and challenges called Build Academy. Challenges and tutorials range from simple to advanced and you’ll face series of building challenges in different locations.

Check it out here and watch OfficialNerdCubed‘s overview of the app below.