3d printed jet engine

Jet engines are often thought of as complicated pieces of machinery and building one can give you a great insight into how they work. Gerry Hamilton from New Zealand decided to create and design one for 3D printing. The entire jet engine uses compressed air for power and is a fully working model.

Hamilton used an UP plus 3D printer for his model and the majority of the components are 3D printed except for an aluminium tube in the middle (which can be printed by the way) and the obvious fixtures and fasteners.


Thingiverse user dxhacksaw has created his own version of Hamilton’s 3D printed jet engine on his UP! mini printer, but used a Plus! 3D printer for the front fan blades. Dxhacksaw also created a build log of the 3D printer which you can view here.

This is an awesome demonstration model and we could see it being used in educational facilities around the world. You can check out Hamilton’s jet engine here and dxhacksaw’s remake of it on Thingiverse.