Yahoo Japan has been helping blind Japanese school students at Hanawa Hokichi Saitama Prefectural School with the aid of 3D printing. Yui Yamamoto, has never seen a snowflake before but got the chance to feel one when it was printed out for her.

By pressing a button, students can choose what they want to touch. Objects can range from Japan’s iconic Mount Fuji to miniature carvings with intricate detail. Instructor Minako Wakayama believes that 3D printing is a valuable teaching tool that can help children to expand their imagination and better understand the world around them.

Yahoo Japan created the 3D printing system in collaboration with the Special Needs Education School for the Visually Impaired of Tsukuba University. According to Yahoo Japan there are already nearly 100-thousand designs that can be used for the visually impaired.–Rb3xI