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Welcome to 3D Printer Plans’ constantly-updated guide to the best 3D printers for sale.

This is your one-stop-shop to find a wide range of consumer grade 3D printers. We haven’t covered ultra-expensive printers that are for commercial or scientific use; these printers are ones that you can get started in 3D printing with.

Don’t spend hours trawling the Internet for 3D printers for sale – use our convenient table and find the right model for you.

Filter the table by brand and price to get exactly what you’re looking for … in less time!

You can see important stats about each printer, such as build platform size and print process type (SLA, SLS etc).

Click through and buy your new 3D printer from Amazon (or other trusted suppliers). You can even take a look at reviews from leading industry authorities and tech sites.

Disclaimer – ICENI Limited “the publisher” is pleased to offer readers of 3dinsider.com this new service. To encourage understanding and participation in this exciting technology we have compiled below an interactive list of 3d printers. The information on this page is provided as an overview only and readers should always undertake their own due diligence before purchasing a machine or accessories. Considerable effort has been expended on creating this resource but the publisher accepts no liability whatsoever for any errors or omissions contained therein.

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BrandImageModelProcessLayer Height (micron)SpecsPrice ($) ($0 = TBC)Where To Buy?
MakerBotMakerBot Replicator 2MakerBot Replicator 2FDM10028.5 x 15.3 x 15.5 cm build volume2199Amazon
MakerBotMakerBot Replicator 2X 3D PrinterMakerBot Replicator 2xFDM100Dual Extruder, 24.6 x 15.2 x 15.5cm2799Amazon
XYZ PrintingXYZ Printing Da vinci 1.0 3D PrinterXYZ Printing DA VINCI 1.0FDM100200x 200x200mm build volume, ABS
3D Systems3D Systems Cube 2 3D PrinterCubify Cube 2PJP200140 x 140 x 140mm,1399Amazon
PrintrBotPrintrBot Plus 3D PrinterPrintrBotFDM100254 x 254 x 254mm, Raspberry Pi, Wi-Fi1299Amazon
PrintrBotPrintrBot Simple 2014 3D PrinterPrintrBot Simple 2014FDM100101.6 x 101.6 x 101.6mm, PLA449Amazon
PP3DPUP! Mini 3D PrinterUP! MiniFDM200ABS, PLA, 120x120x 120mm899Amazon
PP3DPUP! Plus 2 3D PrinterUP! Plus 2FDM150ABS, PLA, 140x140x 135mm, Auto calibration1649Amazon
SolidoodleSolidoodle 4 3D PrinterSolidoodle 4FDM100203.2x 203.2x203.2mm build volume, enclosure999Amazon3D Universe
UltimakerUltimaker 2 3D PrinterUltimaker 2FDM20230x 225x205mm, 300mm/s, Cura2610iMaker
3D SystemsCubify CubeXPJP100Up to three print heads, 275 x 265 x 240mm2799Amazon
UltimakerUltimaker Original 3D PrinterUltimaker OriginalFDM20210x 210x205mm, 300mm/s1370Maker Shed
Airwolf3DAirwolf3D AW3D HDFDM60300x200x300mm, ABS, PLA, LAYWOO-D32995Airwolf3D
Airwolf3DAirwolf3D AW3D V5FDM100195x212x112mm, ABS1695Amazon
Airwolf3DAirwolf3D AW3D XL FDM100300x200x178mm, Kit or Assembled, ABS, PLA, LAYWOO-D3, Nylon2295Amazon
3D Stuffmaker3D Stuffmaker Evolution KitFDM100200x200x200mm ,Kit900Amazon
3D Stuffmaker3D Stuffmaker Evolution Assembled FDM100200x200x200mm ,16953D Stuffmaker
MakerGearMakerGear M2FDM50203x254x203mm, ABS, PLA, 1kg of PLA filament1775Amazon
MakerBotMakerBot Replicator 5th GenMakerBot Replicator 5th GenFDM10025.2 x 19.9 x 15.0cm build volume2899Amazon
3D Stuffmaker3D Stuffmaker PRUSA Assembled FDM100200x200x110mm, Assembled11953D Stuffmaker
3D Stuffmaker3D Stuffmaker PRUSA KitFDM100200x200x110mm, Kit495Amazon
3D Stuffmaker3D Stuffmaker MEGA PRUSA Assembled FDM100290x270x220mm, Assembled13953D Stuffmaker
3D Stuffmaker3D Stuffmaker MEGA PRUSA KitFDM100290x270x220mm, Kit995Amazon
B9CreatorB9Creator Assembled DLP-SLA5, min feature size 30102.3x76.7x206.3mm, 0.47 - 0.8 inch/hr for Z 100 micron5495B9Creator
B9CreatorB9Creator KitDLP-SLA5, min feature size 30102.3x76.7x206.3mm, 0.47 - 0.8 inch/hr for Z 100 micron3490B9Creator
Type A MachinesType A Machines 2014 Series 1FDM50305x305x305mm, aluminium extruder, PLA, WiFi2295Amazon
MakerBotMakerBot Replicator Mini 3D PrinterMakerBot Replicator MiniFDM20010.0 x 10.0 x 12.5cm build volume1375Amazon
MBotMBot Printer FDM100200x200x200mm, ABS, PLA999Amazon
FlashForgeFlashForge Creator ProFDM100Dual Extruder, 225x145x150mm, LCD, ABS, PLA, PVA13493D Universe
VellemanVelleman K8200 3D Printer KitFDM100200x200x200mm, PLA, ABS799.95Amazon
LeapfrogLeapfrog XeedFDM50350x270x220, Dual Extruder, ABS, PLA, PVA, Brick Nylon, Tablet interface9699Amazon
SeeMeCNCSeeMeCNC Rostock Max KitFDM50279.4Øx368.3mm, Kit, EZStruder, SD card, ABS, Nylon, PLA999SeeMeCNC
FlashForgeFlashForge Creator FDM100Dual Extruder, 225x145x150mm, ABS, PLA1199Amazon 3D Universe
3D Stuffmaker3D Stuffmaker CREATOR KitFDM100110x130x105mm, Kit595Amazon
3D Stuffmaker3D Stuffmaker Creator Assembled FDM100110x130x105mm, Assembled13953D Stuffmaker
LeapfrogLeapfrog CreatrFDM50230x270x200mm, Dual/Single extruder, ABS, PLA, PVA, Brick, Nylon1899Amazon
MakerBotMakerBot Replicator Z18 3D PrinterMakerBot Replicator Z18FDM10030.5 x 30.5 x 45.7cm build volume6499Amazon
FormlabsFormlabs Form 1SLA25, min feature size 300125x125x165mm, Photopolymer Resin3299Formlabs
SeeMeCNCSeeMeCNC Orion Delta 3D PrinterFDM50152.4Øx228.6mm 4GB Storage, LCD, ABS, PLA1499Amazon
FlashForgeFlashForge Creator XFDM100Dual Extruder, 225x145x150mm LCD, PLA, ABS, PVA1299Amazon
3D Universe
NW RepRapNW RepRap Prusa Mendel Iteration 2 KitFDM100180x180x130mm, Kit799Amazon
3D Systems3D Systems Cube 3 3D PrinterCubify Cube 3PJP75152.5 x 152.5 x 152.5mm build volume1099Cubify
PrintrBotPrintrBot Go V2 3D PrinterPrintrBot Go V2FDM100check PrintrBot for build volume, Three sizes1299PrintrBot
FlashForgeFlashForge Dreamer FDM100Dual Extruder, 230x150x150mm, ABS/PLA, WiFi, Touch Panel1800imakr
PrintrBotPrintrBot Simple 2 3D PrinterPrintrBot Simple 2FDM100150 x 150 x 150mm build volume, PLA599Amazon
SolidoodleSolidoodle WorkbenchFDM100304.8x304.8x304.8mm, Dual Extruder, SoliTouch Technology1299Solidoodle
SolidoodleSolidoodle Workbench Apprentice FDM100152.4x152.4x203.2mm, Dual Extruder, SoliTouch Technology799Solidoodle
SolidoodleSolidoodle PressFDM100203.2x203.2x203.2mm, SoliTouch Technology,599Solidoodle
German RepRapNEO 3D PrinterFDM100150x150x150mm, PLA, assembled920German RepRap
FSL3DFSL3D Pegasus Touch SLA25, min feature size 80177x177x228mm, 3000mm/s, WiFi, 1GHz computer, 4.3" touchscreen3499Amazon
GeeetechGeeetech Unassembled Full Kit for Prusa Mendel I3 FDM100200x180x200mm, ABS, PLA, Kit500Geetech
XYZ PrintingXYZ Printing Da Vinci 2.0FDM100Dual Nozzle, 150x200x200mm, Auto-Detection & Calibration, LCD649Amazon
DWS LabDWS Labs XFABSLA10, min feature size 80180Øx180mm, Multi-Material5000TBA
Rapide 3DRapide 3D Rapide OneFDM100170x170x170mm,aluminium enclosure, PVA, Nylon ready4999Rapide 3D
Rapide 3DRapide 3D Rapide SFood BasedNA Prints Chocolate, Sugar, Uses Cartridge System8999Rapide 3D
LeapfrogLeapfrog Creatr XLFDM50230x270x600mm, Dual/Single extruder, ABS, PLA, PVA, Brick, Nylon5599Amazon
SolidatorSolidator DLP 3D PrinterSLA10, min feature size 270280x210x100mm, 10 sec per 0.1mm layer Touch screen, WiFi,0Solidator
Kudo3DKudo3D Titan 1DLP-SLA1, min feature size 37192x108x243mm, PSP peeling technology, 1.3 -2.7inch/hr for Z 100 micron2899Kudo3D
AIO RoboticsAIO Robotics Zeus FDM80145x204x153mm, All-In-One (Scanner, etc), Scan speed 12 min, Wi-Fi, LCD screen2499Amazon
AIO Robotics
DeltaMakerDeltaMakerFDM100240x260mm tall, WiFi, PLA, Aluminium frame2399DeltaMaker
German RepRapPRotos v2 3D Printer KitFDM100230x230x125, Kit, ABS / PLA / PS / PVA / Laywood / Laybrick1050German RepRap
German RepRapX400 CE PRO EditionFDM100400x400x350mm, Double DD2 extruder, LCD8920German RepRap
3D Systems3D Systems Cube ProCubify Cube ProPJP75Up to three print heads, 273 x 273 x 241mm2799Cubify
Afinaafina h480 3d printerAfina H480FDM150ABS, PLA, 127x127x127mm, Auto calibration1599Amazon

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