We love Star Wars here at 3D Printer Plans and what better way to celebrate the new Star Wars Rouge One movie than with one of the universes most iconic spaceships. The X-Wing is up there with the all-time greats and what would be cooler than having your own 3D printed model.

Solidworks have released a tutorial on using their 3D modelling software and 3D printing to recreate your own replica X-Wing fighter. The tutorial goes into pretty good detail of the process, although you’re going to need some Solidworks experience to completely follow what’s going on.


According to Solidworks, the X-Wing is little bit more of a challenge to model than it first seems. ” This iconic rebel ship may look simple, but the shapes that flow into each other can be a little tricky. We used some simple lofted shapes and edited the sketches until we were happy with the overall shape of the body. As the body is mostly symmetrical, we only needed to focus detail on one half.”

Once the model was complete, the Solidworks team started printing the model. Apparently they had a few issues due to over extrusion initially, but they got it sorted in the end. In the model, they also had holes for plastic rods to give it some strength.

Once printing was complete they painted the model. They used a process called griming to give it a worn look. This involves using watered down paint and then wiping the model with a paper towel.

Check out the video below.