Chocnology exhibition south africa 2

Nestlé South Africa will be hosting an exhibition dedicated to 3D printed chocolate sculptures to celebrate the announcement of a new version of Android, Android KitKat. The Chocnology Exhibition will feature 10 of South Africa’s greatest design talents.

“The coming together of two very different worlds – chocolate and technology – inspired the idea of creating chocolate artwork made possible through the use of innovative technology,” said Kevin Corlett, Business Executive Manager, Chocolates at Nestlé.

All designs were created using the Android™ operating system and freely available online 3D modelling tools. To produce the 3D printed chocolate sculptures, a traditional 3D printer that uses a plastic-based filament was manipulated to use chocolate as its printing material, thus allowing the creation of intricate, 3D sculptures in chocolate.

Chocnology exhibition south africa

The Designs and artworks can be seen at the Museum Of African Design (MOAD) in Johannesburg’s Maboneng Precinct from Thursday 7 until Sunday, 10 November 2013.

Here’s a list of some of the artists.

  • Joey Hi Fi
  • Marchand le Roux
  • Arno Kruger
  • Liron Segev
  • Studio Muti
  • Rene Roussouw
  • Hans Fouche
  • Orijin
  • AmICollective