Problem getting prints to stick on your print bed or you’re  just fed up with endlessly applying Kapton tape? German RepRap may have the answer for you, with their carbon-based print plate.

The carbon plate removes the annoying issue of trying to avoid or remove bubbles and wrinkles in the tape. German RepRap have aimed the plate to further improve their own  PRotos and X400 3D printers. The carbon plate will also be suitable for many other FDM/FFF 3D Printers.

German RepRap Carbon Plate

German RepRap have tested the carbon print bed with the majority of their printers and found that prints stick to the plate well, while being easy to remove. The plate is held in place by using the provided clamps and has a long service life.

Pricing depends on the size of the plate, with a 460mm x 400mm sized plate at 99.95 EUR and a 230mm x 230mm sized plate comes in at 29.95 EUR.