Keep Delta Chocoalte 3D Printer

Jonathan Keep has already brought us a Delta ceramic 3D printer and released instructions on how to build one yourself. Now, Keep has developed a chocolate 3D printer utilizing the ceramic Delta 3D printer.

Rather than building a whole new machine, Keep simply replaced the extruder on his Delta printer with a syringe which is pressurized from a soda bottle and bicycle pump. Apparently the syringe system can be attached to any RepRap style 3D printer. Keep Delta Chocoalte 3D Printer 2

According to Keep, printing with chocolate comes with its own set of problems. “Having  a melting temperature of under 30°C  (above it goes granular) and then re-solidifying at room temperature it has a  very narrow working potential for extrusion. However the ability to go from solid to liquid  and reverse makes it a good material for extrusion 3D printing, if you can control  the temperature.”

Keep explains:

Predicting that liquid chocolate would not need much pressure to extrude I abandoned my normal studio air compressor and cobbled together a fizzy drinks bottle compressed air system. I believe a fizzy drinks bottle can withstand up to 6 Bar of pressure so with my bicycle pump and only pressurizing the system to 1 Bar it was not stressing too much. The pressure needed to extrude the chocolate as I turned up the regulator did not register on the pressure gage so I cannot say what it was but the rate of flow was controllable. One priming of the fizz bottle with the bicycle pump was enough pressure for a syringe of chocolate. I began printing onto cling film, then gloss card, on top of a ceramic tile that I had put into the deepfreeze. This was to help re-solidify the chocolate as it printed.