Remember the days of being a kid and getting a Happy Meal from McDonald’s or maybe you still get them as an adult (we won’t judge you on that one) and opening up the package to find the latest Happy Meal toy. Well, the fast food company’s latest dream is to incorporate 3D printing into their happy meals by creating custom toys that would make the surprise even greater.

McDonald’s UK IT director, Mark Fabes said that the fast food chain is looking into the potential applications of 3D printing. One of those applications was creating the toys that are bundled with McDonald’s Happy Meals.

At this point in time, the idea of 3D printing McDonald’s toys is strictly in the concept stage and before you head down to your nearest branch, it’s worth noting that it is not even in a pilot program.

One of the major considerations that Fabes and his team are investigating is whether fumes from melting plastic would be safe in an environment where you’re making food (Although the chemical makeup of their cheese is questionable).

If McDonald’s goes through with this plan they would need to find a serious supplier with Fabes saying “It’s got to be a big partner in terms of robustness.”