Grizzly 3D Printed Rifle
Grizzly 3D Printed Rifle

3D printed guns have been labelled as a security threat and a danger to public safety. Plastic guns produced from a 3D printer are practically undetectable by conventional scanners, however; a company based in the United Kingdom believes they have the solution.

Radio Physics Solutions has been developing a scanner capable of detecting concealed printed guns and has already raised £700,000 from the crowdfunding site, Syndicate Room. The scanner uses radio waves and artificial intelligence to rapidly scan multiple people in a crowd or room. It would then alert security if it detects any threat.

The on-board computer analysis the radio waves in real time and sends a beam of millimetre long waves to a potential threat. These are then reflected back to the scanner, which develops a pattern of the threat. Once the information has been built up, the computer compares the results to previous threats and finally sends a warning to the operator. The scanner has a total range of about 25 metres.

“Their scanners are able to detect not just conventional weapons like firearms and knives, but also improvised bombs and composite guns. There is a huge, global market for such technology – from mass transport hubs to government buildings and major sporting venues. Anywhere there is a potential terror threat, RPS technology can keep people safe.” said founder and CEO of Syndicate Room, Gonçalo de Vasconcelos.

Source: Syndicate Room