3D printing suppliers list

Are you looking for an easy way to compare multiple online sellers of 3d printers and print material? This page is the place to start looking! Here you can easily see which supplier has free shopping, or if they have the type of filament you need.

3D Printing online shop list

Below is an ever-growing list of online 3d printing & filament suppliers. Primarily, they are sorted by shipping location, but you can sort the table by clicking the respective header. If you ever bought something from one of these websites, let the world know how your experience was and leave a review! Just use the comment form below.

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3D printing & filament suppliers list
Shipping LocationCompany nameMaterial(s) supplied1.75mm3mm Comments and reviews
AUS3D Printer GearABS – PLA -HIPS – Polycarbonate – Laywoo-D3 – Taulman3D 618 and 645 – Laybrickyesyes
AUSSuigeneris 3D PrintingABS – PLAyesyes
AUSLybinaABS – PLAyesyes
AUT3DFilamentshop.comABS – PLA – PVAyesyes
AUT3DMarkt.atABS – PLAyesyes
CANBotfeederABS – PLAyesonly ABS
CANFilaments.caABS – PLA – HIPS – PVAyesyes
CANFilaments 4 lessABS – PLA – Nylon – T-Glaseyesyes
CHN3DTecABS – PLAyesyes
CHN3DPrinterstoreABS- PLA – Filaflex – ECO – PETT – Laywood – Laybrickyesyes
CHNMakiBoxABS – PLA – Pelletsyesno
CHNSiridi FilamentABS – PLAyesyes
DEU2PrintBetaABS – Soft PLAyesyes
DEU3DruckerstoreABS – PLAyesyes
DEUIgo3dInnofil3d ABS & PLA – Cube/X – glow in darkyesyes
DEUGerman ReprapSmartABS- PLA – PVA – Bendlay – Woodlay – Bricklayyesyes
DEN3D2PrintABS PLA Rubber Nylon & Specialyesyes
ESPBCN DynamicsABS – PLA – Nylonyesyes
ESPPrint All the ThingsABS – PLAyesyes
ESPEasySolidABS – PLAOnly PLAyes
EURSpreadformsABS & PLA (Smart-Flexible) – Nylon – Wood Brick Sandstoneyesyes
FRAEMotionTechABS – PLA – PVAyesyes
FRAImprimante 3D FranceABS (Special-Smart) – ColorFabb – Wood&Stone – HIPS – Nylon – PETT – PLAyesyes
GBR3D FilaprintABS – PLA – Nylon – HIPS – Orbitech – Ninjaflexyesyes
GBR3DistributedABS – PLA – SmartABS – Polystyrene – Taulman 3dyesyes
GBR3DKarmaPLA – PVAyesyes
GBR3D Print Works PLA – ABSyesno
GBRReplicator WarehouseABS – PLA – Plastics – Woodyesyes
GBRRepRap CentralABS – PLA – Makerbotyesyes
INDRepRap IndiaPLAyesno
INDSubassemblyABS – PLA HIPS – Nylon – PVA – PETTyesyes
NLDMakerpointABS PLA Specialsyesyes
NLDShopzinnigPLA – ABS – PVA – Flex – PET – HIPSyesyes
NLDDutch FilamentsABS – PLA – PVA – PA12 – TPCyesyes
NLDFilament WorldABS – PLA – Nylon – Rubber – Fluor – Glowyesyes
NLDLeapfrogABS – PLAyesno
NLDMyThings4u.nl PLA – ABS – PVA – SmartABS – Taulman – Nylon – T-Glase – Flexible EcoPLA – Thermochrome PLA – LAYWOO-D3 – LAYBRICK – HIPS – PET – BendlayyesyesEU Shipping only
NLDTrideusABS – PLA – PET – Filaflex – Laywoodyesyes
NLDKunstofshop.nl ABS – PLA – ABS-soft – Polyester – PVA yes yes
NLD & BEL123inkt.nlABS – PLA – Kapton Tapeyesyes
NZLDiamond AgeABS – PLA – HIPLA – MPLA – CAPA – HIPS – PET-Gyesyes
POLGet3DABS – PLA – NinjaFlex – LAYWOO-3D – TAULMAN 3Dyesyes
RUSLab3DPrintABS – PLA – HIPS – Otheryesyes
SWE3D PrimaABS – PLA – Nylon – Kapton Tapeyesyes
USA3D InkspotABS – PLA – Pelletsyes
USA3D Printing SuppliesPLA – ABS – Glow in the Darkyesyes
USA3DPartistryABS – PLA -HIPS- EcoPLA – Flex – Taulman 618 & 645 – Tglase – PVA – PET – Filament Safe- Kapton Tapes yes yes free USA shipping on all orders
USA3D Printer HubABS – PLA – Taulman 3d – Lay-brick – Lay-woo3dyesyes
USAExtrudables.usNylon – T-Glase – ABS – Filaflexyesyes
USA-CAN-GBRLulzbot ABS – PLA – HIPS – Polycarbonate – Wood – Laybrick – Taulman 645 – T-glase – NinjaFlex no yes
USA Toybuilderlabs ABS – PLA – HIPSyesyes
USAPrinted Solid PLA/PHA – Woodfill – PET – Nylon yesyes
USAPush PlasticHIPS – ABS – Blank reels – Colorant – Kapton Sheets – PLA – Pelletsyesyes
USAMakerGeeks.com ABS – PLA – Translucent – PET – Stone – Glow in Dark – Biodegradable – Polystyrene – Food – Flex – WoodyesyesPartner – always free shipping
WORLDColorFabbPLA – PETG – PHA/PLA – Woodfill – Taulman – LCD – Hotendsyesyes

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  2. Hi there,

    I was wondering if you would mind adding our website to your list.


    We are a 3D filament company based out of Dublin, Ireland and we ship to everywhere in Europe.

    We sell 1.75mm and 3mm PLA, ABS, HIPS, Flexible and PET+ materials in a wide range of colours.

    Thanks for compiling the list.

  3. Please, could you also add us to your list? We are “3D Fila”(www.3dfila.com.br) a brazilian manufacturer. Today we work with ABS 1,75 and 3,00mm.


  4. Eureka Dry Tech provides humidity controlled storage cabinets with adjustable humidity levels. Our products are suitable for storage of all types of filament materials with cabinet sizes from 20 liters to 1300 liters. Please add our website http://eurekadrytech.com to this list for controlled storage of filaments. Thanks

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