Here’s a cool video of a mini FPV Quadcopter built with a MakerBot Replicator 3D Printer. Zwcky101 from Austin designed and built the tiny Quadcopter that weighs just 200g, including all FPV gear. According to Dennis Baldwin, the mini Quadcopter is a real joy to fly and has plenty of thrust. Baldwin is hoping to persuade Zwcky101 to either release the 3D files for downloading or make the quadcopter available for purchase.

Dennis Baldwin has another video showcasing one of Zwcky101’s quadcopter creations, the ZJFPVQUAD-197. This time it is a full sized quad with the majority of the parts built on his Replicator 2X.¬†You’ll see his frame, landing gear, gimbal, flexible antenna shroud, and more showcased in this video.

Zwcky is a design professional and also a member of Garage Pilots, where you can find his profile. He also has a YouTube channel as well.