3d Printed Model T by Whiteclouds

WhiteClouds, the company that also 3D printed Elon Musk’s Hyperloop concept has paid homage to the Model T Ford by 3D Printing a Replica model. The Model T was produced by Henry Ford’s Ford Motor Company from October 1, 1908 to May 27, 1927. Many consider the Model T to be the first affordable car and it opened up motor travel to middle class American’s.

A 1:20 scale model of the car was built by WhiteClouds on a Connex 500 3D printer. The Connex is capable of printing in multiple materials with a highly detailed resolution. Each layer is just 16 microns thick, less than 1/5 the width of the average human hair. Seven different materials were used in the construction of WhiteClouds’ Model T, which took over 16 hours to print.

“We felt this was a good way to illustrate where manufacturing has been and where it might be going,” said Jerry Ropelato, CEO of WhiteClouds. “The assembly line greatly influenced manufacturing in Ford’s day just as 3D printing is in ours. There are a lot of similarities to what happened then, and what’s happening now.”

Credit: digitaltrends.com
Credit: digitaltrends.com

Designers Kelly Root and Jess Schenk created the Model T from various photo’s and Autodesk’s Maya 3D modeling software. Their biggest challenge was the lack of the original measurements of the car.  “There are a lot of great pictures but there aren’t a lot of great references from every angle,” said Root. “This made it difficult to get the various parts of the car exactly to scale.”

WhiteClouds’ Model T is made up of 22 individual parts. The team said they made it in parts “Because the parts were so small and we wanted moving parts, it was easier to print them separately.” All the doors open, the wheels turn and the windshield wipers pivot.

We think it would be awesome if WhiteClouds made this available for download or purchase in the future. Check out the full article over at whiteclouds.com.