1More Triple Driver Earbud Review

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The 1More Triple Driver earbuds are one of the best selling personal audio solutions thanks to their awesome audio quality and competitive price. The customer feedback shows the overwhelming appreciation for these earbuds and by the end of the review you’ll see the value for money that they represent.


1More Triple Driver

The audio quality of the triple driver design is among the best in this price bracket. That’s because each driver is singularly responsible for the lows, mids, and highs respectively. Therefore, the audio quality is cleaner and each note has much higher accuracy levels.

They won’t blow you away at first because there is no big impact from the bass. However, once you begin to listen to different music genres you’ll realize that the clarity and balance is where these earbuds excel. If you can appreciate the different instruments of a tune, then these earbuds will be to your liking.

There is also a good sense of space that gives you the impression that a lot of in-ear earbuds don’t offer. It’s the same as open-back headphones, but there are some similarities in the type of audio.

The execution of the bass is well-balanced since you can feel the impact, but it isn’t so strong that it completely takes over. Therefore you can enjoy bass boosted music without feeling like you’re giving up the clarity of the mids and highs.

Finally, the seal of the in-ear design here means there is natural noise isolation. This reduces the volume of incoming ambient noise so that you can concentrate on the music. However, in very loud environments you’ll still have to battle ambient noise.


Visually the 1More Triple Driver earbuds have a striking design that looks premium – at least above its asking price. You can opt for the silver or gold design, and they both look great. The earbuds are made out of aluminum, which provides a nice blend of durability, low weight, and style.

The earbuds are slightly angled to provide a nice fit that sits naturally in the ear canal. However, they are not ideal for sports or working out since the fit is not so secure that they will remain in place. There is also no waterproof protection so you’ll need to look elsewhere if working out while using earbuds is your priority.

The cable can get tangled due to the rubber design, but it has a durable feel. Also the in-line controls are conveniently placed along the wire and it’s constructed from materials that can take a beating. The functionality of the buttons is great since you can skip tracks, alter the volume, and also receive calls.


  • Good value for money when you consider the quality performance against the price. You’ll struggle to find better overall quality at this price range. The triple driver setup is sophisticated enough to be asking for a higher price, so the value here is amazing.
  • The design oozes quality yet you aren’t charged a premium price. You’ll love the feel in-hand and the visual gold or silver design that allows you to stand out from the crowd.
  • Great durability means you’ll be able to use these for a long time. In the past budget earbuds would wear out relatively soon, but now you can expect years of great performance.


  • They are not ideal for working out due to the lack of waterproof protection and the fit is not sufficiently stable. Therefore, you’ll find yourself constantly adjusting the fit and the audio drivers may get damaged from sweat.
  • The cable tends to catch on itself so you’ll need to untangle them on a regular basis, which can be frustrating if you are moving from a wireless design.


The 1More Triple Driver earbuds are a good choice for the buyer that’s on a budget but wants high-grade audio. They are great if you don’t mind wired connectivity, are looking for a stylish design, and won’t be working out while enjoying music.

The triple driver audio design is the unique selling point here that allows the lows, mids, and highs to be split up. The resulting audio has excellent clarity that will bring any genre of music to life. The drivers have been professionally fine-tuned by Grammy award winning sound engineer Luca Bignardi. Therefore, you can trust the overall quality to be highly competitive.

The final verdict is that these earbuds are a no-brainer purchase if you need a wired personal audio solution that’s affordable. The high review score from the horde of happy buyers indicates you won’t regret making the investment into these earbuds.