23andMe Cyber Monday 2018 Deals

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23andMe is selling their famous DNA test for $70 off right now. That’s a 35% discount for Cyber Monday. This is the last day you can get a discount on 23andMe most likely until a full year from now.

23andMe offers two test. The first one is the Health + Ancestry and it’s selling for $129 for Cyber Monday. The normal retail price is $199, so you’ll be saving quite a bit of money. If all you care about is finding out where you ancestors are from then you can get the Ancestry test by itself for $59. This test normally sells for $99, which means you can save 40%.

23andMe Features

23andMe started all the way back in 2006. Since they started more than 2 million people have taken their DNA test to learn more about themselves. They were the first company to get FDA accreditation to sell DNA tests directly to consumers.

23andMe will provide you with 90 reports from a single DNA sample. Last year, the company provided 75 reports so you’re getting more value. Taking the test is easy. All you do is put your saliva in a bottle and ship it to the company in a prepaid envelope. A few weeks later you’ll get an email notifying you that your results are ready.

23andMe can tell you your risk factors for genetic diseases like Alzheimer’s, Celiac disease, and Parkinson’s just to name a few. It can also tell you which parts of the world your ancestors came from. This is the most fun feature and it’s not a bad idea to buy one for each of your parents to compare their results. 

23andMe is a great Christmas gift for family and friends. Everyone would love to learn more about their genetic history. This Cyber Monday deal makes 23andMe’s services a lot more affordable. It’s a good idea to order and ship back your sample fast so that you are at the front of the line.