3D food printing is just the beginning

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 Just imagine the vast possibilities which the 3d printing industry can bring for all of us.  Having your idea re-created from a flat design to something that is truly amazing and wonderful to touch is truly mind-boggling. This technology is now starting to revolutionize many industries around the world be it in aerospace, industrial design, product development, automotive manufacturing, civil engineering, architectural planning or even in food research.

3D Food printing – From idea to reality

Who would have guessed that in just a short period of time, 3d printing is now a reality?  From materials to even edibles, one can now have 3d food printing and you can enjoy your chocolate bar, burgers or pizza. And it’s perfectly safe.

Foodini pizza
Pizza made with the Foodini – Credit Natural Machines

Back when it was first patented and introduced in the late 1980s, it was very expensive, very tedious, production is limited and 3d systems were proprietary.  And of course, printing 3d food was just an idea.

 But this 2014, companies such as 3D Systems had launched the ChefJet as the first 3d food printing machine at the Consumer Electronics Show and most likely, the rest will follow very soon.

 Even the US NASA is now exploring this new frontier.  In another perspective, some technology companies such as HP are in collaboration to make this 3d printing as mainstream as possible.

 Many would have thought that this will remain as a science fiction idea.  They could be right but as this disrupting technology had progressed through the years, adoption gained enough momentum by 2010.

3d food printing

 Now, everything is becoming awesome.  From your choice of manufacturers to the prices of the equipment, you do have lots of options which can help you unleash your creative idea.  Also, do-it-yourself and open source approach are now available on the Internet.

The future prospects

 Yes, you can now have foods printed by the 3d printing companies.  But what can have more positive contribution to our society is that this equipment can help save more time for creativity within the next decade.  Instead of cooking for a unique menu for the day, why not print it instead?

3d printing pastry

 Either you make your design from scratch or complement this with a 3d scanner, what’s more important is the beauty of touching the outcome of your creative mind.

 Definitely, 3d printing is here to stay and this will just be the beginning of more discoveries and innovations in the coming years.  And somewhat similar to the Jetson’s world, edible 3d food printing will be a common thing for earthlings.

Warning; 3D printers should never be left unattended. They can pose a firesafety hazard.