How Much is a 3D Pen?

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Whether you are buying your first 3D pen or trying out a new model, comparing the prices of different brands is important to make sure that you get your money’s worth. As with everything on this world, not all 3D pens are created equal and it takes a lot of experience using them before you can spot a bargain pen at a glance.

Prices for decent 3D pens range from a cheap $14 to an expensive $150. The price depends on the brand, features, ergonomics, and other factors. The average price for a 3D pen is around $50.

Brand-name 3D pens usually cost more than the ones with no name. Also, adding unique features into a pen can significantly bump up its price.

Wise buyers do not rely solely on brand name when buying a 3D pen. Some no-name pens actually work as well as the famous ones. Even the good brands are not as pricy as we might expect. For instance, the pen that started it all, the 3Doodler, is actually middle of the pack when it comes to pricing. You will be surprised to know that there are actually a lot of relatively recent brands that cost more.

This article breaks down the price of 6 of the most popular 3D Pen brands to help you decide which pen to put your money on. We tried to get the latest price as much as possible, but be aware that their actual selling price may change any time.

3Doodler 3D Pens

Price range: $50 to $250

3Doodler 3D pens come in different models, each one suited to the skill level of the user. The cheapest one at $50 is the 3Doodler Start which is design for kids. Enthusiasts looking for their first 3D pen may also find this pen attractive. More advance users can choose to go with either 3Doodler Create ($100) or the costlier 3Doodler Pro ($250).

7TECH 3D Pens

Price: $50

7TECH produces a pen that is both cheap and good. With the best of both world’s, 7TECH users love it. It has advanced features while being easy to use.

3D Pen, 7TECH 3D Printing Drawing Printer Pens/LCD Screen Free 280 Stencil eBook Bonus Filament Refills for 3D Art Craft Models DIY Design Perfect Gift
153 Reviews
3D Pen, 7TECH 3D Printing Drawing Printer Pens/LCD Screen Free 280 Stencil eBook Bonus Filament Refills for 3D Art Craft Models DIY Design Perfect Gift
  • 【Excellent Gift for Kids & Adults】7TECH 3D Pen is an ideal gift for kids, friends and yourself. Childhood is the best time to develop children's potential. 7TECH 3D pen inspires creativity, design, planning, building and spatial understanding.It is also a great way for adults to relieve stress or cultivate interests, let alone person who is a designer, architect, artist or crafts lover will love it to create anything in mind.
  • 【Easy to Use & Safe】Simply plug-in, heat up and extrude! Great for beginners and experienced artists/ 3D printing enthusiasts! Auto Shut-off & Auto Sleep Function.
  • 【Environmentally Friendly&Dual Filament Supported】 Capable of using PLA(160-180℃) and ABS(180-210℃) filaments refill, and filaments diameter 1.75±0.02 mm. This gives you free to choose material you'd prefer.
  • 【Adjustable Temperature&Speed】With patented ceramic nozzle and adjustable temperature design, this 3D pen is extraordinarily friendly and safe while drawing. Also it provides accurate and stable extruding.
  • 【100% Satisfaction Guarantee】Please feel free to contact us at [email protected] whenever you need help. We guarantee 30 days returned/replaced and money back, 1 year warranty, lifetime service.

MYNT3D Printing Pens

Price: $70

3D pens designed for artists are usually the most expensive so it’s a good thing to encounter MYNT3D pens. At only $70, it is the lowest priced artist’s 3D pen around. You can enjoy exciting features only found in advanced 3D pens. Adventurous users not afraid to go out on a limb can save even more by buying MYNT3D clones. They only cost around $30 so there’s really not much risk there.

MYNT3D Professional Printing 3D Pen with OLED Display
48 Reviews
MYNT3D Professional Printing 3D Pen with OLED Display
  • Watch imagination come to life with the Professional 3D Pen
  • Adjustable feed lets you regulate speed & flow for optimal control of material while you're drawing
  • Temperature is adjustable in 1 degree increments from 130 to 240 C, for optimal fine-tuning
  • Large, OLED display lets you monitor temperature of material to help you achieve a wide variety of effects
  • Kit includes 3 colors of ABS plastic filament A/C adapter and slim, ergonomic touch pen with 1 year limited warranty

Scribbler V3


At only $79.95, you also get 3 rolls of filament to kick start your projects. That’s not too bad considering that this is another artist edition 3D pen with a handful of advance configurations.

Scribbler 3D Pen V3 New Awesome Design Model Printing Drawing 3D Pen with LED Screen Different Colors
120 Reviews
Scribbler 3D Pen V3 New Awesome Design Model Printing Drawing 3D Pen with LED Screen Different Colors
  • AMAZING 3D CREATIONS: Create unique and fantastic 3-D art straight out of your imagination. Draw vertically, horizontally, or make up your own style! You'll find that the only limit for your 3D pen is your own imagination. Scribbler 3D Pen V3 is NEWEST MODEL of 3D pen and includes all the latest features: LARGE OLED screen which gives the user complete control over all details of their drawing experience from temperature and feed settings to material type options.
  • 3D ART MADE EASY: The Scribbler 3-D Drawing Pen is lightweight, easy to manage, and lets you release the perfect amount of filament for precision crafting and art. It also won't jam due to the premium unclogging feature. You can use ABS, PLA, FLEXIBLE, WOODEN, BRONZE, COPPER plastic filaments with our 3D Pen!
  • KIDS AND ADULTS WILL LOVE OUR SCRIBBLER 3D PEN: Whether you're an experienced artist, novice crafter, or exited hobbyist, our Scribbler 3D Pen is great for people of all ages. The best toy for boys or for girls, and a great present for men and women who love tech or artsy toys, this is one pen you absolutely need! SafEvery pen comes with 3 LOOPS of PLA plastic filament, fume-free!
  • EMBRACE YOUR CREATIVITY: Our art 3D pen is more than your average paintbrush, pencil or watercolor; it's a truly unique art tool that allows you to create dragons, ships, superhero logos, and so much more. Give in to your creative side and make something that truly wows people. Safety functions include: Ceramic Nozzle - much safer compared to copper nozzle from other manufacturers; automatic shut-off after a couple minutes of non-use for your safety.
  • GUARANTEE: The Scribbler is backed by a 30-day money back guarantee. Enjoy hassle-free US Based customer service. Find usage and troubleshooting tips, technical support help and Stencils to download on our site!

LIX 3D Pen

Price: $140

The LIX boasts of being the smallest 3D pen and it comes with a slightly higher price tag at $140. Among the pens on the market today, this one is the only one that actually looks like a pen.

Homecube Professional 3D Pen

Price: $40

For $40 you will get most of the features of other pricier 3D pens in this list. Speed control, temperature settings, free filaments – you name it and you’ll get it. Clones of this model, which are widely available online, are even cheaper.

3D Printing Pen,Homecube Professional Printing 3D Pen for Kids with Silicon Pen Cap to Prevent Burns 3D Drawing Printer Pen with ABS Filament Refills,Can be Driven by Power Bank (Dark Gray)
11 Reviews
3D Printing Pen,Homecube Professional Printing 3D Pen for Kids with Silicon Pen Cap to Prevent Burns 3D Drawing Printer Pen with ABS Filament Refills,Can be Driven by Power Bank (Dark Gray)
  • IMPROVE SPATIAL THINKING ABILITY: Homecube 3D pen is a great tool for anyone interested in 3D modelling. It is a great gift for any occasion.The only limitation of 3D drawing is your imagination.Homecube 3D printing pen is perfect for children above 6 yrs old and adult no matter you are artists, hobbyist or creative lovers.
  • HUMANIZED DESIGN AND POWER SUPPLIER:Two materials choices,support shift between PLA and ABS.Connect with power supply through USB cable,can be driven by power bank,computer,laptop and ect.,make it more convenient to use.No matter where you are,just enjoy it.Display screen can directly show the information like supplies type, speed, temperture and safe warning. Aviation ceramic nozzle material make it safer while using.
  • SMART OPERATION: Support dual-mode for feeding,Hold the "Forward" button to feed continuously and release to stop feeding, or double press the "Forward" button to feed continuously and press again to stop feeding.1-4 file adjustable discharging speed.Long press "Return" button for 2 seconds to return the supplies automatically.
  • INTELLIGENT SLEEP: The device will enter into sleeping mode automatically and the screen will display "SLEEP" when the device is not used more than 3 minutes. If you need to use it again, press "Forward" button to trigger it.
  • WARRANTY: 24 hours email customer service support.30 days free return/replacement.
Warning; 3D printers should never be left unattended. They can pose a firesafety hazard.