3D Printer & Filament Black Friday 2019 Deals

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Black Friday is with us again, and it’s the perfect time to take advantage of the limited offers on 3D printers and filaments. New deals are arriving and disappearing as I write. I’ll keep this guide updated with the best offers available over the next 48 hours.

All the major brands are taking place this year with some exciting savings on popular models. OK, let’s begin with some of the hottest, most heavily discounted 3D printers first:

Limited 3D Printer Offers for Black Friday, 2019

There are currently 10 deals on offer worth consideration. Follow the links for additional details and to check the current stock levels, along with any last-minute extras. Good luck.

3D Printer Filaments for Black Friday, 2019

There can be no 3D printing without 3D filaments. The good news is that there are Black Friday Deals for some of the best brand threads too. Check out these short-lived filament deals below.

3D Printer Software Discounts

It’s less common to see discounts for popular 3D printing software. It happens on occasions, so keep a close eye on the two programs below over the next 24–48 hours.

Choosing a 3D Printer Quick Tips

There are several considerations for buying a 3D printer. Only you can know what you want and the projects you do, but the XX points below apply to all new buyers.

#1 3D printer built plates

First, consider the size of the build plate. Bigger build plates cost more, but are the smaller plates fit for your projects? Make sure you answer that question before you commit. A plat that’s too small for purpose is a wasted investment.

#2 3D printing materials

Some printers can only work with PLA. That’s fine if that’s all you need. But consider a machine that lets you print in other filaments or those that are multi-material capable. There are also different finishes, colors, and textures to consider. Get to know the different thread types and what you need.

#3 Enclosures & safety

Not all 3D printers have enclosures to protect the user from the high-temperature extruder. It’s not a law to have them either. However, safety is essential and should always be a buying factor. Especially consider a 3D printer with an enclosure if you’re a raw novice, and it’s within budget.

#4 Understand printer resolutions

All 3D printers print in 3D, but they’re not all equal. The XY resolution of a machine has more influence over the print quality than anything else. This matters if your aim is to produce models that are as smooth and as detailed as possible.

Think about what you want from a 3D printer if you’re a first-time buyer. What are your current and future project plans? Also, a short list of needs and expectations is a brilliant, low-tech way to help you make better buying decisions. Lastly, make sure you have the desk space and a ventilated area where you can safely run your new machine 😉

Warning; 3D printers should never be left unattended. They can pose a firesafety hazard.