3D Printing Applications

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Are you looking for inspiration, or are you curious about the possibilities? Then you need to check out this short gallery on various 3d printing applications using plastic… What are you going to design?

3D Printing applications and examples

3d printed shoes
Lightweight, but skyhigh – These shoes are an excellent example of ‘3d printing meets fashion’.


If you can design it – you can print it! Wether it’s a beautiful landscape for running your model trains through, or a background for playing Warhammer- there’s always the perfect solution for your needs.

3d printed guitar
This gives new meaning to the term ‘hollow body guitar’… You’ve got to love the looks, but I’m mostly curious about the (lack of) sustain. Will plastic resonate as good as wood?

3d printing applications
These face models were 3d scanned from actual faces, and then 3d printed using ABS plastic.

3d printed gears
You can clearly see the individual layers that make up these gears.

3d printed cast
No more itching! This 3d printed cast is as good as a regular one, without the drawbacks. Yay 3d printing!

3d printing applications
I have my doubts about the comfort level, but design-wise there are virtually no limitations.

3d printed suspension
For companies looking for easy ways of prototyping or the tinkering hobbyist at home – small-scale designing takes a leap with 3d printing.

3d printed prothesis
When it comes to improving quality of life, 3d printing is a blessing. It Knocks down costs of designing protheses for individual people.

3d printed nuke lamp
One of my favorite 3d printing applications – home design. This eery-looking nuke lamp is an excellent example of designers using the new possibilities.

3d printed iphone case
As if there isn’t enough choice already when it comes to iPhone cases… But hey, this one can have your name on it!

3d printed handcuff key
This is exactly what it looks like. The 3d printed key made out of ABS plastic is strong enough to open the handcuffs!

Which of these 3d printing applications did you like best for getting inspiration? What are you going to make? Share your inspiration with the world.

Warning; 3D printers should never be left unattended. They can pose a firesafety hazard.