5 Best Apple W1 Headphones

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Are you in the market for W1 headphones to go along with your iOS smartphone, but are not sure about the options available to you? Currently there are only 5 good quality W1 headphones that you can make a selection from and we have included them all in this buyer’s guide. Therefore, this guide will save you time as you don’t have to do the research yourself.

We will explain why the W1 chip is beneficial and how to choose between the headphones included in this buyer’s guide. We will cover topics such as wireless connectivity, comfort, brand, durability, and audio quality. Take the time to consider each of these features so that you can have a good overview of each headphone included in this buyer’s guide.

We had a blast writing this buyer’s guide and hope you are able to find the W1 headphones that match your requirements. Take the time to read until the very end to learn about the options that are offered across the marketplace.

Weight: 0.8 ounces
Battery Life: 8 hours
It has an 8 hour battery life and a quick charge feature.
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Best Value
Apple AirPods
Weight: 0.28 ounces
Battery Life: 5 hours
It has a good frequency response for earbudss.
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Top Pick
Beats Solo3
Weight: 9.17 ounces
Battery Life: 12 hours
Has an 40 hour battery life, good choice of colors, and a strong bass.
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About the W1 chip

Apple decided to get rid of the 3.5mm audio jack from the majority of their products in favor of  the W1 chip. The chip allows for seamless Bluetooth connections to be formed with iOS devices. It can be frustrating having to look for the Bluetooth connection in the settings, and when unexpectedly the connection is disrupted you have to do it all over again. With the W1 chip this problem is a thing of the past.

Furthermore, the chip makes smart use of the wireless connection so that battery life is significantly improved. Therefore, you’ll notice that some headphones in this buyer’s guide are very competitive – for example, the Beats Solo3 has a battery life of 40 hours.

Finally, the W1 chip allows for fast charging times and a fast charge feature that gives you a quick boost in battery life for only 5-15 minutes of charging. This feature is useful for when you want to enjoy music but have forgotten to charge the headphones.

Buying Considerations

Items by price:

Apple W1 Headphones Comparison Table

Make and ModelWeightBattery LifePrice
BeatsX0.8 ounces8 hoursCheck Price
Powerbeats30.85 ounces12 hoursCheck Price
Beats Solo37.6 ounces40 hoursCheck Price
Apple AirPods0.28 ounces5 hoursCheck Price
Beats Studio39.17 ounces12 hoursCheck Price

Best Apple W1 Headphones Under $150

In this price category you’ll find two earbuds that are good contenders in the marketplace. The combination of bass boosted audio, a decent battery life, and comfort means you’ll love what they bring to the table.

There are a lot of similarities between the two earbuds here, but you’ll also find some differences that allow you to make a choice between the models. Take the time to read the product descriptions carefully so you make a make a straightforward buying decision.

1. Best Budget: BeatsX

BeatsXView on Amazon

Editor’s Rating: 4.8/5

The BeatsX earbuds were reviewed in the Neckband Headphones guide where we rated them as the top pick. These combine comfort, great wireless performance, and strong bass boosted audio into one package that provides good value for money. Take a closer look at the features to figure out if these earbuds are a great choice for what you’re after.

They can be bought in black or white and have an over the neck cable design that is ergonomically designed. Along the cable you’ll find a microphone, charging port, and buttons to control the personal audio experience. The flex-form has been designed to not get in the way, but the overall weight of the cable will bear down on you compared with minimalist earbuds such as the Apple AirPods. The in-ear fit of the BeatsX earbuds does an excellent job of drowning out ambient noise due to the noise isolation. Therefore, you can use these while outdoors without sacrificing audio clarity.

You’ll receive 8 hours of running time per charge and the fast fuel mode can be used to get a whopping 2 hours for only 5 minutes of charging time. Therefore, you can run out of battery and shortly afterwards have enough to listen to an entire album. This feature is not common in the earbuds marketplace, which means it is a big selling point here.

The clear microphone enables you take calls and communicate with Siri. The mic has been designed to pick up voice very well so you do not have to shout in order to be heard. Furthermore, you get a few handy accessories such as the convenient carrying pouch and choice of eartips to achieve a good fit. The earbuds are charged via the Lighting cable, which is also included in the package.

Before adding the BeatsX earbuds to the shopping basket consider a few of the drawbacks that could potentially be a deal breaker. Overall, the BeatsX earbuds lack the clarity that can be found by alternatives in this price bracket. A bass boosted audio approach is favor for realism that the audiophiles would appreciate. Also the price is a litter higher than a lot of alternatives in this performance range.

To summarize, the BeatsX earbuds are a good overall choice if you love wireless connectivity with a fast charge feature, noise isolation, a good mic, and bass boosted audio. However, they are slightly overpriced for what they are offering.


Tech Specs
Weight: 0.8 ounces
Battery life: 8 hours
Frequency response: N/A
The Pros
8 hour battery life
Decent noise isolation
Quick charge feature
The Cons
The audio could be cleaner

2. Powerbeats3

Powerbeats3View on Amazon

Editor’s Rating: 4.7/5

These are highly rated earbuds that have a bunch of positive features for iOS users. They are competitively priced, but there is a lot of competition for wireless earbuds in this price bracket. If you’re looking for W1 earbuds that can be used while traveling then you’ll be pleased with the Powerbeats3. Delve deeper into the features to figure out if these earbuds are the right choice for your needs.

You’ll achieve 12 hours of battery life per charge that can be used to work out and listen to music while walking down the road. The long battery life means you do not have to recharge the earbuds often – you may be able to get away with only one charge per week. Therefore, these are ideal for buyers that do not want the hassle of constant battery management. There is also a 5 minute fast charge feature that can be used to get 1 hour of playback time. This is convenient if you need to get a boot in battery life when you have unexpectedly run out.

The microphone can be used to communicate with Siri and other voice based assistants to take control of the audio experience. It’s a clear microphone that can be used to effectively take calls via your Apple smartphone.

The earbuds are sweat and water resistant, which means they can be used to workout and take jogs in the rain. The casing protects the audio drivers from damage, which means you can exercise with peace of mind.

Additionally, the earbuds are very comfortable and the fit is secure, so you can shake your head from side to side without the earbuds coming loose. Furthermore, the earhooks latch onto the ears in a way that keeps the earbuds in place – even when your ears take a knock.

Before adding the Powerbeats3 to the shopping basket take the time to consider a few of the drawbacks. Firstly, they are bass heavy, which means you need to appreciate that type of audio to enjoy these headphones. The overall fit could be improved so that the comfort is better, but the stability cannot be questioned due to the effective earhooks.

To summarize, the Powerbeats3 are a great choice for bass lovers that are looking for W1 headphones. You’ll love the combination of the long 12 hour battery life, secure fit, and durable design. However, you may be able to find cheaper alternatives without the W1 chip.


Tech Specs
Weight: 0.85 ounces
Battery life: 12 hours
Frequency response: 16 – 22,000 Hz
The Pros
Long battery life means battery management is infrequent
Secure fit
Sweatproof so you can use these for sports
The Cons
Overall comfort could be improved

Best Apple W1 Headphones Under $300

Here you’ll find premium price headphones and earbuds that are iconic in the personal audio marketplace. The attention to detail and ingenuity of the overall design means you’re getting a lot in return for your money.

However, they have a steep price so you must consider the advantages carefully. Don’t be shy about scrutinizing every detail of the headphones since you’re paying a premium price. It’s also a good idea to consider the advantages so that you’re able to have a balanced overview of what the headphones offer.

3. Top Pick: Beats Solo3

Beats Solo3View on Amazon

Editor’s Rating: 4.9/5

The Beats Solo3 is an iconic pair of headphones that offers industry leading features at a premium price. You get a choice of colors and the overall design oozes of style and a premium touch. The combination of the audio quality and visual aesthetics means these headphones are among the best in the marketplace.

The battery life of 40 hours is very impressive and you won’t have to recharge the headphones often. There is a fast fuel charging mode that allows the headphones to receive 3 hours of battery life for only 5 minutes of charging. The Apple W1 chip ensures the wireless connection is solid throughout the listening period.

Audiophiles will appreciate the balance across the frequency response and the bass is strong here. Therefore, you can appreciate bass boosted audio tracks and genres like rock, dance, and rap. The strength of the bass leads to overall audio that sounds somewhat unnatural, but if you love this type of audio style then these headphones are for you.

The on-ear design uses soft earcups that are pleasant on the skin. The low-key earcups contributes to a minimalist and portable design which means they are highly portable. However, the noise isolation is not comparable to over-ear designs that can somewhat block out ambient sounds. The headband has no significant padding on the underside, but the overall fit is comfortable regardless.

Before making the investment into these premium priced headphones take the time to consider a few of the drawbacks. Firstly, the headband pressure is firm so you might find that taking breaks is required more often than you’d like. Furthermore, there is a lack of overall audio fidelity for the price. A number of audiophile grade alternatives are available that provide better audio quality.

To summarize, the Beats Solo3 is a great choice if you are looking for W1 headphones that are practical, stylish, and offer strong bass. The choice of colors is impressive so you can choose the one that best matches your style. However, the true audiophiles among you might not appreciate the strong bass and lack of overall audio fidelity.


Tech Specs
Weight: 7.6 ounces
Battery life: 40 hours
Frequency response: N/A
The Pros
40 hour battery life
Choice of colors
Strong bass
The Cons
Headband could be improved

4. Best Value: Apple AirPods

Apple AirPodsView on Amazon

Editor’s Rating: 4.7/5

The AirPods are iconic earbuds and you may already noticed countless people wear them while outdoors. The white earbuds are without a wire, which means the overall approach is minimalist. However, the price stag is steep so you need to carefully take a look at the features implemented to figure out if the value for money here is in your favor.

You only get 5 hours of running time per charge, but there is a carrying case that provides additional charging time. You can also enjoy a quick charge feature that provides a boost of 3 hours in just 15 minutes of charging. Therefore, you can be heading out the door in the morning and charge the earbuds by the time it takes to drink a cup of coffee. NFC technology is implemented that allows you to quickly establish connections with previously used devices.

The one size fits all approach of the earbuds is one of the drawbacks that must be strongly considered before buying these. There are no eartips to increase the noise isolation or get a better overall fit. However, you can invest in earhook accessories in order to achieve a more secure fit that allows you to exercise with the AirPods. Finally, the light and wire-free approach of the AirPods means you can quickly forget that they are there after a short wearing period.

An excellent microphone is implemented that allows you to communicate with Siri without having to repeat yourself often. The mic can be used to take calls in a hands-free manner while you are driving or walking down the road.

To summarize, the Apple AirPods are one of the more unique additions to the earbuds marketplace due to the lack of wires, one size fits all approach, and completely white look. If you’re after excellent audio quality, a minimalist design, and style, then the Apple AirPods are a good choice.


Tech Specs
Weight: 0.28 ounces
Battery life: 5 hours
Frequency response: 8 – 25,000Hz
The Pros
Good frequency response for earbuds
Light allowing for long wearing times
NFC pairing resulting in instant connections
The Cons
Battery life could be improved
One size fits all approach

5. Beats Studio3

Beats Studio3View on Amazon

Editor’s Rating: 4.6/5

Are you interested in iconic headphones that have a minimalist design, great audio, and a choice of colors? Then consider the Beats Studio3 since they come packed with a bunch of industry leading technology that makes the premium price tag worth the investment. Delve deeper into the features implemented to figure out if what’s being offered here is a match for what you’re after.

The 12 hour rechargeable battery is a good performer that will not wear out after years of use. It can be paired with your Bluetooth device over a range of 30 feet, which means you do not have to be right next to your audio emitting device. The Bluetooth connections ensure that audio hiccups and outages of audio are minimized so that they rarely happen.

The soft earcups are ergonomically designed for long wearing sessions. They are not bulky and have utilized the on-ear approach so that you can quickly take them on and off. The practicality is excellent here since you can wear them outdoors and quickly put them around your neck if you need to take a break. The long battery life means you can wear these for the entire day without needing to look for a power outlet to charge the headphones.

Another major selling point is the luxurious finish and makes them instantly feel premium in-hand. You’ll appreciate the craftsmanship and attention to detail that has gone into the design. Furthermore, the durability is excellent since you can drop these several times without fear that you’ll damage the audio drivers. Therefore, they are ideal if you need headphones for long journeys that will not give in half way through.

Adaptive noise cancelation is implemented that does an excellent job of drowning out ambient noise that would otherwise ruin the audio experience. Therefore, you can use these on public transport or while walking down a busy street and enjoy the audio experience without significant interruptions.

There are a few disadvantages that you should be aware of before investing the premium price into the Beats Studio3 headphones. Firstly, the W1 chip technology of the design is only compatible with Apple devices. Also the mids could do with a bit of improvement as the clarity can suffer depending on the type of music you’re enjoying.

Overall, the Beats Studio3 is a great choice for music fans that have an Apple smartphone and want a stylish pair of headphones. The choice of colors means you can choose the look that best matches your style and the strong bass allows for an impactful audio experience. However, at this high price bracket there are a bunch of audiophile alternatives that have better overall audio.


Tech Specs
Weight: 9.17 ounces
Battery life: 12 hours
Frequency response: N/A
The Pros
Decent 12 hour battery life
NFC pairing
Adaptive noise cancelation
Choice of colors
The Cons
Mids could be improved
5/51 rating