Best Corporate Screen Sharing Stick: A Review of the Airtame

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Have you ever wanted a product that will stream your whole screen to a monitor, like using an HDMI connection, but wirelessly? Have you ever been in a meeting where you had to switch around whose laptop was being projected on the screen, resulting in constant fumbling around with wires? Or are you a lecturer who would really like to be able to move away from the screen and walk around the class while doing your lecture?

If any of these sound like familiar situations, then Airtame may just be the perfect product for you. Read on as we take a look at what Airtame can do, how easy (or hard) is it to use, and if it’s worth your money.

Used by companies as diverse as Shopify and Subway, the Airtame is making it easier than ever to give a presentation in a corporate environment without the headache of wasting time trying to get things to work.

What is Airtame?

Airtame is an HDMI dongle that allows you to wirelessly share the screen of any device to a TV or projector. It was designed not only for streaming media content (such as photos and movies) but also for displaying presentations, websites, custom images, KPI’s, and social streams. As such, the Airtame allows for a 1:1 screen sharing – meaning that the TV or projector shows exactly what is visible on the screen of your laptop or mobile device. Airtame basically provides all the capabilities of a standard HDMI connection, without the hassle of all those wires and cables.

Connecting to the Airtame is made easy with its ability to share the screen of any device in the same WiFi network. Simply download and install the Airtame app to your laptop or mobile device, configure the app to your WiFi connection, and you can start sharing your screen to a TV or projector.

One Airtame dongle can be configured to work with multiple devices, and switching between different displays is done simply with a click in the app. Conversely, multiple Airtame dongles can be configured to display the screen of a single device. Airtame is a truly unique product that delivers unprecedented flexibility, ease of use, and interactivity to any screen sharing activity.

What comes with the Airtame?

The Airtame bundle comes all of the accessories you will need that will allow you to enjoy the Airtame experience anytime and anywhere.

  1. The Airtame HDMI dongle – The Airtame dongle has a sleek, narrow design that should let you plug it in the narrow space behind your TV. It fits right in the palm of your hand, making it even more portable than your old-fashioned HDMI cable.
  2. USB connector – The Airtame is powered using a USB connector which can be plugged into a spare USB port on your TV, or directly to a power source using the included charging cube.
  3. Charging cube with universal adaptor – The Airtame can be powered directly by an electrical outlet using the included charging cube. In a nice act of foresight, the charging cube comes with adaptors for different types of outlets so you will not have to worry wherever you may be using the Airtame.
  4. HDMI extender cable – The Airtame also comes with a short HDMI extender cable for those HDMI ports that simply cannot be accessed by the Airtame. We commend the team behind Airtame for anticipating this need and including the proper accessory in the original bundle.

How do you set up the Airtame?

Setting up the Airtame is surprisingly easy. Upon connecting the Airtame to the HDMI port of your TV and navigating to the proper HDMI input, onscreen instructions will direct you to the Airtame website to download the app to your laptop or device. Once you have downloaded and launched the app, it is only a matter of configuring the app to work with your WiFi connection, and you can start sharing your screen with a touch of a button.

The AirPlay screen mirroring app is now available for the iOS, allowing a 1:1 screen sharing with your iPhone. Screen mirroring is not yet supported for Android, but you can project specific multimedia files to the Airtame using the share functionality.

What are the best features of Airtame?

The true wireless HDMI connectivity which provides a 1:1 screen sharing capability is the feature of Airtame that makes it stand out in the market today. There have been several products that allow media content streaming to a TV via a stand-alone dongle. Beyond mere video streaming, Airtame can be used for digital signages, corporate presentations, and teaching aides.

The ability to sync to Airtame by using the local WiFi network allows any user to screen share and update to the Airtame from a few feet to a several floors away. The content in digital signages in large office buildings can be controlled easily and remotely. Best of all, they can be updated real-time.

Setting up multiple devices to work with a single Airtame is possible, and switching between the displays of these multiple devices is done simply by using the app. This can be especially useful in corporate meetings where different people need to display their presentation materials to the group. No more messing around with HDMI or VGA wires, and you won’t even need to go near the TV or projector.

Multiple Airtame devices connected to the same WiFi network can be managed easily and remotely via the Airtame Cloud. The interface of the Airtame Cloud summarizes the status of all connected Airtame devices and allows the system administrator to decide which content is displayed in which screen. This is a great idea for large offices and campuses, where IT support traditionally had to be physically present to set up display devices.

Airtame comes with a custom dashboard setting which will allow you to display a background of your choice when the monitor is not being used. The monitor may display a background image, news feeds, websites, timetables, KPI’s, or whatever information you wish to disperse.

Airtame also works with projectors that only have DVI or VGA ports. Simply use the appropriate HDMI adaptor, and you’re good to go. Not even old technology is a hindrance for the Airtame.

Are there any limitations?

One thing you might notice when you get to use the Airtame is the fact there is some lag between your device and the display that is produced by the Airtame. It is not noticable for basic presentations or low resolution media content, but doing something more intensive can emphasize the effect of this lag.

So if you’re having ideas about playing your favorite FPS game on a big screen via the Airtame, then we’re sorry but you will likely be disappointed. If this is your thing, then it seems you’re stuck with using a wired connection, at least for now.

Is Airtame worth it?

Although the Airtame costs significantly more than the other media streaming dongles, such as Chromecast or RokuTV, it does have the advantage of having more advanced capabilities than the other devices.

We recommend the Airtame for medium-sized to large corporations, enterprises, schools, or organizations. It seems that the capabilities of Airtame will shine best in environments where flexibility, ease of use, and real-time updating are highly valued. Corporations housed in large office buildings can take advantage of Airtame to quickly and easily disseminate important information such as the company’s KPIs or any relevant news.

Airtame has also been successfully used as an efficient learning tool in the classroom. Teachers can be free to move around the room while doing their presentations, giving them the ability to interact with the students more. Students can also share their content to the class quickly using the multiple device support of Airtame.


The Airtame is a unique product which smartly capitalizes on the absence of a product that provides true wireless HDMI connectivity. The ability to do 1:1 screen sharing from or to multiple devices makes the Airtame a cut above other similar products in the market today.

However, the Airtame comes with a higher price range, making it impractical for personal entertainment use. Right now, Airtame is the perfect solution for corporations and schools.