Alienware Amazon Prime Day Deals

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Alienware is every hardcore gamer’s favorite hardware brand. They are known for their quality builds and the high performance chips that they use. Unfortunately, the company is also known for their high prices. The good news is that the parent company Dell has decided to have a big sale in honor of Cyber Week in July.

Gaming Laptops

There are deals on all of the company’s main gaming laptops, including the 13, 15, and 17 inch versions. The higher priced versions have larger discounts.

Desktop Gaming Computers

Alienware also has a number of desktop gaming computers that are on sale. Let’s take a look at what they have below:

  • You can get the Alienware Area 51 for up to $560 off. This desktop can have an incredible 18 core i9 processor installed.
  • You can also get the Area 51 ThreadRipper edition which features AMD processors for slightly more.
  • Those looking for cheaper builds should take a look at the Alienware Aurora. The maximum discount that’s available is $390.

Diehard Alienware fans will be happy to know that you can also save on an Alienware screen.

Overall, now is a great opportunity to get an Alienware product for a great price. Have a look around and see what you need.