Alienware Has Released Their Black Friday 2018 Deals

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It’s safe to say that if you are a gamer you know Alienware. The brand has earned their reputation as the premier gaming computer manufacturer. Alienware is a subsidiary of Dell, and the company has just released deals for Black Friday.

Black Friday sales for Alienware products start at $169 for gaming headsets and $1,499 for laptops. Let’s take a look at the sales that Alienware has released.

Alienware 15 – Gaming Laptop Starting with $1,499

Hardcore gamers might consider this an entry-level gaming Alienware laptop – but it offers a ton of power at a great price. The Alienware 15 is selling for $1,499, which is a $450 savings from its retail price of $1949. For the money, you get a world-class gaming laptop capable of running the latest games in stunning graphics and spotless frame rate.

With a state-of-the-art design, this Alienware laptop features an 8th Gen Core i7 processor, 16 GB memory, 256 GB SSD space and 1 TB hard disk space. Most importantly for gamers, this laptop comes with a 1070 nVidia graphics card pre-installed. This is enough to get your hands on the best games on the market and play them in high-resolution on the go.

Alienware 17 – Larger, Better, More Competitive Gaming Laptop

If you are looking for a gaming laptop with large screen, this 17-inch Alienware gem is on sale for $1,599 this Black Friday (reduced from $1,999).


Wait until you see the specs: It features an 8th generation Intel i7 processor, the nVidia 1070 graphics card, 16 GB memory, 256 GB SSD space and 1 TB hard disk space – they are all engineered for competitive gamers who want the very best.

Alienware Aurora Desktop Gaming PC Reduced More than $400

Alienware has desktop computers for those who prefer a more configurable option.

The Alienware Aurora is selling for $1,299 (as opposed to the retail price of $1,409,). For the money, you get a high-end PC running on an i7 CPU and an nVidia 1070 graphics card. On top of this, you get 16 GB of memory and plenty of storage power too (256 GB on SSD and 1 TB on hard disk).

Alienware Curved 36-inch Monitor – Save $500 on Black Friday 2018

If you decide to get an Alienware computer, you definitely want a monitor that matches. The Alienware 36-inch monitor (model AW3418HW) comes with a price tag you simply cannot refuse.

The Alienware monitor sells for $699 this Black Friday (reduced from $1,199, the regular retail price).

What are its specs?

For starters, you get a 36 inch monitor large enough to feel immersive (and with the curved screen, you will definitely appreciate your gaming time even more).

Furthermore, AW3418HW comes with 2560 X 1080 resolution and 160Hz refresh rate (plenty to speed up your gaming experience). Even more, the monitor has G-Synch technology on it, which goes perfectly with the nVidia graphics card on Alienware Aurora. This technology will smoothen your gaming experience even more, making you feel truly part of your favorite games’ universe.

Alienware Headset on Discount This Black Friday

Looking for Alienware headphones to coordinate your new gaming PC?

The Alienware headset (model AW988) is reduced by $60 (priced at $169, as opposed to $229, the regular retail price).

This wireless gaming set will make your entire Alienware experience feel complete, regardless of whether you’re playing the new Battlefield V on your gaming PC or simply chilling out and listening to music on your laptop while away.

Aside from these deals, Dell’s put out some early offers as well. For instance, you can get an Alienware Aurora with lower specs starting at $899 (with Intel i5 processor and an RX 590 AMD graphics card), or an astonishing Area-51 Alienware PC for 1,899 (with Intel i7 CPU and a 1050 Ti GPU).

Furthermore, you can get an Alienware 13 laptop starting for $1,349 (i5 processor and 1050 Ti graphics card) or an Alienware m15 starting at $1,409 (i7 processor and a 1060 OC GPU).

These are great deals for a premium brand that is not known to offer discounts. Black Friday is your chance to score a good price on an Alienware gaming computer.