Amazon Kindle Black Friday Deals

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Everyone’s favorite E-reader is on sale for Black Friday. Amazon has announced great deals on their Kindles with discounts as high as 38%. Kindles are the perfect holiday gift for people who love to read. These discounts are available now and will most likely be valid until at least Cyber Monday.

A kindle can hold thousands of books in the palm of your hands. With Amazon Cloud you have access to millions of books at your fingertips. This makes the Kindle extremely convenient when traveling or even around the house.

Kindles have come to dominate the E-reader market for good reason. They are easy on your eyes and they read like a book. With a battery life measured in the weeks, Kindles are leaving regular books in the dust. Let’s take a look at the Black Friday Kindle discounts that Amazon released.

Kindle E-reader 6 Inch

You might be shocked to discover that you can pick up a Kindle E-reader for just $49 on Black Friday. The device normally retails for $79.99, which means you will save 38%. This is Amazon’s intro-level Kindle.

The all new design is 11% thinner and 16% lighter than previous models making it easy to hold for hours while you read. In fact, the Kindle is only about as thick as a pencil. You can comfortably hold it in one hand.

The brilliant thing about Kindles is that there is no glare from the screen like regular tablets. The battery life is also superior to your average iPad. Best of all, there are no alerts to grab your attention and distract you. All of this means that you can get more reading done with less eye-strain.

You can switch to an audio book with ease since Audible comes built-in. Looking up words, adding notes, and sharing sections is simple. With Whispersync you can pick up where you left off on your mobile phone.

The $49 version has relatively non-intrusive special offers on it. If you don’t want advertising, you can pay $20 more. You can even save another $10 by buying a certified refurbished model for $39. Overall, Amazon’s Kindle 6 inch Black Friday offer is really good.

Kindle Paperwhite E-reader 6 Inch

The Kindle Paperwhite has seen a price cut of 25%. It is a big upgrade from the cheaper model. The biggest change is the high-resolution 300 ppi display that makes reading a pleasure. Additionally, the battery can last up to 6 weeks on this beauty. Charge it up in just 4 hours and you are good for the month.

Reading at night is a lot easier with the Kindle Paperwhite thanks to 4 LEDs. The regular Kindle has WiFi connectivity. The Kindle Paperwhite has that too plus free cellular connectivity so you can download books on the go.

At $89, the Kindle Paperwhite is a bit more than the standard Kindle. For avid readers this price difference is more than worthwhile. If you don’t want special offers then you will have to pay $109. You can get a refurbished version for $10 less.

Other Kindles

Amazon has two other E-readers that are available but the company did not release Black Friday offers for them. They are the Kindle Voyage (sells for $199) and the Kindle Oasis (sells for $249).

The Kindle Voyage has 2 more LEDs for easier night reading. The LEDs will naturally adapt based on your environment. You can turn the page without moving a finger with PagePress technology. This makes reading a bit easier.

The all-new Kindle Oasis is waterproof allowing you to use it at the beach or swimming pool without fear. It also has a slightly larger 7 inch screen. It comes with 8gb of storage (versus 4gb) and can be upgraded to 32gb.

Now is the time to pick up a Kindle if you have been eyeing one. Kindles are not on sale very often so this Black Friday is the best time to pick one up for the holidays.