Amazon Kindle Cyber Monday Deals

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Kindles are the best E-readers in the world. These devices make it easy to read books on the go. You can download thousands of books onto a device that’s smaller than a magazine. Amazon has put their Kindles on sale for Black Friday. These sales will continue for Cyber Monday.

Amazon has discounted their Kindle readers by as much as 38%. Kindles are popular for a reason. The battery life on an average kindle is several weeks. Kindles also leave your eyes less tired when compared to reading on a tablet thanks to their specially designed ink screens. You can read Kindles all day without feeling fatigue.

Kindle E-reader 6 Inch

The 6 Inch Kindle E-Reader is the company’s cheapest version. It has a retail price of $79, but it has been put on sale for just $49.

The device has been recently redesigned to be 11% thinner and 16% lighter, which makes it easier to hold. The Kindle is only about as thick as a pencil so it’s not hard to hold it with one hand.

The nice thing about Kindles is that there are no distractions from apps like Facebook to interrupt your reading. Some models have relatively non-intrusive ads, but you can pay $20 to remove them.

Amazon is introducing Audible to the Kindle. This will allow you to switch to listening to the book using their WhisperSync technology when you are having a hard time reading. WhisperSync updates your place in the book across all of your devices automatically including your phone.

This Kindle device is very affordable. Kindles are especially convenient when you are traveling so that you don’t have to carry heavy books with you. If you have a book worm in the family, pick up one of these for them for Christmas.

Kindle Paperwhite E-reader 6 Inch

The Kindle Paperwhite is a big improvement over the standard model. Amazon has cut the price of this device by 25% and it is now selling for $89.

The biggest change in the Paperwhite is the 300 ppi display that has twice as many pixels. This makes reading from it a pleasure. The battery can last for as long as six weeks on this e-reader after being charged for just 4 hours.

The Paperwhite also has 4 LED lights that make it simple to read at night. This device has WiFi and free cellular connectivity so you can download books on the go. The Kindle Paperwhite is a bargain for the price. These devices are known to be durable and they last for years.

Other Kindles

Amazon has two other Kindle models. These models have not seen their prices reduced for Cyber Monday though.

The Kindle Voyage costs $199 and it has two more LEDs than the Paperwhite. These LEDs will automatically adjust depending on the light in your environment. The coolest feature in this Kindle is the ability to change pages without moving a finger.

The Kindle Oasis is Amazon’s newest release priced at $249. The device is waterproof which makes it easier to use it around the pool or at the beach. It has a larger screen that is 7 inches across. Most Kindles have 4 gb of storage but this device comes with 8 gb standard and can be upgraded to 32 gb.

If you have been looking at getting a Kindle, Cyber Monday is your chance to get it below retail price. You won’t be disappointed since these devices have great reviews.