Amazon has lowered the price of their best selling Kindle models exclusively for Prime members. The sale ends on Monday, April 16th.

Amazon’s most basic Kindle is normally priced at $79.99. Amazon has reduced the price by $30 to a total of $49. This is the version that has ads on it. If you want to get the ad free version you can for $20 more.

You can get the Kindle Paperwhite for $79 for the next several days. This is down from the retail price of $119.

The Kindle Paperwhite is a big upgrade from the base model. It has almost double the number of pixels per inch at 300 compared to 167. It also has four built-in LEDs to make reading a night a pleasure.

Amazon has also dropped the price of a Kindle by up to $40 if you trade-in your old device. You can get a credit towards a new Kindle even if your old one does not work. This means you can get a Kindle for almost free depending on which model you buy and trade.

Kindles provide a much better reading experience than your phone. There is no glare, which allows you to read for hours without fatigue. The battery also lasts for weeks instead of a single day. The Kindle is for you if you read a lot of books.

Now is your chance to get a Kindle if you have been wanting one. The sale is just for a few days longer so get one while you can. You do not need to use a coupon code to get the discount. It is automatically applied at checkout if you are an Amazon Prime member.