Hoverboards on Sale for Amazon Prime Day

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You can get a hoverboard on sale during Amazon Prime day. There are a handful of units available at discounted prices from top brands. Although hoverboards were infamous for having manufacturing defects that lead to problems, these have all been solved because every company has to go through rigorous independent testing to ensure safety to be sold on Amazon.

Let’s take a look at the models that are available for sale.

  • The Segway miniLITE is the best hoverboard deal. You can get this well-built hoverboard for just $298. This is a discount of $100. It has a powerful 700 watt motor, 11 mile range, and 10.5 pneumatic tires.
  • You can save $50 on the Segway miniPRO, which is selling for $499. While the miniLITE has a weight limit of just 175 pounds, this heavier duty version can hold 220 pounds. It can also go farther with a maximum range of 12.5 miles.
  • The Gyroor Warrior is for sale for $239. It has been reduced from its retail price of $299. It has a powerful 700 watt motor like the Segway, but it has smaller 8.5 inch tires. These tires are designed to be all terrain. It can go between 7.5 to 9.5 miles in a single charge.
  • The Jetson V12 has a discount of 20% that you can get applied during checkout. The regular price is $299, so this means that it’s on sale for $239. It has a maximum range of 12 miles.

Now is a good opportunity to get a hoverboard if there’s a birthday in the family and you need to get a gift soon. These models have great features and a long battery life.