Ancenstry DNA Test Goes on Sale for 44% Off

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3D Insider is ad supported and earns money from clicks and other ways. has released a Cyber Monday ‘Deal of the Day’ for their DNA test. The DNA test is priced at just $55 for today only. The normal retail price of the test is $99 so you can save $44 dollars by purchasing this deal.

Ancestry makes a competing test to 23andMe. Both tests return information based on your DNA about your family heritage. Ancestry claims their test is the number one best selling consumer DNA test.

They have over 1 billion family connections which gives them access to a huge pool of data to compare your results with. Over 6 million people have taken the AncenstryDNA test so far.

It only takes a few minutes to take the Ancestry DNA test. All you do is put your saliva in a small tube and use a prepaid mail package to deliver it to the company. You can finish the test in a handful of minutes.

After you mail in your results it takes about 6 – 8 weeks to get your results. Once you do, you can login online and read your personal report. The DNA test will tell you where your ancestors called home and potentially connect you with lost relatives.

You can attach your DNA results to your family tree which makes it easier to find people who share your DNA. The company has a lot of data on various types of migration. For instance, the company can tell you if your family Pennsylvania Dutch or Louisiana Acadian. They have the most granular data of any consumer DNA test. is also selling the DNA kit on their website for Cyber Monday but it is more expensive at $59. It’s a lot of fun comparing your DNA results with friends and family. At this price, you can order multiple kits as gifts.