How to Update Kodi on Android Box

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As Kodi becomes more and more popular because of its exceptionality, the XBMC foundation regularly releases updates to improve the software further. These updates are usually necessary as they fix issues or add features to make your Kodi experience better. Knowing how to update Kodi is therefore essential.

Fortunately, updating Kodi on Android box is quite easy, unlike on the Amazon Fire Stick. This is because Android TV boxes can access the Google Play Store, where Kodi is available and can be installed and updated from. The Amazon Store doesn’t support Kodi.

Depending on your TV box, you may have Kodi pre-installed on your TV box. In such a case, the chances are that the Kodi version on your device is outdated. If so, you will need to do an update.

In this guide, we shall show you a simple way of how to update Kodi on your Android box. This method should work for all Android boxes, and all you need to do is ensure that your Box has the Google Play Store App pre-installed. Depending on the version of your device, the store can have a different name.

How to update Kodi from the Google Play Store

You can follow the following procedure:

  • On the main home screen your Android TV Box, open the Google Play Store.How to update Kodi on Android TV

If you haven’t used Play Store yet, you will be required to log in to your email account. After that, Google Play Store will open.

  • Once there, navigate to the left-hand side where you will find four menu options; Home, Games, My Apps, and Settings. Click on My Apps menu to get a list of all the apps in your Android TV box. The system will sort those with available updates on the left side.How to update Kodi on Android TVHere, you can decide whether to update all apps or just install the Kodi update. To install all updates, select “Update All.” The installation will start in sequence, and so you may need to be a little patient. Otherwise, you can just select Kodi and click “Update.How to update Kodi on Android TVAfter Kodi installs, you will be given a “launch” button. On clicking it, your updated Kodi version will launch.
    How to update Kodi on Android TVYou can now enjoy the latest version of Kodi. Remember that you can enhance your Kodi experience by adding a number of add-ons depending on whether you are a movie or TV series person, sports enthusiast, or anything. You can check out our detailed add-ons guide to know all about Kodi add-ons and learn how to install some of the best add-ons.