(Update: Live) Arlo Black Friday 2019 Deals (Arlo Pro 2 Security Cameras)

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Arlo makes high-quality security cameras. One of the few downsides to them is the cost. Luckily, you can save a lot of money on Arlo during Black Friday 2019. You can save up to 38% on an Arlo security camera system during the sale. These deals are now live on Amazon and Best Buy.

Home security cameras are becoming more affordable and easy to install. There are well-designed wired and wireless options these days. Many systems also have mobile apps that will notify you if they notice anything suspicious. Arlo makes some of the best security cameras out there and with these prices there’s one more reason to get one.

These sales will be available at a few stores including Best Buy.

How to Choose an Arlo Camera System

Arlo has numerous camera systems. The first way to make a decision is to decide if you need a wired or wireless system. Some Arlo camera systems are capable of being wired or wireless depending on your needs. Of course, battery-powered cameras are much easier and cheaper to install. They will alert you when the battery needs charged. The battery life varies depending on the settings you choose. You will get better battery life if you enable the cameras to only record when they detect motion.

The Arlo Pro 2 series has a 2 way communication feature. You can talk to anyone who is near a camera using your phone. This allows you to warn off would-be intruders. The Arlo Pro 2 cameras capture video in full HD 1080p resolution. They also have a night vision mode that will help you identify people in low light conditions.

The Arlo Pro 2 cameras are waterproof and good for indoor and outdoor use. You connect the cameras wirelessly to a base station. All you do from that point is connect the base station to your local ethernet for online access.

Overall, the Black Friday deals on Arlo security cameras are good this year. This is by far the best time to invest into a security system while saving money.