Best Audio Technica Headphones – Comparison

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Are you in the market for Audio Technica headphones, but have no idea which ones to buy? Audio Technica is an established audio brand that caters towards audiophiles that want over-ear headphones. They offer something for everyone since you can buy at the budget, mid, and premium price. Value for money and competitive audio quality is something the brand is known for.

In this buyer’s guide, we will compare the best Audio Technica headphones so you can make an informed buying decision. The categories we will compare include audio quality, weight, and wireless connectivity. Take each headphone characteristics into account so you can end up with a pair that matches your requirements.

We are sure that by the time you reach the end of this Audio Technica comparison guide you’ll have a good idea of which headphones to buy. They are all excellent options since the marketplace highly rates them. However, pay attention to the small details to differentiate between the headphones.

Audio quality

Audio Technica is known for they audio quality – it’s their main strength. You’ll notice wide frequency response ranges, which means they are suited for professional use in the studio. The bass is strong since the ranges go well-below 20Hz. Furthermore, the audio driver size is large so you can enjoy an immersive audio experience. The biggest options are 53mm, which is a good choice if you don’t mind very large earcups.

Make and ModelFrequency RangeAudio driver size
ATH-M20x15-20,000 Hz40mm
ATH-M30x15-20,000 Hz40mm
ATH-M40x15-24,000 Hz40mm
ATH-M50x15-28,000 Hz45mm
ATH-M60x15-28,000 Hz45mm
ATH-M70x5-40,000 Hz45mm
ATH-WS1100iS5 – 40,000 Hz53mm
BPHS1 Broadcast20-20,000 Hz40mm
ATH-ANC700BT5 – 35,000 Hz40mm
ATH-ADG1X5 – 35,000 Hz53mm
ATH-WS660BTGBL8 – 29,000 Hz53mm
ATH-ANC910 – 25,000 Hz40mm
ATH-ANC50iS5 – 25,000 Hz40mm
ATH-AD900X5 – 35,000 Hz53mm
ATH-M50xBT Wireless15 – 28,000 Hz45mm
ATHAD700X5-30,000 Hz53mm
ATH-AR3BTBK5 – 35,000Hz40mm
ATH-MSR7NC5-40,000 Hz45mm

The human ear can hear in the range of 20-20KHz, but you’ll notice significantly wider ranges here. An extended upper range leads to better vocals and a lower leads to better bass. The ATH-MSR7NC and ATH-M70x headphones offer the widest frequency response. Therefore, audiophiles should strongly consider these headphones. The largest audio drivers are found in ATHAD700X, ATH-AD900X, ATH-WS660BTGBL, ATH-ADG1X, and ATH-WS1100iS.

Wireless connectivity

Audio Technica headphones offer some of the best Bluetooth wireless audio quality, which means they are worthy of your attention. Opt for headphones with long battery life if you hate having to charge the headphones constantly. Also, you need to note the Bluetooth version to ensure that you’re getting up to date performance. Bluetooth 4.0 is the minimum you should expect because it ensures a good range and reliable audio quality.

Make and ModelBattery lifeBluetooth version
BPHS1 BroadcastWiredN/A
ATH-ANC700BT25 hoursN/A
ATH-WS660BTGBL40 hoursBluetooth 4.1
ATH-ANC925 hoursN/A
ATH-ANC50iS35 hoursN/A
ATH-M50xBT Wireless40 hoursBluetooth 5.0
ATH-AR3BTBK30 hoursBluetooth 4.1
ATH-MSR7NC30 hoursN/A

From the table above you can see that Audio Technica headphones offer amazingly long battery life per charge. ATH-M50xBT Wireless and ATH-WS660BTGBL provide the best battery life at 40 hours. Furthermore, if you want the latest Bluetooth 5 connection then choose the ATH-M50xBT Wireless headphones. It provides stable audio quality throughout the listening session.


Weight plays a big role in headphones comfort, which means it is a key attribute you need to keep an eye on. Audio Technica headphones are bulky but the use of lightweight materials allows the weight to be kept down.

Make and ModelWeight
ATH-M20x6.7 ounces
ATH-M30x7.8 ounces
ATH-M40x8.5 ounces
ATH-M50x10 ounces
ATH-M60x7.1 ounces
ATH-M70x9.9 ounces
ATH-WS1100iS20.8 ounces
BPHS1 Broadcast15.84 ounces
ATH-ANC700BT25.6 ounces
ATH-ADG1X10.05 ounces
ATH-WS660BTGBL15.5 ounces
ATH-ANC924.8 ounces
ATH-ANC50iS16.8 ounces
ATH-AD900X21.12 ounces
ATH-M50xBT Wireless10.88 ounces
ATHAD700X9.3 ounces
ATH-AR3BTBK6.7 ounces
ATH-MSR7NC10.8 ounces

The lightest headphones include ATH-M20x, ATH-AR3BTBK, and ATH-M60x. Therefore, they are the best choices for individuals that want to wear headphones for hours without feeling fatigued.


  • ATH-M20x: these are entry-level headphones that are among the cheapest of the Audio Technica brand. They are the lightest headphones of the bunch and offer excellent value for money. You’ll enjoy the mix of the 40mm drivers and decent frequency range.
  • ATH-M30x: these are another pair of entry-level headphones that are ideal for buyers that want an ergonomic design and great audio reproduction. They are suitable for amateur DJ’s that are trying to make a name for themselves with a reliable workhorse.
  • ATH-M40x: the value for money is off the charts here since you’re getting professional grade headphones at a budget price. The good frequency range and comfortable fit means you can work with these for hours before you need to take a break.
  • ATH-M50x: these headphones are arguably the most popular from this series. The blend of an extended frequency response at the budget price means competitors cannot match the quality that’s provided. They are ideal for audiophiles that have a limited budget but big expectations.
  • ATH-M60x: these headphones have a rigid design so don’t expect much flexibility. However, the mix of a wide frequency response, comfortable earcups, and durability mean they are a good choice.
  • ATH-M70x: these are the best of this Audio Technica series and the standout feature is the impressive frequency response. At 5-40,000 Hz you are spoilt since you’ll enjoy amazing audio fidelity and lifelike reproduction.
  • ATH-WS1100iS: these offer large 53mm audio drivers that deliver deep bass and accurate audio reproduction. Furthermore, there is extra padding for a comfortable fit. The strong noise isolation means that there is no need to worry about ambient noise.
  • BPHS1 Broadcast: these headphones are ideal for users that require to speak via a mic while enjoying exceptional audio clarity. They are not suited for music compared to other Audio Technica headphones due to the limited frequency response.
  • ATH-ANC700BT: these headphones are a good choice if you need a reliable wireless connection and an amazing frequency response. The extra-long battery life means that you don’t have to worry about constantly charging the headphones.
  • ATH-ADG1X: these are a good choice for the gamer that wants a highly immersive experience. The accurate sound reproduction is ideal for first-person shooting fans that need special awareness. It’s a bulky design but the 53mm audio drivers add a lot of punch to the audio quality.
  • ATH-WS660BTGBL: do you want good value for money and a reliable Bluetooth connection? Then you’ll love the large 53mm audio drivers and amazing 40 hours worth of battery life. It’s ideal for use on long trips where practicality and portability are essential.
  • ATH-ANC9: these come with exceptional noise cancelation that allows you to tune out the environment around you. The feature drains battery life at a faster rate so make sure to use it sparingly. Also, the ergonomic design means you’ll feel comfortable while wearing these for multiple hours at a time.
  • ATH-ANC50iS: these headphones offer a non-bulky over-ear design that comes with active noise cancelation. The value for money here is excellent and they are ideal for the user on the go.
  • ATH-AD900X: the large 53mm drivers deliver a large soundstage via the open back format. You’ll love the comfy fit of the large earcups and stable fit. However, they are very bulky so you’ll be using them while sitting down.
  • ATH-M50xBT Wireless: the combination of the competitive wireless connection, ergonomic fit, and trusted audio drivers means there is a lot to like here. They are a good choice if you want long battery life and like to enjoy music while out and about.
  • ATHAD700X: the open air dynamic headphones deliver stunning audio quality that is hard to beat at under $100. The mix of the comfy earcups and large drivers provide value for money. However, the bulky fit is something you may need to get used to if you’re upgrading from an on-ear format.
  • ATH-AR3BTBK: these headphones are a budget Bluetooth option that provides a lot of practicality at an affordable price. The mix of the low-key design, NFC pairing technology, and detailed bass means there is a lot to like here.
  • ATH-MSR7NC: the noise cancelation technology here is amazing and competes with what Bose offers. The ergonomic design means they are a good fit for those that want portability. The audio quality is excellent due to the 45mm true motion drivers.


Audio Technica has one of the deepest headphone selection in the marketplace. They usually have a bulky design with big earcups and large audio drivers. However, you’ll also find a few Bluetooth headphones that come with a refined design.

There is something here for everyone and all of their headphones are highly rated. Therefore, you can buy in confidence. Use this comparison guide to work out the differences between the models carefully. There are a lot of similarities between a few of the models so pay close attention to the small details.