AV Receiver Cyber Monday 2018 Deals

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AV receivers are great additions to your home theater systems. This Cyber Monday, AV receivers are heavily discounted with some brands having slashed their prices up to 50%.

These are the deals that we have compiled for Cyber Monday and they will be ending soon. We recommend getting one while they are available.

Choosing the Right AV Receiver

You can consider AV receivers as the brains of your home theater system. It’s the control center since almost all of your audio and video are linked to your AV receiver. The receiver will process all of these signals and then drive them to speakers and displays. This equipment is particularly handy when you have multiple speakers so you can set them up and get surround sound.

AV receivers require power in order for it to amplify sound properly. Too little power will result in sound distortion while too much power will result in blown speakers. It is important that you know the ideal power requirements of your home theater setup.

The ports are also important factors in your AV receivers. You need to check what devices you’re linking it to. Make sure to get one with a lot of different connectors particularly HDMI ports as these carry audio and video signals. It is recommended that you get a 4K compatible receiver so you can enjoy 4K viewing on your home theater system.

AV receivers also have advanced features like integration with Spotify so you can play your favorite tunes directly to your home theater set up. Other receivers also have built-in Bluetooth for wireless capabilities like linking your phone or tablet to it so you can play music saved on your phone.

Many receivers have systems built in that allow to play music in different rooms wirelessly. Some wireless multi-room music systems include Yamaha’s MultiCast, Sonos, Apple AirPlay 2, and Chromecast.

AV receivers can also be controlled using your phone and tablet. Most of them have network capabilities linking to your Wi-Fi network. Some receivers also have voice control and are integrated with Amazon Alexa and Google Home.

There are a lot of great deals for AV receivers this Cyber Monday. You have a few hours left to save up to 50%.