Best Sennheiser Gaming Headphones Comparison

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In this comparison guide we will take a look at the best Sennheiser gaming headphones and the differences between them. Sennheiser is an industry leader when it comes to personal audio solutions and they have a bunch of good offerings in the gaming marketplace.

Sennheiser gaming headphones are priced towards the premium end of the price scale, but you’re getting a bunch of well-implemented features in return. We will cover the major aspects such as wireless connectivity, audio quality, weight, and extra features. At the end of this comparison guide we will summarize each headphone option so that you can understand who each offering is for.

Audio quality

The biggest reason you’ll be buying Sennheiser gaming headphones is for the awesome audio quality that comes with audiophile grade drivers. The audio drivers used are comparable to Sennheiser music headphone offerings, which means you can expect the kind of quality that is not offered by the majority of the marketplace.

Make and ModelFrequency ResponseSurround Sound
Sennheiser GAME ONE15 – 28,000 HzNo
Sennheiser GSP 30015 – 26,000 HzNo
Sennheiser GSP 60010 – 30,000HzNo
Sennheiser GAME ZERO15 – 28,000 HzNo
Sennheiser PC 373D15 – 28,000 HzYes
Sennheiser PC 36015 – 28,000 HzNo

From the table above you can see that most Sennheiser gaming headsets have a similar frequency range, which is very wide. You can expect excellent bass and highs that provide a lot of detail. However, most headsets do not offer surround sound, which is a big oversight by Sennheiser. Only the PC 373D offers the surround sound experience that can add a sense of directionality to the overall experience.

Extra features

There are no wireless Sennheiser headphones so this is not a consideration you’d need to make when deciding between the different models. If you want wireless gaming headphones then there are good options from other brands such as Logitech, Razer and HyperX.

The microphone of each headset has a similar implementation. They have a noise canceling design that allows you to clearly communicate in noisy environments. Furthermore, the boom can be swiveled upwards to move it out of the way when not needed. When the boom is moved upwards it will automatically turn off the mic.

You’ll also notice similar oval shaped earcups for the majority of gaming headsets that add a lot of bulk, but are highly comfortable. Your ears fit inside the confines of the design and the materials used allow for a good level of breathability.


The headphone comfort will somewhat be determined by the weight and unfortunately gaming headsets tend to be relatively heavy. Sennheiser makes use of lightweight materials to counteract this problem. The table below includes the weight of all headphone options so you can compare.

Make and ModelWeight
Sennheiser GAME ONE10.06 ounces
Sennheiser GSP 30012.08 ounces
Sennheiser GSP 60012.01 ounces
Sennheiser GAME ZERO10.5 ounces
Sennheiser PC 373D12.5 ounces
Sennheiser PC 36012.5 ounces

From the table above you can see that the weight is between 10 and 12 ounces, which is about average for the gaming headset marketplace. The weight shouldn’t be much of a problem due to the comfortable ergonomics that is implemented in the Sennheiser headphones.


  • Sennheiser GAME ONE: this gaming headset is targeted at the PC user that wants an open back design so that a full soundstage can be enjoyed. The combination of the wide frequency response, low weight, and sturdy design means it will be appreciated by the majority of gamers out there.
  • Sennheiser GSP 300: this gaming headset has a closed back format and a classy blue/black design that gives it a gaming look. It is one of the tallest gaming headsets on the marketplace and ideal for buyer’s that need a comfortable experience.
  • Sennheiser GSP 600: choose this offering if you’re after a wide frequency response, audiophile grade audio, and a closed back design that provides excellent noise isolation. You also get extra bass here to bring the action packed moments of the gaming experience to life.
  • Sennheiser GAME ZERO: this is one of the more popular Sennheiser gaming headsets due to the closed back design that allows for good noise isolation, a wide frequency response, excellent microphone, and soft earpads. It’s the all-rounder that the majority of gamers will appreciate – even at the premium end of the price scale.
  • Sennheiser PC 373D: choose this option if you want a surround sound Sennheiser gaming headset that provides a good frequency response, strong bass, and an open back design. You’ll love the attention to detail that allows this unit to be durable.
  • Sennheiser PC 360: the open back design of this gaming headset means you can enjoy a wide soundstage via the audiophile grade drivers. The all black design goes with any gaming rig setup and the XL earcups are comfortable for any head size. It’s highly rated by the marketplace, which means it’s not a risky investment.