Black Friday 2019 Luggage and Suitcase Deals

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If you are someone who loves to travel or foresee moving away from home either for college or work, then you need some strong and well-designed luggage pieces. These bags can also be used as storage containers in case you need to keep stuff in it for a few months or years.


Luggage pieces generally can be classified into two types, hard-sided and soft-sided. Hard-sided luggage pieces have a tough exterior on the outer side. These luggage pieces may either have a zip or locks which can be latched. Hard exteriors are great for added security and for storing fragile things in the bag. However, you cannot overstuff hard-sided luggage pieces very easily since the outer side isn’t very flexible.

Soft-sided luggage pieces are generally made with strong polyester material. Even though the word “soft” might suggest weak, the soft-sided luggage pieces are pretty strong. One cannot rip it using a knife. The advantage of using soft-sided luggage is that it is lighter and more flexible. You can stuff just a little more luggage in a soft-sided piece. This type of luggage piece has a zip to close and securely pack your things.

Many people use soft-sided luggage pieces these days because airlines are very particular about weight limits. However, luggage pieces are not cheap. They can easily cost you a few hundred dollars. Hence, if you get a significant discount on luggage pieces, then you end up saving a lot of money.

This Black Friday, both Walmart and Kohls have some enticing offers on luggage pieces. They are putting on sale some brand-name products of Samsonite, American Tourister, Prodigy, Chaps, iFLY, and Protege. Below is a list of deals for hard-sided and soft-sided luggage pieces.

Hard-Sided Luggage Pieces

iFLY Hard-Sided Fibertech 20-inch White – $39 (was $80)

Samsonite Ziplite 4.0 Hardside Spinner – $99 (was $259)

American Tourister Burst Max – $41 (was $159 to $239)

Skyway Oasis 3.0 Hardsided Spinner – $41 (was $159 to $239)

Samsonite Lite Lift DLX Hardside – $85 (was $359)

Prodigy Resort 20-inch – $25 (was $119)

Soft-Sided Luggage Pieces

Protege 5 Piece Spinner Luggage Set – $54 (was $116)
includes 28-inch upright, 20-inch upright, 24-inch rolling duffel bag, 15-inch boarding tote, utility bag

Prodigy Forest 5-piece set – $58 (was $249)
includes 28-inch upright, 21-inch carry on, wheeled duffel, tote bag, travel kit

Samsonite Hyperspin 3.0 – $83 (was $199 to $359)

Chaps Alvaston 5-piece set – $82 (was $399)
includes large spinner upright, small spinner upright, wheeled carry-on, overnight travel bag, utility kit