Camera Lens Black Friday 2019 Deals: Full Frame and APS-C for Canon, Sony, and Nikon

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You know that Black Friday is here when you start to see incredible camera deals, especially on lenses. Almost all of the major lens manufacturers have announced their best deals so you can grow your lens collection without breaking the bank.

Here are some of the best lens deals this Black Friday, and there are a lot of them:







Types of Lenses

There are different types of lenses that have different functions, so if you are looking for one, make sure to get the one that is a fit for your needs. You always want the right lens for the job, whether you are taking pictures of sports, nature, or just your family.

Zoom Lenses

These lenses allow you to get a closer look at your subject without moving. Simply adjust the zoom settings on your lens and you can get a nearer shot. Getting one comes in handy if you love to travel with your camera since it can easily replace the job of others keeping your bag light.

Fixed Lenses

As the name suggests, this is a lens with a fixed focal length. They have no zoom capabilities, so once you attach them, all you need to do is focus and take the shot. These are excellent lenses for shooting portraits because of their wide aperture that produces a much sharper and crisp image.


Wide-Angle Lenses

Looking into a wide-angle lens will feel weird at first since they capture a much broader angle compared to your eye. These are the perfect lenses if you love taking landscape photos so you can capture every inch of the scenery.

Telephoto Lenses

Telephoto lenses are remarkable. Think of them as a cross between a zoom lens and a magnifying glass. They are the largest, heaviest, and most expensive lenses for your camera. What they do best is capture your subject that is very far away and frame them in a way as if they are in front of you. This is the perfect lens if you are shooting wildlife and sports.

Macro Lenses

From shooting subjects that are far away, to those that are so near that standard lenses will not be able to get a clear focus. For that, you need a macro lens. It magnifies tiny objects like a grain of sand, blades of grass, insects, and textures. Most lenses do come with a macro feature, but a dedicated one will give you better results, especially if shooting small things is your forte.