Black Friday Deals on DDR4 RAM (16 GB, 32 GB, more)

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Owning a high-end PC is a double-edged sword. On one hand, you have the option of mixing and matching PC components according to the level of performance you need. On the other hand, this constant act of upgrading your PC component feels like a never-ending process as new games and applications become increasingly resource-demanding.

For this reason, keeping your PC specs up to date involves constantly being on the lookout for great deals on PC components. What better time to go on a shopping spree than on Black Friday? In this article, we focus on great discounts on RAMs – one of the easiest components to upgrade to enhance your computer’s performance.

16 GB

32 GB

When is it time to upgrade your RAM?

The prices on RAMs this Black Friday may be exceptionally good, and it’s very tempting to go ahead and get something more powerful for your machine. However, you need to ask: do I really need to make an upgrade now? Here are a few signs to watch out to help you justify your decision.

1. Your computer feels sluggish when multi-tasking

Running multiple programs can be especially taxing to your computer. If you’re the kind of user who needs a browser with multiple tabs, several spreadsheets, an image editor, and a music player all open at the same time, then you might be noticing a bit of slow-down when your work is at a peak. The time it takes to switch from one application to the other may feel just like a few seconds, but these moments can add up over a day, which means that you’re not being as productive as you can be. If this sounds like a familiar scenario, then a RAM upgrade might be in order.

2. Booting your computer takes a long time

If booting your computer gives you enough time to make some coffee, go to the toilet, or strike a chat with your officemates, then your machine is booting up way too slow. A RAM upgrade might be the easiest way to shorten the booting time for your computer, although you may also want to take a look at upgrading your processor or getting an SSD.

3. You need to use resource-intensive software

Some applications, such as those used for video editing, 3D rendering, or GIS, are simply more demanding of memory from your PC. If you use any of these types of software at a professional capacity, then you should seriously consider getting a RAM upgrade to boost productivity. Having additional memory can also enhance the gaming performance of your PC, as it can provide better 3D rendering and reduce the probability of framerate drops.

4. Your available RAM is less than 25% under normal use

A quick way to check if your computer is due for a RAM upgrade is to go, open Task Manager, while you are in the middle of your usual day-to-day activities. Under the Performance tab, take a look at how much of your available memory is underuse. If your memory usage is hitting 75% or above, then that’s a pretty good rule-of-thumb sign that your current hardware might no longer be enough for what you need.