Gaming Keyboard Black Friday 2018 Deals (Razer, Corsair, HyperX)

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Black Friday is here and it is the best day of the year to find great deals on gaming keyboards. Brands like Razer, Corsair, Logitech, and many more have recently announced discounts where you can save up to 50%.

This Black Friday, there are a lot of gaming keyboard deals out there and we have compiled a list to guide you on what gaming keyboards are for sale. We’ll continue to update this as new deals are announced.

If you want to do some serious gaming on your computer, a regular keyboard just won’t do it. The best gaming keyboards can greatly improve your skills on your favorite PC games, especially if you choose a mechanical keyboard.

Mechanical switches are more responsive and provide you instant tactile feedback so you know if you’ve pressed that button. Some mechanical switches also give you audible feedback, it clicks every time you depress a button letting you know that your command is being performed.

There’s also RGB lighting that you need to think about and you won’t get that with office keyboards.

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How to Shop for a Gaming Keyboard

The keyboard that comes with your PC may be good enough for emails and other office work, but it may not be sufficient if you want to get serious about gaming. You simply need the right tools. There are a lot of confusing features on gaming keyboards such as N-key rollover, anti-ghosting, macros, RGB, but the one thing you really need to consider is the switches.

When you’re out shopping for a new gaming keyboard, it is vital that you look at these kinds of switches. A run-of-the-mill office keyboard usually comes with a membrane switch. A gaming keyboard, on the other hand, is equipped with mechanical switches.

You also want to check the build quality. Playing fast-paced games on your PC can result in some button-bashing so you’ll need a keyboard that’s going to last. Most high-end keyboards will feature a metal body so it won’t bend or break easily. Some will also be built with really durable high-quality plastic. The downside is that your keyboard is going to be heavy, but you’re not going to be carrying it around anyway.

Gaming keyboards also have software customization capabilities so you can reprogram the functions of keys. You can use the software and record a complete sequence of keystrokes and your keyboard will perform all that with a single tap. This is useful when you’re activating a lot of skills or abilities in a short amount of time in a game.

Some gaming keyboards will also have backlighting. Some will be in a single color and others the complete RGB range where you can customize colors that match your game as well as other lighting effects.

There are a lot of excellent Black Friday deals for gaming keyboards to improve your gaming performance. These deals will save you up to 50% and there’s no saying when these will end.