Black Friday Headphone Deals from Apple, Bose, Beats, and Jabra

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With dozens of options to choose from, shopping for headphones this Black Friday 2019 can be time-consuming, not to mention confusing. Fortunately for you, we already got you covered. Here are the best and most notable headphones deals available:


Considering their design differences, straight-up comparing the AirPods Pro and the AirPods 2 is kind of unfair. The more affordable AirPods 2 have an earbud design, which some find more comfortable than a typical in-ear fit because the earbuds simply rest outside the ear canals. They are truly wireless earbuds with an open-back design, making them more suitable for those who prefer better situational awareness while listening to music, either at home or outdoors.

The new AirPods Pro are the opposite – they are designed for blocking out background noise, featuring closed-back earpieces and active noise cancellation for better noise isolation. They are truly wireless in-ear headphones that enter the ear canals. Compared to the AirPods 2, the AirPods Pro are better for sports due to their more stable design and are more suitable for commuting and office use due to their active noise cancellation.

If money is not an issue, your choice will simply come down to whether you want open-back earbuds for better situational awareness or noise-canceling in-ear headphones for better noise isolation. The deal specifically listed here for the AirPods 2 includes the wireless charging case. You can also go for the cheaper deal that includes the regular charging case.


The Studio3 are wireless over-ear headphones with active noise cancellation, while the Solo3 is basically their on-ear equivalent, but minus the noise-canceling. Both headphones are suitable for casual everyday use, with their lightweight and foldable design making them more portable and their long battery life allowing for all-day use. If you want better noise isolation, get the Studio3. But if you want more breathable headphones, get the more affordable Solo3.

Both the Powerbeats Pro and the Powerbeats3 are designed for running, training, and sports use in general. They are similar in many aspects – including build quality, comfort level, sound quality, and single-charge battery life. Both are in-ear headphones equipped with ear hooks for a more secure fit while working out. However, the Powerbeats Pro are truly wireless headphones, which means they don’t have any sort of cable that might get caught into something. That’s not the case for the older and more affordable Powerbeats3, which have a behind-the-neck cable.

The BeatsX are also in-ear headphones with a neckband design. But compared to the Powerbeats3, they are less sports-oriented and are more suitable for casual everyday use. Their passive noise isolation is better, making them better for commuting and office use. If you don’t like wireless headphones for whatever reason, check out the urBeats3 instead. They are regular wired in-ear headphones that are decent for everyday use, with their in-ear seal providing good noise isolation.


You can’t go wrong with either the QuietComfort 35 II or the SoundLink II. Both are wireless over-ear headphones that are supremely comfortable to use for long hours and feature user-friendly on-cup controls for call and music management. The QuietComfort 35 II provides better noise isolation due to their excellent active noise cancellation, making them more suitable for blocking out background noise while commuting and at the office. If you don’t care about noise isolation, then the more affordable SoundLink II will offer better value.

The SoundSport Free and the SoundSport Wireless are both sports-oriented wireless earbuds with a more open earbud design, allowing for better situational awareness when running and working out, especially while outdoors. Both are portable headphones with an IPX4 rating and similar overall build quality, but the SoundSport Free are totally wireless headphones while the SoundSport Wireless have a behind-the-neck cable.


The Elite Active 65t and the Elite 65t are both truly wireless in-ear headphones that are good for office use, commuting, travel, and sports. Their design, build quality, control scheme, battery life per charge, app support, and noise isolation performance are practically identical. However, the Elite Active 65t has better water and sweat resistance, though not by much, as their IP56 rating is only slightly better than the IP55 rating of the Elite 65t.


The 650BTNC, 500BT, and 400BT are wireless headphones that are similar in build quality, app support, and sound quality, among other aspects. The former two models are both closed-back over-ear headphones, but the 650BTNC are noise-canceling headphones, which makes them more suitable for blocking out ambient noise while commuting and traveling. The 400BT, meanwhile, is basically the more portable and more breathable on-ear variant of the 500BT.

With the Free X and Reflect Mini 2 – both sports-oriented, IPX5-rated in-ear headphones – your choice will likely come down to whether you prefer a totally wireless design or a better battery life for extended playback. If you want a completely cable-free design, go for the Free X. But if you want longer single-charge battery life, get the Reflect Mini 2, which are wireless headphones with a behind-the-neck cable.


All three headphones bring different things to the table. The Crusher Wireless are over-ear headphones with a comfortable closed-back design and an outstanding 40-hour battery. Their build quality and controls are the best among the three. And since they also include an audio cable, you can still use them even when the battery is depleted.

The Indy and Method Wireless are both in-ear headphones that are suitable for sports. With the Indy, you get a pair of truly wireless headphones featuring removable stability sleeves and an IP55 rating for better dust and sweat protection. With the more affordable Method Wireless, you get a pair of IPX4-rated neckband headphones featuring a better nine-hour battery life per charge and a simpler control scheme.


If you can afford them, get the WH-1000XM3. They are some of the best noise-canceling headphones currently out on the market. They are well-crafted and supremely comfortable headphones that are great for everyday use. With their outstanding noise isolation performance, foldable design, easy touch controls, and 30-hour battery, they are especially suitable for commuting, travel, and office use.

The WH-1000XM3 is better than the WH-CH700N in many aspects. However, if you want even better battery life and are perfectly fine with only a decent level of noise isolation – even with active noise cancellation – then get the more affordable WH-CH700N instead. They can run up to 35 hours per charge and are just as comfortable to use for long listening sessions.

Notable deals from other brands

The Samsung Galaxy Buds are some of the best and most versatile truly wireless headphones currently out on the market. Their build quality, passive noise isolation, battery life, and app support on Android are all good, while their mic and sound quality are both decent. You can use them for commuting and sports, with their compact charging case making them easy to carry every day.

If you want more affordable truly wireless headphones, check out the JLab Audio JBuds Air. They are well-designed budget headphones that are surprisingly versatile. Their comfort level, build quality, passive noise isolation, and mic quality are actually very similar to the more expensive Samsung product. But on the other hand, their app support and single-charge battery life are both inferior.

Both the Jaybird Tarah and the AfterShokz Trekz Titanium are sports headphones with different strengths. Featuring a behind-the-neck cable and stability fins for a more secure fit, the Tarah is IPX7-rated in-ear headphones. Their good passive noise isolation makes them the better option if you prefer to tune out your surroundings when running and working out. On the other hand, the Trekz Titanium are unique bone conduction headphones that leave your ears completely open. This means they are more suitable if you want better situational awareness, especially when running outdoors.