Black Friday Keurig Deals Released

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All you need is love and a cup of coffee they say – and we agree! Keurig is one of the most popular Single coffee brewers in the USA due to their promise of a perfectly brewed coffee cup every time.

With Black Friday 2017 just around the corner, it’s about time you put together a list of things that you need to get for very good deals. If you are an avid drinker of coffee who is also smart with the way you spend, you have come to the right place. There are major retailers all over the country offering promotional sales on Keurigs.

With all the Black Friday frenzy that is around, you might miss the best deals in the town just because you did not have much time to do your research online. That is why we took care of that for you, putting together everything you need to know about Black Friday deals for Keurig Coffee Makers. We have listed down all the features of the product, the regular price, the discounted price and when it is available where all for your convenience. Scroll down and get shopping!

Keurig K250 – A Slim and Sleek Brewer

Retail Price:$129.99
Discounted Price:$99.99
Savings:$30 (30% OFF)

Special Features

This small (40z water reservoir) and colorful (comes in 7 colors) single coffee maker is the perfect addition to a small apartment kitchen or anywhere in the house you’d be in the mood to a nice hot cup of coffee. It comes with a touch display and strength control for your preference. Keurig K250 brews a Cup, a Mug, and a Carafe.

Where and when it is available

Macy’s – You can buy it on Macy’s Website on the Thanksgiving Day for a highly discounted price of $99.99

Meijer – In their large Black Friday sale this year, Meijer also gives a large 30% discount for K250 and sells it at $99.99. The offer is available on Thursday from 6 am. With this purchase, Meijer also gives a $20.00 coupon that you can use on a future purchase at Meijer, with the maximum of two coupons per offer.

True Value – If you like a little more flexibility in the available days, you can head to True Value which has a sale that runs from 15th November to 26th November both in their shops and online store for the same 30% discount of $99.99.

Bon-Ton – Bon Ton’s Black Friday Sale offers this product for $99.97 along with a $25 promotional gift card if you head to their stores or online from 23rd November 11 am to 24th November 3 pm. It should be noted that you will have a better choice of colors in the online store.

Kohl’s – Starting on 21st November in their online store, Kohl’s will be giving a discount of 30% for Keurig K250, selling them at $99.99 + an extra $15 in Kohl’s cash. If you’d rather buy it in store, you will have to wait until Thanksgiving Day evening at 6 pm.

JC Penney – Get your favorite Keurig K250 which comes with 4 K-Cup Pods for $99.99. The sale will start on Thanksgiving Day at 2 pm and will last until 5 pm.

Bed, Bath & Beyond – This popular big box store will also be selling K250 on the discounted rate of $99.99 on Thanksgiving Day and will last until the following Cyber Monday (28th November)

Keurig K475 – A Feature-Filled Brewer

Retail Price:$149.99
Discounted Price:$127.49
Savings:$50 (15% OFF)

Special Features

Keurig K475 is a bigger coffee maker with a removable 70oz water reservoir which allows you to make 8+ cups in one go without having to re-fill. It has a more advanced strength and temperature control than its sibling K250 with a larger touch display. You can set its digital clock to brew you a cup in less than one minute to chase your morning blues, more importantly, you can set times for it to automatically turn on or off at set times so your cup of coffee will be ready when you get you get to your kitchen in the morning or get home after work!

K475 comes with 6 K-Pods and a water filter handle and 2 more filters to make sure you get that perfect cup of coffee that feels like you just got it off the counter of a fancy coffee shop. The removable drip tray in the bottom of the product will ensure that your kitchen counter will always be drip free despite how sleepy you are when you brew your coffee.

Where and when it is available

You can collect this item for a 15% discounted price $127.49 at Amazon’s website now!

Keurig K575 – The Ultimate Keurig Brewer

Retail Price:$179.99
Discounted Price:$159.99
Savings:$20 (11.11% OFF)

Special Features

K575 is the biggest and the most advanced Keurig Coffee Maker to be introduced to the market. With a 80oz reservoir, K575 allows you to brew over 10 cups of coffee in one fill. The reservoir is designed to be removable, so you can easily refill whenever you wish. With the coffee maker, you get 6 K-Pod cups, water filter handle, and 2 extra filters to make sure that your coffee tastes great at all times.

You get multiple K-Pod brew sizes along with this (4-12oz) or you can brew a carafe when you want to have that extra fill of coffee next to you. (Carafes are sold separately)

You get an extra-large touchscreen with this, which means it will surely make for a great Christmas present to your parents this year! There is also a nightlight for those cold nights which ask for a hot cup of coffee. The strength control option designed to give each and everyone their own perfect cup of coffee, since it is always different from one person to another. There is also a Hot Water in Demand button to adjust the size of your brew.

You can program The Ultimate Keurig Brewer K575 to make you a cup of coffee at a pre-set time and turn of automatically to conserve energy.

Where and when it is available

Amazon – The retail giant Amazon offers a generous 20% off pricing it at $159.99. You can head over to Amazon Website today and get the deal!

Meijer – While there are no special savings, if you are heading to Meijer for their Black Friday sale, K575 is featured there for the price of $179.99.

Keurig K55 – Classic Single Cup Brewer

Retail Price:$99.00
Discounted Price:$89.99
Savings:$10 (10% OFF)

Special Features

This is probably the most popular and most used Keurig product, especially in the households. With a moderate water reservoir of 48oz, it allows you to brew about 6 cups in one go, which is perfect for a small family. You get 4 K-Pod cups, water filter handle and 2 filters along with K55 (Use the 6oz pod for the strongest brew)

Keurig K55 comes with an auto-off feature to conserve energy when you forget to turn it off after brewing your morning coffee. This will be a practical and useful gift for your loved ones and also yourself this festive season.

Where and when it is available

Kohl’s – Kohl’s Black Friday sale this year features a several Keurig products including Keurig K55 which they have priced at $89.99. You also get $15 Kohl’s cash when you purchase any Keurig product. In-store sales open at 6 pm on Thanksgiving Day but you can shop online to get this deal from 21st November on their online store.

Mills Fleet Farm –Mills Fleet Farm has Keurig K55 priced at 84.99. The sale starts at 6 am on 24th November and you might need to hurry since it is only until their stocks last.

Stage Stores – Stage Stores has Keurig K55 for $69.98. This amazing offer will be available in-store and online on the Thanksgiving Day and Black Friday.

Meijer – Offering a better deal than many Black Friday sales this year, Meijer’s Black Friday sale offers K55 at $49.99. You have two options for colors – Black and Red. The sale begins at 6 am on 23rd November and lasts all day. It is available only while supplies last, so better get there early!

Bed, Bath and Beyond – Keurig K55 in Black is available in Bed, Bath and Beyond Black Friday Sale for $71.99 with coupon. The sale will be from 19th November – 27th November which gives you time to make your way through all the great deals.

JC Penney – Another good deal comes from JC Penny for Keurig K55, pricing at $59.99 with a $20 mail-in rebate. The sale begins on Thanksgiving day.

Amazon – If you are a loyal customer of Amazon, you can get a discount 5% and purchase it for $95.00 now at their website.

Keurig K-Select – Keurig’s Newest Single Cup Brewer

Retail Price:$129.99
Discounted Price:$99.99
Savings:$50 (30% OFF)

Special Features

The newest addition to the Keurig brewer family comes with a plenty of advanced and cool features. There is a Strong Brew button for those who really like that caffeine boost in their system. The product comes with a bonus 6-count K-Cup pod variety pack, one water filter handle, and one filter. It takes a minute to brew an extra strong and intense cup of coffee with this product.

The water reservoir is a moderate 52oz, which allows you to brew 5 cups without having to refill. To ensure the durability of the product, you will get a Brewer maintenance reminder which will alert you when you need to descale your K-Select.

Where and when it is available

Meijer – With a few other Keurig products with great deals in this year’s Meijer Black Friday sale, you can get K-Select at the discounted price of $99.99 by Meijer. Along with the purchase, you also get a $20.00 coupon that you can use on a future purchase at Meijer. Limit two coupons per offer.

Target – Keurig K-Select Matte color is exclusively available at Target, which you can get for $99.99 along with a $30 Target gift card. You can get the deal both at Target website or in stores, with free shipping for all online orders. Target Stores open from 6:00 PM to Midnight on 23rd November and reopen at 24th November at 6 am as well.

Kohl’s – Black Friday sale of Kohl’s offer a deal of $99.99 along with a $15 Kohl’s money for Keurig K-Select. Sales start on 20th November at Kohl’s website and in-stores at 5 pm on Thanksgiving Day.

About Keurig

Since 1998, Keurig has been a favorite among coffee drinkers for their single-serve coffee machines which make the mornings a lot easier to deal with! Currently, Keurig has over 400 varieties of coffee and other everyday beverages such as teas, cocoas, dairy, lemonade and even fruit-based drinks. Other than giving their customers an affordable way to drink a faster and a fresher cup of coffee every morning without having to shed some dollars at a fancy café every day, Keurig is also an environmentally conscious company which offers more recyclable plastic in their K-Pods.