Black Friday RC Deals (Cars, Trucks, Airplanes, Helicopters, Boats)

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Remote-controlled models capture the imagination of everyone from toddlers to grownups. The RC deals for Black Friday this year offer some incredible choices at rock-bottom prices. All the big brands are taking part so keep reading to see our best of the best picks for Black Friday 2018.

We have selected each radio-controlled model with great care. Whether you want something for a toddler, a teen, or a hobby-grade model for a parent, it’s all here. There’s a shortlist of outstanding models for all the main categories. These include RC cars, trucks, boats, aircraft, and robots.

Each category has three RC models for different skill levels and budget. Jump straight to the Black Friday RC sales if you know what you want. Read the rest of this quick intro if you need a little help.

Black Friday Radio Controlled Cars

The first three picks are excellent RC cars for kids and older enthusiasts:

What to Consider with RC Cars

There are a few things to consider when buying electric RC cars. The first is to check is the maker’s recommended age for the model. Next is the skill level and the critical features of the vehicle. Make sure you know the play times (battery life) and charging times. Also, check the cost of extra batteries if they’re removable. Swappable batteries let you continue the fun while the other is on charge.

Black Friday Radio Controlled Off-Road Trucks

Next up we have three brilliant beginner-to-advanced RC off-road vehicles:

What to Consider with RC Off-Road Vehicles

Most kids today have experience playing with RC toys long before their tenth birthday. The fun doesn’t stop there either. From toy-grade to hobby-grade, RC off-road trucks provide great adventures for all ages. These tough, multi-terrain, all-weather trucks are begging for abuse. Things to consider are the model’s scale, drive system (2WD, 4WD), speed, range, running and charging times.

Others may include the gearing, motors, tires, and suspension systems. Look for any water, dust, and dirt proofing too. And check the availability and cost of spare parts and upgraded components.

Black Friday Radio Controlled Speedboats

Now onto the water with three super-fast RC speedboats for Black Friday:

What to Consider with RC Speedboats and Racers

There are different concerns with RC boats than land models. You don’t want to lose your precious vessel to the water, and you don’t have to. Make sure the RC speedboat you buy has a few failsafe features. These typically include a capsize recovery mode, out of range alarm, and a low battery warning. Performance characteristics include top speed, playing time, range, and charging times.

Black Friday Radio Controlled Airplanes

OK, let’s now look at some RC plane deals for Black Friday, 2018:

What to Consider with RC Planes

The great thing about modern RC aircraft is their user-friendly appeal, even for kids. Make sure you check the plane’s format before you buy anything, i.e., RTF, BNF, or PNP. Refer to the intro above if you need a recap of these terms. Essential features to look out for are the materials used, the plane’s crash-resistance, and the quality of its landing gear.

Think about variable speeds and pilot flight modes, e.g., Beginner/Intermediate/Advanced. And any stabilization features are always welcome. Other areas to ponder are flight time, flight range, and charging times. Intermediate and experts RC pilots will likely want a model with acrobatic ability.

Black Friday Radio Controlled Helicopters

These Black Friday RC helicopters are worthy of consideration for lovers of whirlybirds:

What to Consider with RC Helicopters

RC helicopters are harder to fly than most RC planes. Newbies should start with coaxial 2-rotor designs as they’re easier to operate than single rotor helis. A 3–3.5 channel (CH) transmitter is better for novices as it has fewer flight options. The first Black Friday pick above checks all the beginner-friendly boxes. The second and third models are excellent choices for more experienced RC heli pilots.

There are a few essential characteristics for all chopper enthusiasts to consider. Crash-resistance is one, as is the cost and availability of spare parts. Flight time and battery charging times are two more. Skilled fliers may contemplate brushless motors, metal components, and longer flight ranges.

Black Friday Radio Controlled Robots

Technically, all RC models are robots, but the Black Friday picks below are the conventional kind:

What to Consider with RC Robots

Modern RC robots are more than mere toys for entertainment. Many of them have intelligent learning modes too. These features interact with kids in a way that’s both educational and fun. Check the manufacturers recommended age range before you buy anything. Look at what the robot’s appeal factor is, and ask yourself what it can do for your child. No two RC robots are ever the same.

There are some shared features to mull over with all robots. One is the battery life. Another is the time it takes to recharge the toy if it accepts rechargeable batteries. Also, check the build quality and the materials used. And remember to heed any small parts warnings if you’re buying for toddlers.