10 Best Bose Headphone Alternatives

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Are you in the market for Bose headphone alternatives, but aren’t sure where to look? Bose operates in a highly competitive marketplace and there’s no shortage of alternatives. We have searched the marketplace to find the best options that offer a lot of similarities to Bose headphones, but also something different. That’s ideal if you are bored with what Bose offers and want something different.

1. Beats Solo 3 Wireless

Beats Solo 3 Wireless

Editor’s Rating: 4.9/5

These Beasts headphones are priced at the premium end of the scale, but the attention to detail here is amazing. They instantly feel premium in-hand and you get a choice of colors, which includes black, silver, red, gold, and green. Therefore, you can select the model that best matches your style.

You get up to 40 hours of battery life, which few others can match. There is also a quick charge feature that gives you 3 hours of running time for only 5 minutes of charging time. This is ideal in situations when you have forgotten to charge the headphones and need to head outdoors.

The fine-tuned acoustics of the Beats Solo 3 means there is balance and depth. The bass is especially strong, which means you can enjoy music genres like rap, hip-hop, and rock. However, for the steep price the overall audio quality lacks the acoustic clarity you might expect.

These headphones are perfect for music enthusiasts that want strong bass and portability. The low weight design combined with the very long battery life means you can take these on long commutes or journeys.

2. Audeze LCD-2

Audeze LCD-2

Editor’s Rating: 4.9/5

Audeze is a brand that’s aimed at the premium end of the scale and LCD-2 is one of their more expensive offerings. However, in return you’re getting a very comfortable fit via the large earpads and headband.

The near zero distortion audio provides smooth mids and clear highs. The diaphragms are thinner than the width of a human hair and are made from NASA grade materials. The audio driver build quality ensures the sounds are among the best you are going to hear from the headphones on this list.

A custom designed travel case is also included in the package that can be used to conveniently take your headphones while traveling. However, enjoying these headphones while outdoors can be cumbersome due to the bulky design and lack of a wireless connection.

The Audeze LCD-2 is perfect for the buyer with a big budget that’s looking for audiophile grade audio. You must be able to appreciate high fidelity audio in order for this purchase to be justified. However, if you need practical features such as a wireless connection and a microphone, then you need to look at the other options in this buyer’s guide.

3. Sony WH-CH700N

Sony WH-CH700N

Editor’s Rating: 4.8/5

These Sony headphones are among the best wireless options the marketplace has to offer. The premium use of materials means they look classy and are also durable. However, they are relatively expensive so you’ll need to decide if the amount of features offered is worth the price.

The battery provides an amazing 35 hours of running time per charge and NFC one-touch connections are possible with previously used devices. Also a built-in microphone is implemented that can be used to take calls and communicate with voice based assistants.

Excellent noise cancelation is added that blocks out unwanted noise when traveling. You can be on a plane or train and drown out the other passengers. The overall comfort of the earcups is another plus, but the lack of padding on the underside of the headband could be improved upon.

The Sony WH-CH700N headphones are a good choice for those with a big budget that want a very long battery life, strong ANC, and a long lasting fit. However, it can be argued that competitive options at a lower price can be found.

4. Sennheiser HD1 Wireless

Sennheiser HD1 Wireless

Editor’s Rating: 4.8/5

Sennheiser is a premier audio brand that consistently over-delivers in the audio quality department. This HD1 version comes with wireless connectivity that provides up to 22 hours of running time per charge. These headphones have the iconic large oval earpads that adds to the bulk, but also delivers a comfortable fit.

Dual built-in microphones are added that make use of VoiceMax technology. It helps block out ambient noise so the recipient can hear your audio clearly. Also Hybrid active noise cancelation is implemented that drastically reduces incoming sounds. Therefore, you can use these headphones while traveling.

The use of premium materials such as stainless steel and leather means these headphones are sturdy. You can rely on them to stand the test of time and the foldable design means they can be conveniently put away during your travels.

You’ll love the Sennheiser HD1 Wireless headphones if you are after audiophile grade audio, a comfortable fit, long battery life, and durability. They are the ideal partner for the music enthusiasts that’s constantly on the move.

5. V-MODA Crossfade Wireless

V-MODA Crossfade Wireless

Editor’s Rating: 4.8/5

V-MODA consistently receives high reviews from buyers across the majority of their range. They focus more on durability more than any other brand, which means you can expect the V-MODA Crossfade Wireless to stand the test of time. The combination of the steel frame, steelflex headband, durable cable, and protection from weather elements means every part of the design has been considered.

These headphones provide up to 12 hours of running time per charge and there is a quick charge feature that provides 3 hours of running time for 30 minutes of charging. However, you can switch over to a wired 3.5mm connection when the battery life has run out or you want to conserve it for later use.

The large over ear design is based on 5 years of research and development. Therefore, you can expect a fit that’s ergonomic and will not come loose during sudden head movements. Furthermore, the materials have been carefully selected to keep the weight down, which helps avoid a cumbersome feel during a long listening session.

These headphones are perfect for music enthusiasts that need a durable and practical solution. If you’re the type of headphone owner that consistently damages their headphones, then the V-MODA Crossfade Wireless is the best choice for you.

6. Master & Dynamic MH40S2

Master & Dynamic MH40S2

Editor’s Rating: 4.7/5

The Master & Dynamic MH40S2 have an award winning design that oozes of class. The mixture of the high quality leather and metal finish means you’ll love wearing these while out and about. Furthermore, the choice of materials means they will last for a long time due to impressive durability.

The 45mm neodymium audio drivers have beee tuned to provide natural and warm sounds. The audiophiles among you will appreciate the clarity and attention to detail that’s offered with these Master & Dynamic MH40S2 headphones.

There is also a choice of colors, which includes navy/silver, gunmetal/black, white, alcantara, and brown. Choose the option that you feel best matches your style. In any case all color options have been carefully selected to offer great visual aesthetics.

The Master & Dynamic MH40S2 headphones are a good choice for buyers that want audiophile grade audio, have a big budget, are not bothered by a wired connection, and want a comfortable fit. The value for money here is excellent if you are prepared to give up portability since there is no wireless connection.

7. Nuraphone


Editor’s Rating: 4.6/5

The Nuraphone headphones offer a unique fit due to the in-ear and over-ear design. Consequently, the noise isolation and leakage is kept to a minimum. With the Nuraphone headphones you can enjoy high clarity levels in noisy environments such as train and bus stations. Furthermore, active noise cancelation is implemented that blocks out ambient noise by creating soundwaves of the opposite phase. It’s a highly effective way of improving audio clarity in noisy environments.

The headphones have a minimalist black design that looks basic, but the materials used are of premium quality. You also receive over 20 hours of battery life per charge and there is a wired option for when the battery life has run out.

4 external microphones are added that greatly improves the clarity of the audio signal. Therefore, you won’t have to repeat yourself often during a voice call. These headphones are ideal for individuals that are frequently using their headphones for calling friends and family.

The high cost of these headphones means you need to appreciate the features offered here for the purchase to represent value for money. The Nuraphone headphones are aimed at buyers that travel often and value innovation.

8. Plantronics BackBeat PRO 2 Special Edition

Plantronics BackBeat PRO 2 Special Edition

Editor’s Rating: 4.6/5

The grey and bland style of these headnotes means they can go with any outfit. The Plantronics BackBeat PRO 2 Special Edition features a comfortable fit due to the use of soft materials. However, they are priced at the premium end of the marketplace so you’ll need to figure out if the features offered are a good match for your needs.

The battery life is an amazing 24 hours per charge giving you the freedom to enjoy music all day. However, if you make use of the ANC feature then expect a significantly shorter battery life. It’s a useful feature that blocks out unwanted sounds in noisy environments. Class 1 Bluetooth is used that allows you to enjoy the crisp audio across the 20–20,000 Hz frequency range.

A protective travel case is included that’s ideal when traveling. The earcups can also be swivelled sideways to reduce the amount of space the headphones take up. It’s also a durable design due to the clever use of materials.

The Plantronics BackBeat PRO 2 Special Edition headphones are a good choice for buyers that want a good personal audio solution for traveling. It’s an option that doesn’t sacrifice on the audio quality and has well-implemented ANC.



Editor’s Rating: 4.5/5

COWIN consistently offers great value for money and the majority of their headphones are aimed at the budget end of the market. The E8 comes with upgraded features that offer practicality and good audio quality. However, you’ll need to get over the large bulky earcups to get used to the fit.

Active noise canceling technology is offered that helps you tune out unwanted sounds when traveling. However, it drains the battery life so make sure to use it sparingly. You get 20 hours of battery life per charge via the 545mAh battery.

The frequency range of 20Hz-20kHz isn’t the most impressive on this list, but the overall audio quality is impressive. You’ll love the clarity and the way all types of music genres are brought to life. The large 45mm audio drivers are sturdy, which means these headphones can take some damage without experiencing a decrease in audio quality.

These headphones are a good choice for travelers that are looking for value at an affordable price. The combination of ANC, 20 hour battery life, and comfortable fit means you’re getting a lot from the COWIN E8 headphones.

10. Ghostek Rapture Premium

Ghostek Rapture Premium

Editor’s Rating: 4.4/5

These headphones have a nice looking design that combines durable leather and metal. It has a premium feel, but it’s a brand you might have not come across before. Take the time to delve deeper into the features and you’ll be surprised by the value implemented here.

The 40mm graphene audio drivers contribute to impactful audio that brings any music genre to life. You’ll love the deep bass, smooth mids, and accurate highs. However, do not compare these headphones to audiophile grade options as that is a different class of product.

The 4.1 Bluetooth provides a reliable connection throughout the listening session. They offer 20 hours of battery life per charge and there are LED lights to indicate the amount of battery time left. You can keep your eyes on these LED lights to figure out when to charge the headphones.

The Ghostek Rapture Premium headphones are a good choice for the budget buyer that is looking for a good deal without sacrificing on the audio quality. The purchase favors those that are looking for interesting visual aesthetics and practicality.