Bose Headphone and Earbuds Black Friday 2019 Deals (QC35 and SoundSport)

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If you ever decide to loosen your purse strings, you have to make sure that it’s on Black Friday. The deals are so amazing that you can go crazy spending and still have plenty left for Christmas.

Take these deals on Bose Headphones that are about to be unveiled just before the 2019 Black Friday, for example. Don’t worry, if you don’t see the discounts on the pages, though. This is leaked info, and the prices will become live just before Black Friday.

Best Bose Headphone Deals of Black Friday 2019: At a Glance

#1: Bose QuietComfort 35 Wireless Headphones II

Bose QuietComfort 35 Wireless Headphones IIView on Amazon

Original Price: $349.99

Black Friday Deal Price: $279.99

Savings: $70

If you’re in the market for Bose headphones, then the QuietComfort 35 is what you should be considering. It’s true that these headphones are super-expensive, but it is also true that they’re the best pair available in the market right now.

They feature the top of the line sound quality that Bose is renowned for. Their excellent sound output is further matched by their super-advanced noise cancellation technology.

In fact, they feature a twin-layer noise cancellation system that raises Bose’s already renowned bass and mids sound output to a completely different level. The noise cancellation feature, by the way, can be actively managed through the Bose app that is offered with these headphones. The app, of course, offers other features and ensures future firmware updates as well.

Moreover, these premier-quality headphones are fully compatible with all voice control technologies too. This includes Apple’s Siri, Amazon’s Alexa, and Google’s Voice Assistant. As a result, their functionality improves manifold. You can make and receive phone calls, manage your music, send text messages, and perform all other functions of these voice assistants with this device.

Unlike many other similar headphones, this pair also doesn’t force you to repeat your commands in increasingly clipped tones to ensure a response from the assistant. Instead, your every voice command will be heard clearly owing to this device’s two-microphone system.

Another feature that sets this pair apart from all other Bose offerings is that these headphones support Bose’s Augmented Reality functionality. The AR functionality is described by the company as the “world’s first audio-only augmented reality platform.”

In practice, it means that these headphones have built-in motion sensors that track the orientation of your head to offer customized information and audio pertaining to everything from games and fitness to navigation.

The headphones are comfortable to wear with their soft-cushion ear cup and incredibly sturdy because of the fact that they’re both corrosion resistant and impact resistant.

Further, their battery life is nothing short of impressive. You can use this pair for up to 20 hours, depending upon your usage. Charging is a breeze as well since these headphones only take 2.25 hours to charge fully.

Being wireless, you connect these headphones to your device through Bluetooth, but NFC is also a possible channel. Crucially, you can use these headphones while they’re charging since they come with an audio cable specifically for this reason.

The box will also contain a USB charging cable and a carrying case for your comfort. Bose offers this pair in three different colors, which are silver, rose gold, and black.

The Deal: Of all Bose headphones, this pair has the best Black Friday deal on it with a discount of an amazing $70. This means that you’ll be able to get this pair for under $280!

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Tech Specs
Product weight: 8.3 ounces
Battery life: 20 hours
Color options: Silver, rose gold, and black
Excellent discounts
Most advanced wireless headphones in the market
Superlative sound output
Double-layer state-of-the-art noise cancelation technology
Full voice assistant compatibility irrespective of OS
Dual microphone system
Supports Bose’s groundbreaking Augmented Reality feature
Corrosion and impact-resistant headphones
Up to 20 hours’ battery life
It takes only 2.25 hours to charge up
Can be used while charging
Available in three colors
Super expensive headphones

#2: Bose SoundSport Pulse Wireless Headphones

Bose SoundSport Pulse Wireless HeadphonesView on BJS

Original Price: $129.99

Black Friday Deal Price: $99.99

Savings: $30

If you’re looking for a Black Friday deal on budget products, the Bose SoundSport Pulse Wireless Headphones is what you should consider. They’re incredibly affordable for Bose headphones and are tailor-made for fitness enthusiasts.

This is especially true if you get the Pulse variant. The Pulse variant of the SoundSport headphones has a built-in heart rate monitor ideal for people who like to refine their fitness regimes in extreme detail.

These headphones feature Bose’s trademarked StayHear technology. Further, the tips make each earplug is comfortable to wear and ensure that it doesn’t jiggle out of the ear at the first sign of exertion. Also, these headphones can handle all the conditions that you may put them through during your workout, including sweat, weather, and water!

These headphones boast of an inline mic, which makes them very useful if you receive a lot of phone calls. Like all wireless headphones, this pair connects to your phone via Bluetooth. However, it also supports NFC connections.

The battery life of these headphones is exceptional, and they can last for up to six hours without needing a recharge. Moreover, they’re quick to achieve a full charge, taking only about two hours.

These headphones are available in four different colors – power red, citron (white), black, and aqua. If you’re esthetically-inclined, though, keep in mind that they look a little bulky. However, they only look bulky. They don’t feel heavy in the ears.

The Deal: Amongst headphones, Bose is the most premium option. Therefore, the fact that you can get this pair for under $100 makes it a steal!

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Tech Specs
Product weight: 14.4 ounces
Battery life: 6 hours
Color options: Aqua, citron, black, and power red
Most affordable Bose headphones
Discounts bring their price to under $100
Tailor-made for fitness use
Pulse variant offers a built-in heart rate monitor
Sweat, weather, and water-resistant headphones
Up to six hours’ battery life
It takes about two hours to charge up
Available in four different colors
Can look a bit bulky on some people

#3: Bose SoundSport Free wireless headphones

Bose SoundSport Free wireless headphonesView on Amazon

Original Price: $199.99

Black Friday Deal Price: $169.99

Savings: $30

From the same SoundSport series, these headphones are different because they’re truly wireless. “True wireless” is a term used for headphones where the individual earplugs aren’t connected by a wire. This makes them easier to use and store than headphones that have wires connecting the earplugs.

Even though it is truly wireless, this pair of headphones does have features similar to its wired counterpart. It is sweat and weather resistant and boasts of the StayHear functionality of Bose. Further, like all Bose headphones, this pair’s sound output is also exceptional.

While similar to the wired SoundSport headphones, this one improves on its functionality in various ways too. Firstly, it features sport tips on each earbud, which allows more stability and comfort during physical exercise.

Further, it is compatible with all the major voice assistants such as Google’s Assistant, Apple’s Siri, and Amazon’s Alexa. The headphones also have a dual-mic array to ensure clarity of sound if you decide to use them for making and receiving calls.

You can also manage your music directly through the buttons provided on the headphones. The only problem is that the buttons aren’t as convenient as one would expect.

The features and functionality of these headphones are enhanced if you use them through Bose’s Connect app. The app helps manage paired Bluetooth devices and allows for firmware updates from the company. One of its most useful features is that it can help you track lost earbuds.

In terms of battery life, you’ll be able to use this device for up to five hours per charge. If you carry the provided charging case, this will go up to 15 hours. The case carries 10 hours’ worth of battery juice that can be used to re-charge the headphones. As it is, the headphones will take about an hour and a half to achieve a full charge.

These headphones come with a USB charging cable and three differently-sized sports tips as well. There are also four colors to choose from, including ultraviolet, orange, blue, and black.

The Deal: These are the only “true wireless” Bose headphones with a Black Friday deal on them. Best Buy is offering them for a mere $169.99.

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Tech Specs
Product weight: 1.28 ounces
Battery life: 10 hours
Color options: Ultraviolet, orange, blue, and black
True wireless headphones
Sweat and weather-resistant headphones
Up to 5 hours’ battery life
The charging case holds 10 hours’ worth of battery juice
It takes 1.5 hours to charge up
Full voice assistant compatibility irrespective of OS
Dual microphone system
Earplugs can be tracked via Bose app
Available in four colors
Built-in buttons are tough to use

#4: Bose SoundLink Wireless Around-Ear Headphones II

Bose SoundLink Wireless Around-Ear Headphones IIView on Best Buy

Original Price: $229.99

Black Friday Deal Price: $179.99

Savings: $50

Very few headphones in the market allow two devices to be connected to them simultaneously. The Bose SoundLink Wireless Headphones, however, do. Therefore, if you like to watch videos on one device while staying connected to your phone to receive or make calls, this is the device for you.

They offer the typically superlative Bose sound output that outstrips the kind of sound quality offered by most other brands. As is usual with Bose headphones, the focus is on the bass and mids in the sound spectrum. The result is excellent sound, even at lower volumes.

Further, these headphones have a microphone with HD voice. However, they don’t offer noise cancelation and provide “enhanced sidetone.” “Enhanced sidetone can be seen as a minor version of noise cancelation. Even though it cannot be compared to proper noise cancelation, it is still quite useful.

Whether you use these headphones for playing media or making calls, you’ll have a battery life of up to 15 hours to work with. Incidentally, you’ll only have to charge the headphones for three hours to get that playback time. Even while charging these headphones, you’ll be able to use them if you use the audio-only cable.

You’ll also do well to keep these headphones indoors. They aren’t like the QuietComfort 35. They’re very much susceptible to water, weather, sweat, and impact. In case you want to travel with them, we suggest using the provided carrying case. You’ll also get a USB charging cable with these headphones.

Your color options will be black and white.

The Deal: Ideal for indoor use, these headphones have a list price of around $230. However, Best Buy is selling them for less than $180 this Black Friday.

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Tech Specs
Product weight: 6.88 ounces
Battery life: 15 hours
Color options: Black and white
Excellent sound output
15 hours’ worth of battery life
It takes about 3 hours to charge up
Supports simultaneous connections from two devices
Available in two colors
No advanced noise cancelation technology
Not water resistant