7 Best RC Cars with Cameras (FPV)

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Cameras in cars are normal these days, and now they’re showing up in RC vehicles too. This guide reviews 7 RC cars with cameras, but why bother? Well, who hasn’t imagined what it must be like inside these models while controlling them from the outside? A camera adds another fun dimension to the hobby, especially in First Person View (FPV). It’s the nearest you’ll ever get to being in the driving seat.

Radio controlled cars have always been—and will continue to be—popular models for all ages. Live-streams, high-definition photos, and real-time video take this hobby to the next level.

FORD F150 Camera Truck
Camera: Onboard HD
Max Speed: 10 mph
Charging Time: 2 hours
Onboard FPV camera, capture and Playback feature, rugged suspension system.
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Best Value
Remoking Military Truck
Camera: Adjustable 480p HD
Max Speed: 6 mph
Charging Time: 2 hours
Adjustable 480p HD camera, real-time image transmission, decent control range.
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Top Pick
Italia Camera Sports Car
Camera: Built-in FPV HD
Max Speed: 80 mph
Scale: 1:16
Built-in HD FPV camera, capture and playback, full driving functions.
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What to Expect with RC Camera Cars

The pursuit of driving and racing RC cars with cameras is catching on fast. There are some excellent choices but they’re limited for now. The good news is that more options are coming onto the market all the time. That includes full size, micro, and mini models.

We review some of the best available vehicles in this guide. Here’s a list of features you can expect with the current lineup of RC camera cars:

  • Variety of available models: sports cars, off-road, military trucks, etc.
  • Latest technology in tiny front-facing adjustable HD cameras
  • Real-time HD WiFi transmission to phone or tablet screens
  • VR headset for the ultimate immersive FPV experience
  • Ability to save FPV footage and play it back later
  • All the standard features and functions of regular RC vehicles

Common Features of RC Cars

Some makers design their camera cars explicitly for the purpose. The Flying RC Car Drone is one such model (see reviews). Others are regular vehicles with the addition of an FPV camera. All models share some typical features and functions though. The common ones include full working controls, LED lights, and realistic sounds. Most come with rechargeable batteries and intuitive remote controllers or RCs.

The camera quality—meaning the live stream, photos, and video—won’t blow you away. But then they don’t claim to be awesome photographic tools. The point is the footage is perfectly viewable, at least with the models on this page. Think also about battery life (playing time) and recharging times. Consider the cost and availability of spare parts too if you’re into high-speed racing.

About this RC Cars with Cameras Guide

There are 7 RC cars with camera reviews on this page. Each piece is short, easy to read, and gets straight to the point. The products here are the result of careful research. I also took real user feedback into account along with the opinions of industry experts. The first three reviews are for Best Budget, Best Value, and the Top Pick. The ones below the top three are in price order lowest to high.

7 Best RC Cars with Cameras Comparison Table

The table below gives a snapshot of these 7 RC camera cars. Feel free to jump to individual reviews.

1. Ford F150 Truck Camera & VR Headset (Best Budget)

Ford F150 Truck Camera & VR HeadsetView on Amazon

Editor’s Rating: 4.8/5.0

The FORD F150 Truck makes our Best Budget pick, and it has a lot to offer for the price. The model comes with an internal antenna, onboard HD camera, and a virtual reality (VR) headset.

  • Best feature 1: Onboard First Person View (FPV) camera
  • Best feature 2: Virtual Reality (VR) headset
  • Plus points: FPV race cam footage, flexible chassis, rugged suspension, off-road capable
  • Minus points: No speed control, longish charging time

Driving the Ford F-150 RTR 4WD

There are plenty of features packed into this affordable RC toy truck. Its biggest appeal is the onboard FPV camera and virtual reality VR headset. The headset uses a regular smartphone and the free iOS/Android Race Cam app as its eyes. Kids can jump into the virtual driver’s seat and experience live video streaming. The truck is robust enough to use indoors or out, on or off-road.

The FORD F-150 RTR 4WD has an extreme flex chassis and a rugged suspension system. Its power comes from a 9.6V rechargeable Lithium-ion battery. You can expect around 15 minutes playing time on a full charge depending on usage. Want to see how you performed and learn from mistakes? No problem. This puppy has a capture & playback function to let drivers do just that.

The Not So Good

There’s no speed control or speed modes, and that makes it harder for newbies to drive. The playing time (battery life) is average, but the long 2 hour charging time is the biggest letdown.


Tech Specs
Vehicle Type: Off-Road 4WD Camera Truck
Scale: 1:12
Camera: Onboard HD
Dimensions: 17.9 x 9.4 x 8”
Product Weight: 7 oz.
Max Running Time: 15 minutes
Max Control Range: 80 ft. (24.3 meters)
Max Speed: 10 mph
Battery: 9.6v Rechargeable
Charging Time: 2 hours
The Pros
Onboard FPV camera
Internal antenna
Fast response time
Works with Virtual Reality (VR) headset (included)
Capture and Playback feature
First Person View race cam
Flexible chassis
Rugged suspension system
Off-road capable
The Cons
No speed control
Long charging

2. Remoking Military Off-Road Camera Truck (Best Value)

Remoking Military Off-Road Camera TruckView on Amazon

Editor’s Rating: 4.6/5.0

Remoking’s Military off-road 4WD camera truck takes the Best Value slot. It’s an excellent choice for kids 8 years and older who love to play outdoors in imaginary worlds.

  • Best feature 1: Adjustable 480p HD camera
  • Best feature 2: Real-time image transmission
  • Plus points: Two control options, reinforced suspension, multi-terrain, decent battery life
  • Minus points: Awkward, tiny screws, quite long charging time

Driving the Remoking RC Military Truck

Driving this truck is heaps of fun for youngsters. The adjustable 480p HD WiFi camera adds to what is already an exciting RC military-style vehicle. Users get to watch real-time footage of their adventures and monitor the conditions ahead. There are two ways to drive this beast. One is by a mobile device and app with a gravity sensing function. The other control option is with the 2.4GHz transmitter.

This military truck is as tough as it looks and can navigate multiple terrain types. It has full controls that include LED lights, forward, reverse, left, right, and stop. The realistic rubber tires make sure the vehicle grips well to challenging surfaces. The front and rear bumpers along with full reinforced suspension add further to its robust appeal.

The playing time is a reasonable 20+ minutes on a single charge. The 50 meter control range is also impressive for a model in its class. You can even add a load to the truck’s cargo area up to 6 lbs.

The Not So Good

The toy uses tiny screws for the battery and wheels. They’re awkward for parents to work with when changing any of the above. The 2 hours charging time—though average—is still quite long. It’s a good idea to buy one or two extra batteries so the youngsters can continue playing.


Tech Specs
Vehicle Type: RC military vehicle
Scale: 1:16
Camera: Adjustable 480p HD
Dimensions: 13.4 x 5.4 x 7.3”
Product Weight: 49.28 oz.
Max Running Time: 25 minutes
Max Control Range: 164 ft. (50 meters)
Max Speed: 6 mph
Battery: 6V 700mAh LiPo
Charging Time: 2 hours
The Pros
Adjustable 480p HD camera
Real-time image transmission
Two control options
Full driver controls
Reinforced suspension
Multi-terrain capable
Decent battery life
Decent control range
The Cons
Awkward, tiny screws for battery and wheel changes
Longish charging time

3. RC Italia FPV Sports Car W/ VR Headset

RC Italia FPV Sports Car W/ VR HeadsetView on Amazon

Editor’s Rating: 4.9/5.0

The Top Pick goes to an RC First Person View (FPV) vehicle with loads of bling. Meet the 1:16 scale RC Italia luxury sports car. It comes equipped with a built-in HD camera and Virtual Reality(VR) headset.

  • Best feature 1: Built-in HD FPV camera
  • Best feature 2: Virtual Reality (VR) headset capable (included)
  • Plus points: Aerodynamic design, full functions, LED lights, capture & playback feature
  • Minus points: Some missing specs

Driving the RC Italia FPV Sports Car

There’s no better way to play with these RC camera cars than to get behind the driving wheel. Well, the built-in front-facing camera and VR headset let you do precisely that. Users get to immerse themselves in an amazing world of First Person View or FPV. You get to see what the car’s camera sees in real-time. The streaming video plays directly onto the screen of your smartphone.

The VR headset fits smartphones with screen sizes that range from 4.7” to 5.9” max. The FPV streams as you drive this beautiful aerodynamic sports car. The intuitive wireless remote has two buttons for forward, left, right, and reverse controls. The working LED headlamps and taillights contribute to the realistic driving experience. You can also save the footage and play it back later.

The Not So Good

There are a few missing specs for this model, and that doesn’t help the sellers or potential buyers. Absent facts like the max playing and charging times are significant considerations for most. It’s a beautiful and feature-rich model, but the makers do need to expand on the smaller details.


Tech Specs
Vehicle Type: Italia FPV Sports Car
Scale: 1:16
Camera: Built-in FPV HD
Dimensions: 17.3 x 8.1 x 7.7”
Product Weight: Approx. 11 oz.
Max Running Time: Not specified
Max Control Range: Not specified
Max Speed: 80 mph (scaled speed)
Battery: 6V 500MAh Ni-MH
Charging Time: Not specified
The Pros
Sleek, aerodynamic design
Large scale model
Built-in HD FPV camera
Virtual Reality (VR) headset ready (included)
Fast speeds
Full driving functions
Working LED lights
Capture and playback
The Cons
Some missing specs

4. KOOWHEEL RC Buggy W/ FPV HD 720P Camera

KOOWHEEL RC Buggy W/ FPV HD 720P CameraView on Amazon

Editor’s Rating: 4.5/5.0

Anyone who likes desert buggies is going to love this 2WD model by KOOWHEEL. It looks fantastic. The vehicle has a roof-mounted 720p HD camera that puts you firmly in the driving seat.

  • Best feature 1: 720p HD WiFi camera
  • Best feature 2: First Person View (FPV)
  • Plus points: VR glasses-ready, multi-terrain capable, robust build, superb details, extra battery
  • Minus points: Average battery life

Driving the KOOWHEEL RC Buggy

The low front, high back, and roof-mounted FPV camera gives a real mean look to this RC buggy. The camera provides real-time 720p transmission, so the driver sees what the camera sees. You can take photos with the camera as well as view live video on your smartphone. It’s also possible to use VR goggles (not included) for the ultimate FPV experience.

Two of the car’s attractions are its large-scale size and the attention to detail, inside and out. The buggy rides well over most terrain types apart from gravel. Sand, grass, tarmac, and stone don’t pose any problems. It stands up well to moderate prangs as well. That’s thanks to the tough, explosion-proof PVC shell and its anti-shock system.

A welcome extra is the bonus battery that effectively doubles the playing time. However, it’s always a good idea to let the motor cool down for a few minutes between swaps.

The Not So Good

The running time (battery life) is a low-average at just 10–15 minutes. The model comes with two batteries, so that helps. The three-hour charging time, however, is a big minus.


Tech Specs
Vehicle Type: RC Desert Buggy
Scale: 1:16
Camera: 720p HD FPV
Dimensions: 12.8 x 10 x 6”
Product Weight: 17.6 oz.
Max Running Time: 15 minutes
Max Control Range: 164 ft. (50 meters)
Max Speed: 12 mph (19 km/h)
Battery: 4.8V 500mAh
Charging Time: 180 minutes
The Pros
Eye-catching attention to details
720p HD WiFi camera
First Person View (FPV)
VR glasses-ready (not included)
Multi-terrain capable
Robust build
Bonus battery
The Cons
Average battery life

5. Flying F809 RC Car Drone Car W/ 720P HD Camera

Flying F809 RC Car Drone Car W/ 720P HD CameraView on Amazon

Editor’s Rating: 4.4/5.0

Our fifth pick is a vehicle with a difference. The makers call this model the HT drone car. You’ve most likely guessed that it flies in the air as well as runs on the land. It also sports a 720p FPV camera.

  • Best feature 1: 2.0MP HD First Person View (FPV) camera
  • Best feature 2: High/Low speed modes
  • Plus points: 2 control methods, pilot-friendly features, LEDs, bonus battery, fast charging
  • Minus points: No prop guards, short playing time

Driving the F809 Flying RC Car

This is a ready to run (RTR) ready to fly (RTF) model all in one. There’s a tiny built-in 2MP 720p camera in the nose. The camera offers pilot-drivers a First Person View (FPV) direct to a smartphone screen. You can also take photos and shoot live video with the camera, but don’t expect cinematic quality. The model comes with two handy Low &Fast speeds that are helpful for novice pilots.

There are two ways to operate the Flying RC Car. One is by smartphone or tablet with an app, and the other is by remote control. The drone’s Headless Mode lets pilots fly without knowing its orientation. That means the craft simply flies in the direction according to the control sticks. Other welcome features are the one-key landing and one-key auto return functions.

The vehicle moves like a regular car on the ground, but it’s in the air where the most fun is. The model can maneuver up/down, forward/reverse, left/right, sideways, and hover. Young pilots can show off with impressive 3D flips and rolls once they gain a little confidence.

The Not So Good

Users must be careful of the fast-spinning blades as there aren’t any prop guards. It’s a lightweight toy but even so, prop guards should be standard. It’s probably why the makers recommended age is 14 years and above. The toy is power hungry and can only last for around 10 minutes on a single charge. The good news is its fast 45 minute battery charging time.


Tech Specs
Vehicle Type: Flying RC Car Drone
Scale: N/A
Camera: 2.0MP 720p HD FPV
Dimensions: 14.8 x 11.1 x 3”
Product Weight: 4.6 oz.
Max Running Time: 10 minutes
Max Control Range: 250 ft. (76 meters)
Max Speed: Mph not specified. Two speed modes, high/low
Battery: 3.7V 750mAh Li-poly
Charging Time: 45 minutes
The Pros
Ready to fly (RTF)
Ready to Run (RTR)
Built-in camera
6-axis gyro
Two speed modes
Two control methods
One-key landing
Headless mode
Colorful LED lights
Bonus battery
Fast charging time
The Cons
No prop guards
Short playing time

6. RC Off-Road Military Tank w/ HD Camera

RC Off-Road Military Tank w/ HD CameraView on Amazon

Editor’s Rating: 4.3/5.0

RC tank lovers should love this military off-road vehicle with its integrated HD camera. The model also comes with built-in augmented reality that adds to the excitement.

  • Best feature 1: Integrated HD camera
  • Best feature 2: Built-in augmented reality function
  • Plus points: Creative 3D games on a phone screen, gravity sensors, LEDs, long play time
  • Minus points: App needs improvement

Driving the Off-Road Military Tank

Youngsters can turn any room into a combat zone without disrupting the space. The tiny camera gives a perfect view on a phone screen as players navigate the battlefield. The live WiFi transmission makes it dead easy to play even at the beginner level. The augmented reality and the gravity sensors add to the user-friendliness and non-stop fun.

The vehicle has front and rear LED so that battles can continue in darker spaces. Young commanders have full forward, backward, left, and right control. The playing range extends to around 15 meters which is plenty for an indoor battleground. Running time on a single charge is about 30 minutes, and the battery charging takes less than an hour. These are all impressive specs for a toy model.

The Not So Good

Some parts of the app are in Chinese. The app controls are intuitive and self-explanatory, though. For example, a simple GO is all it takes to initiate a new game. Even so, a full English translation would save a little time as new users get familiar with the toy.


Tech Specs
Vehicle Type: RC Camera battle tank
Scale: N/A
Camera: Built-in HD
Dimensions: 10 x 7 x 6”
Product Weight: 10.4 oz.
Max Running Time: 30 minutes
Max Control Range: 49 ft. (15 meters)
Battery: 3.7V 500mAH Li-ion
Charging Time: 50 minutes
The Pros
Integrated camera
Built-in augmented reality (AU)
3D games display on smartphone screen
Gravity sensors
Front/rear LEDs
Long playing time
Fast charging time
The Cons
The app needs improvement (not full English translation)

7. Robobuddy Wireless Remote Control Camera Car

Robobuddy Wireless Remote Control Camera CarView on Amazon

Editor’s Rating: 4.2/5.0

The last pick is a robotic type vehicle that looks like something from another world. Its name is Robo Buddy, and it’s much more than a simple drive-around RC car.

  • Best feature 1: Built-in adjustable 720p HD camera
  • Best feature 2: Free audio communication
  • Plus points: Fun toy, house monitor, delivery vehicle, live video streaming, free app
  • Minus points: Latency issues, high price

Exploiting the Robo Buddy

Robo Buddy is a fun toy car, an excellent house monitor, and a communicator. The robot has gyroscope sensors, infrared vision, and an adjustable camera. Parents can check in on the kids and have a 2-way dialog no matter where they are. Best of all is that the vehicle’s audio communication feature is free to use. And when no one’s home, well, Robo Buddy is your eyes and ears.

The camera allows live-stream video communication as well as audio. Other uses are a tad gimmicky but impressive all the same. For example, parents can send their children a drink or snack from the kitchen to another room on the same floor. How cool is that? And don’t forget to use the robot as a regular plaything when it’s not working for a living.

Perhaps the best feature for adults is that they can check in on an empty home when they’re away. Robo Buddy can run over carpet, tile, wood, and cement floors. It can move freely from room to room on the same level if there’s an internet connection. The running time on a single charge is an impressive 50 minutes. The control range is 65 ft. without obstacles and 35 ft. with obstructions.

The Not So Good

There are some latency issues with this robot and internet connections play a part. However, there can be 2 second video delays even with stronger signals. It’s not a major drawback, but it’s niggling nonetheless. Lastly, the cost of this robotic car is high when compared to others on this page. It’s worth every penny if you exploit all the features, but it’s too expensive if you don’t.


Tech Specs
Vehicle Type: Robot RC car
Scale: N/A
Camera: 720P HD Wi-Fi
Dimensions: 7.8 x 8.8 x 10.5”
Product Weight: 61.6 oz.
Max Running Time: 50 minutes
Max Control Range: 65 ft. (19.8 meters)
Battery: NiMH rechargeable
Charging Time: 60 minutes
The Pros
Multi-use home robotic car
Built-in adjustable 720p HD camera
Free audio communication
Fun toy for kids
House monitor
Runs across multiple terrains
Delivery vehicle
Live video streaming
Free app for iOS/Android
The Cons
Latency issues
High price
4.9/57 ratings