Cirri Launches On Indiegogo, Turns 2D Images Into 3D Models

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Cirri 2d to 3d scanning technology 2

Canadian startup, Cirri is looking to turn your favorite 2D images into fully fledged 3D models with their Cirri software. Cirri’s goal has been to make the worlds best professional scanning technology that can be used by amateur’s and professionals alike.

Cirri combines professional quality scanning results, accurate, to scale images, high resolution scanning, an almost unlimited range of object size’s or geographical features, with a minimal number of photos needed (2 per visual face) to create 2D to 3D scans. Cirri scanners can with the proper setup achieve accuracy of less than one third the thickness of a human hair with sufficient resolution to capture the shape of the relief on a coin.

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Designers at Cirri have used tools that are currently used by major video game developers and movie studios to create the Cirri scanning software. Gary Robertson, Cirri’s chief technology adviser and partner, used a modified scanning engine from ShapeScan to enable users to create high quality point clouds. Point Clouds form the foundation of all 3D scanning. They define shape and detail.

Apparently Cirri will not require any particular digital camera, although a higher resolution, better camera will achieve an improved result. A two mega pixel camera will provide the minimum resolution. So you can just use the digital camera built into most smartphones.

Cirri 2d to 3d scanning technology

There are two versions of Cirri, Cirri Lite and the full version. Cirri Lite is essentially a stripped down version of Cirri full. The Lite version captures model’s but without the scale and coordinate features that the full version has.

Cirri has been launched on Indiegogo with Cirri Lite ($79 for students) costing $199 and the full version will cost $499. Both products will be supported by online training tutorials and teaching manuals. The team are looking for $55,000 in backing.