Curved Monitor Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2019 Deals

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Curved monitors have been around for quite some time, but it’s a technology that has been slow to pick up. Maybe our minds are just pre-disposed to think of flat monitors as the norm, or perhaps we consider curved monitors as a fad that will simply disappear in a few years (3D TVs, anyone?).

What people need to know is that there’s are very good and real reasons for why a curved monitor could be superior to a flat one. This isn’t some novel design element – there’s a relevance to it that ensures that this is not some technology that will die away in a few years. If you’re thinking about getting an upgrade to a curved monitor, then this Black Friday is the perfect time to do so with a lot of deals going on.

Best Black Friday deals on curved monitors

Curved screens have mostly been used by cinemas, but it’s only within this decade that the technology has been used for more consumer products such as TVs and monitors. Samsung and LG have always been early adopters of curved screen technology, so it’s no longer a surprise that they are still two of the top names that pop up on this year’s Black Friday deals. There are about half a dozen other brands in the list which is a testament to the growing adoption of curved monitors.









Other brands

Curved monitor vs. flat monitor

If you’ve never used a curved monitor before, you might be asking: what’s the point of getting a curved monitor anyway? After all, flat monitors have been serving you well for all those years. There are a couple of good reasons, actually, although curved monitors are also not without their issues.

  1. Curved monitors simulate the eye’s natural curvature

A curved screen naturally directs all of the lights towards a single focus, which is where you should ideally be positioned. This means that your eyes can receive all light from the screen with significantly less strain. This is a particularly important aspect if you’re getting a large monitor – it can be quite tough for your eyes to process the light from your peripheral vision.

Not only does this enhance the sense of immersion when you look at videos or video games through a curved monitor, but it also heavily reduces eye strain. If only for the feeling of your eyes not getting tired even after several hours of looking at a screen, it’s certainly worth the cost and effort to make the upgrade to a curved monitor.

  1. Curved monitors reduce distortion near the edges

Objects at the periphery of our field of view naturally appear distorted, blurry, or out of focus. This is true when looking at the real world, as well as when looking at a flat monitor. Curved monitors bypass this problem by having the edge of the monitor still directed towards you, thus reducing any distortion. With this development, your eye’s effective field of view gets a slight increase, allowing you to take in a bit more content all at the same time.

  1. Curved monitors are prone to glare

As we’ve mentioned, curved monitors also have their drawbacks. The biggest one is the fact that the shape of curved monitors tends to make them act like a basic that catches all of the light around them. Thus, the viewing experience on a curved monitor is a lot more prone to glare. This problem is easily solved by keeping the monitor away from the source of light or by using it in complete darkness. Not all workspaces are amenable to this setup, so it’s certainly something you need to consider before jumping the gun and buying that new curved monitor.

Final thoughts

It’s taken a lot of time for people to warm up to the idea of curved monitors, but the movement is slowly gaining traction. This year’s Black Friday will certainly be a huge boost to the number of people who are making the shift to curved monitors will all of these great deals from different retailers and brands. Indeed, curved is the new flat – and that goes for cinemas, TVs, and PC monitors.