Dash Cam Cyber Monday 2018 Deals

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Dash cams have become increasingly common accessories, likely due to the slew of road accidents that can only be easily resolved with video evidence. This Cyber Monday is the perfect time to buy the safety and peace of mind that can only be provided by a high-quality and reliable dash cam.

We have compiled a huge list of the Cyber Monday deals that are live right now to help you pick the best model. Cyber Monday ends in a few hours, so hurry up and snag one of these dash cams before the deals expire.

Discounted PriceItemRetailerOriginal Price
$119.99Garmin GPS-Enabled Dash CamAmazon$149.99
$125.99Vantrue N2 Pro Uber Dual Dash Cam with Infrared Night VisionAmazon$199.99
$55.99Vantrue N1 Pro Mini 1080p Full HD Dash CamAmazon$79.99
$59.85Rock Space 1080p Full HD Dash Cam with 2.3” LCD ScreenAmazon$119.85
$79.99TOGUARD Backup Camera 7” 1080p Mirror Dash Cam with Front and Rear Dual LensAmazon$139.99
$83.99Vantrue T1 WiFi Super Capacitor Dash Cam with Built-in GPS and Night VisionAmazon$119.99
$29.99Uniden – DC11 Dash Cam – BlackBest Buy$79.99
$35.99HP F505G Black/Grey 1080p Dash CamNewegg$199.99
$48.99SANSCO 2K Extreme HD Car Dash CamNewegg$64.99
$61.99Roav by Anker Full HD 1080p Dash CamNewegg$79.99
$64.99QQLinkx Linx Full HD 1080p Car Dash CamNewegg$169.99
$69.99Roadhawk 1080p HD Professional Car Vehicle Dash Camera with Google Maps GPSNewegg$249.99
$89.95Ampulla Pluto Dash Cam 2K Super HD 170-Degree Wide Angle Dashboard CameraNewegg$159.95
$98.99Vantrue WiFi Dash Cam – Super HD 2.5K Camera RecorderNewegg$299.99
$99.99Rexing V1 FHD 1080p Car Dash Cam with 2.4” LCD and 170 Degree Wide AngleAmazon$129.99
$99.99WheelWitness HD PRO Premium Dash Cam with GPSAmazon$189.99
$99.99Kenwood DRV-320 Full HD Dash CamBest Buy$149.99
$104.99Vantrue 24/7 Surveillance Super Capacitor Dash CamAmazon$169.99
$129.99THINKWARE F200D Front and Rear Camera Dash CamBest Buy$189.99
$129.99VAVA 2K WiFi Dash Cam 30fps Clear QHD Video Dashboard CameraAmazon$149.99
$149.99Kenwood DRV-N520 Dash CamBest Buy$199.99
$149.99Garmin Speak Plus with Amazon Alexa and Built-in Dash CamAmazon$199.99
$199.99THINKWARE F800 Dash CamBest Buy$299.99

Choosing the Best Dash Cam

Old-fashioned dash cams had very few functions, but the newer models are a little more sophisticated and feature-packed. To help you decide which dash cam model to buy, here are the factors you might need to consider:

Multi-Camera Systems

Dash cams may either have only 1 front-facing camera, or separate rear-facing and front-facing cameras. Higher end models can even include an additional 2 cameras, with each one pointed at either side of the car. Naturally, multi-camera systems are a little more expensive. For most casual applications, a front-facing camera should be sufficient. If you offer ride sharing services such as Uber or Lyft, then a rear-facing camera might be useful in particular situations.


Most dash cam models offer either one of two mounting options: a suction cup, or adhesive pads. Suction cups are a little more versatile and flexible, since they can be removed easily. However, suction cups are usually larger, and their connection is not as durable.

On the other hand, adhesive pads are more permanent. Removing them and changing the position of your dash cam will probably require a new set of adhesive pads. Their advantage is that they are a lot more stable, which should provide in smoother and better quality dash cam videos.

Video Quality

Most of the dash cams listed in our list offer a video quality of 1080p, which should be good enough for most situations. Cheaper models can have a resolution as low as 720p, but this is still not too bad for you not to consider them. Higher resolution videos are larger, which will result in more frequent overwriting of stored videos. Some models also offer night vision capabilities, which may be useful if you’re keen on capturing dash cam videos in low light.

LCD Screen

More modern dash cams have an integrated LCD screen which makes it easier to interact with them to adjust settings, review footage, and transfer data. Some models even have touchscreen capabilities. However, an LCD screen makes a dash cam bigger and more conspicuous. If you like your dash cam small and compact, then you may opt for a model that does not have an LCD screen.

Final thoughts

Dash cam videos are extremely useful should you get into an accident. Sometimes, a good dash cam video can be the thing that saves you from expensive liabilities. With the great deals available this Cyber Monday, you can get huge savings on high-quality dash cam models. The cost of a dash cam is very small compared to the potential savings should you figure in a road accident, so make sure to grab these deals while they are still live.