DJI Care Refresh drone insurance is on sale

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Update: This sale is over. You can no longer get DJI Care Refresh for free.

DJI has reduced the price of their drone insurance plans. The company has cut the price of DJI Care Refresh by 10% during the sale, which will end on January 20th. This makes the program more affordable than ever. Read until the end to find out how you can get it for free.

Product NamePromotion Price (10% Off)
DJI Care Refresh(Spark536253
DJI Care Refresh(Mavic Air808980
DJI Care Refresh(Mavic Pro8910789
DJI Care Refresh(Mavic Pro Platinum116134116
DJI Care Refresh(Inspire 2269305278
DJI Care Refresh(Phantom 4 Advanced125143134
DJI Care Refresh(Phantom 4 Pro134152143
DJI Care Refresh(Zenmuse X4S536259
DJI Care Refresh(Zenmuse X5S170197179
DJI Care Refresh(Zenmuse X7449467422
DJI Care Refresh(Phantom 3 SE537162

What is DJI Care Refresh?

DJI Care Refresh is the best drone insurance you can buy. That’s because it will cover the repair or full replacement of your drone if you crash it for almost any reason. This can range from signal loss to manufacturing defects. Not only that, it even covers pilot error or water damage. It’s basically a guarantee to protect your investment with few exceptions. DJI Care Refresh is a no-brainer since drones are expensive and easily damaged by beginners.

Most other drone insurance plans cover a small fraction of what DJI’s in-house policy does. Competing policies have specifically written their contracts to find an out for a ton of scenarios. This is not the case with DJI Care Refresh and you can be confident the company will have your back. They’ll even pay two-way shipping costs for the repair.

How can I get DJI Care Refresh?

The easiest way to get DJI Care Refresh is to add it to your cart when you buy directly from You will automatically get 10% off the insurance policy this way. This will also automatically connect the policy to your drone’s serial number.

If you buy a drone from a 3rd party, you can still purchase DJI Care Refresh but you need to bind it to your drone within 48 hours of activating it for best results. You can do this online and it’s very easy as long as you get it done within the two day time period.

Alternatively, you can still buy DJI Care Refresh after 48 hours but it takes a little bit more work. You will need to upload a video of your drone flying to show that it’s still in good condition.

How can I get DJI Care Refresh for FREE?

DJI has teamed up with 3D Insider to offer 5 exclusive coupon codes for free DJI Care Refresh. This means you can save up to $134. Simply purchase your drone using this link and email [email protected] with a screenshot of your order. We will send you a coupon shortly after. Order your drone first, then use the coupon code for free DJI Care Refresh on the next order. You can then attach your drone to the insurance plan very easily.

This is for people who are buying new drones from the company. These coupons are valid for the Mavic series (including the Mavic 2), Spark, and Phantom.