Is the DJI Fly More Combo Worth It?

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Drones from DJI are known to be some of the most user-friendly models available today. As a drone manufacturer, DJI has also managed to stay ahead of the curve in terms of new drone features and the level of quality of drone accessories.

However, if there’s one thing DJI is not known for, it’s affordability. The premium quality of a DJI drone comes at a price, often higher than its counterparts from other brands. For this reason, deals and discounts on DJI drones and accessories are highly sought after. One of the easiest ways to get a DJI drone bundle for cheap is to get a DJI Fly More Combo. But is the DJI Fly More Combo really a great deal? How much can I save if I decide to get this bundle?

What is the Fly More Combo?

The Fly More Combo is an option that comes with some of the DJI consumer drones to buy the drone along with a set of essential accessories. Right now, Fly More Combo options are only available for DJI drones that are in the relatively lower price range, including the Spark and the earlier Mavic models.

The value proposition of the Fly More Combo is that you get the convenience of having a complete set of accessories for a slightly higher price compared to the stand-alone drone. However, the higher price of the Fly More Combo should still be a discount considering everything that comes with the bundle. You’re also going to save yourself from the hassle of having to individually buy these add-ons and accessories.

The table below summarizes the different costs of the drones, along with their corresponding Fly More Combo options. The upgrade costs between $110 to $300, likely determined by the accessories included in the bundle.

ModelDrone-only PriceFly More Combo
Mavic Air$799$999
Mavic Pro$829.90$939
Mavic Pro Platinum$999$1299

What comes with a Fly More Combo?

For us to determine just how much savings you get when you buy the Fly More Combo, we are going to need to break down each bundle into its individual items. By comparing the total price of the items and the cost of the Fly More Combo, we can find out if the Fly More Combo option is truly worth it.

1. DJI Spark

Let’s start the with extremely famous Spark, the premium starter-drone from DJI. The Spark drone costs $399 by itself. If you want to get the Fly More Combo, you only need to add $150. But what comes with the Fly More Combo? Let’s break it down below.

Remote controller (1 piece)$119
Intelligent Flight Battery (2 units)$96
Extra propellers (4 pairs)$44
Propeller guards (1 set)$25
Battery charging hub (1 piece)$89
Shoulder bag (1 piece)$75
16GB microSD card (1 piece)$9

As you can see, the cost for the remote controller and two extra Intelligent Flight Batteries is more than enough to justify the price of a Fly More Combo. The bundle includes so much more, though: extra propellers, propeller guards, a multi-battery charger, a carrying bag, and even a small spare micro SD card. All in all, the value of a Fly More Combo is more than triple its cost.

2. DJI Mavic Pro

The original Mavic Pro is no longer listed in the DJI website but can still be purchased from DJI through Amazon. Based on the latest price listed in Amazon, a standalone Mavic Pro drone costs $829.90. For about $110 more, you can get the Mavic Pro Fly More Combo which comes with the following accessories:

Intelligent Flight Battery (2 pieces)$178
Extra propellers (3 pairs)$33
Battery charging hub$49
Battery to power bank adaptor$25
Shoulder bag$75
Car charger$65
16GB micro SD card$9

The Mavc Pro Fly More Combo appears to be an even better bargain compared to the Spark. With just the two extra Intelligent Flight Batteries, you already get more than your money’s worth. Add in the propellers, charging accessories, shoulder bag, and the microSD card, and you get a value that is close to four times the value of the cost of the Fly More Combo.

3. DJI Mavic Air

To this day, the Mavic Air remains one of the most popular drones from DJI. It’s the perfect mid-range drone – not too expensive, easy to learn, and comes with a load of intelligent flight modes and camera features. According to the DJI website, the Mavic Air costs $799 for the drone alone. For an additional $200, you can get the accessories that come with the Mavic Air Fly More Combo. Is this bundle as good a deal as the other entries in this list?

Intelligent Flight Battery (2 pieces)$158
Extra propellers (2 pairs)$24
Battery charging hub$65
Battery to power bank adaptor$24
Travel bag$39

The amount that you save when you get the Mavic Air Fly More combo is not as much compared to the Spark and Mavic Pro, but you still come out with a good bargain. The cost of the two Intelligent Flight Batteries and the carrying case is almost enough to cover the $200 cost of the upgrade. You can treat the propellers and charging accessories as bonus items if that makes you feel better about the deal.

4. DJI Mavic Pro Platinum

The Mavic Pro Platinum was released as a slight upgrade to the original Mavic Pro with better propellers, electronic speed controllers, longer flight time, and a sleeker finish. The drone can be purchased for $999 from the DJI website and can be further enhanced for an additional $300. So far, this is the most expensive Fly More Combo we’ve come across. Does the selection of accessories justify the price tag?

Intelligent Flight Battery (2 pieces)$178
Platinum Tip propellers (1 pair)$13
Battery charging hub$49
Car charger$65
Battery to power bank adaptor$25
Shoulder bag$99

Despite the high price tag, you still get a pretty good deal with the Mavic Pro Platinum Fly More combo. In terms of how much you get to save, this bundle is almost equal to the Mavic Air bundle.

Are there components in the Fly More Combo worth it?

Before you decide to get a Fly More Combo based solely on how much you could save by buying the bundles, you have to ask yourself: do you really need these accessories?

1. Spare batteries

The extra batteries are probably the best parts of the Fly More bundles. A standalone drone comes with just a single battery, which means you need to stop and recharge after just a little more than twenty minutes of flight. It’s inconvenient, impractical, and makes drone light a lot less fun. With just two spare batteries, you can have your drone stay on the air for about an hour longer.

2. Spare propellers

The thing about propellers is that you will break them eventually. The standalone drone does come with a few spare propellers, but you’ll find yourself burning through those, especially if you’re just a beginner drone pilot. Although the spare propellers don’t add much value to the Fly More Combo, they are certainly a welcome addition.

3. Battery charging hubs

We appreciate that DJI had the foresight to include a battery charging hub in the Fly More Combo considering that they’ve already thrown in a few spare batteries. With this battery hub, you can charge multiple drone batteries simultaneously. The battery hub also has intelligent features that are designed to get your drone back in the air as soon as possible. The battery charging hub is quite expensive, significantly adding value to the Fly More bundle.

4. Car charger

The car charger is one of those drone accessories that are useful in most circumstances but simply isn’t meant for everyone. Not everyone might be going out on drone flight sessions with their cars in tow, and certainly not all flight locations are accessible by car. If car trips are your thing, then this car charger is certainly a worthwhile addition to your set of accessories. If not, then feel free to skip it.

5. Battery to power bank adaptor

Compared to a car charger, this adaptor is much more versatile and portable. With this adaptor, you will have the ability to use a backup power bank to charge your drone battery. Although you should not have to resort to this measure if you had planned your flight well, it’s a good option to have in your back pocket just in case you want to push your drone to do one last flight.

6. Travel bag

The travel bag that comes included with the Fly More Combo depends on which drone you’re buying, but the bag is typically the default standard DJI model. The bags bear the DJI logo, so they’re at least well-designed, but you could buy much better carrying bags for your drone. If there’s an item that unnecessarily bloats the price of the Fly More Combo, it’s the travel bag. We would have liked an option to omit the travel bag and the get the Fly More Combo at a better price.

7. 16GB microSD card

The microSD card that comes included with some of the Fly More options is cheap and low-capacity. However, it’s only a ‘free’ inclusion that hardly adds value to the bundle. In any case, the 16GB provision is simply too small to have any practical use outside of the most extreme circumstance.

Is it worth it to get a Fly More Combo?

If you have a particular DJI drone model, should you be getting its Fly More Combo? Now that we have laid out all the information, it should be easier for you to come to a decision.

Whichever model you choose from the four that we have considered in this article, getting the Fly More Combo will still cost less than buying all the accessories separately. This is hardly surprising, of course. How much you potentially save depends on the model. For the Spark and Mavic Pro, the Fly More Combo is around $300 cheaper than the cost of all the accessories combined. The margin of savings is much smaller – around $110 – for the Mavic Air and the Mavic Pro Platinum.

This is not the whole picture yet, as you need to consider if you want to have all the accessories in the Fly More Combo. Are you going to need the two spare batteries? Can you live without the battery charging hub? Do you want to invest in a better and more expensive carrying bag? Perhaps it would be cheaper for you just to buy the accessories you want.

In conclusion, the choice of whether or not to get the Fly More Combo depends on which accessories you intend to get. If you do decide to get the Fly More Combo, then we don’t think you’ll be complaining. You get a lot of valuable accessories at a fraction of the price they would cost if purchased separately. We think that DJI has done a pretty good job of curating the accessory list for each Fly More Combo. If there’s one major complaint, it’s about the inclusion of travel bags that are just too basic.