DJI Go vs DJI Go 4

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Drones are cool. The technology impresses us and the fact that we can get cool shots and videos of scenic places gives us an edge over others who are taking pictures without these nifty birds. But the drone alone cannot do much unless you have the right app to operate it.

For DJI, the idea of developing a single app wasn’t good enough, so here we are with two different apps that support different drones. Let us look at the two different apps and how some users may have to install both apps to use different DJI drones.

Why two apps?

DJI wanted to make sure that it provides support for all its products – even the older ones. New drones required new technologies to be used which could not easily be incorporated in a single app. So they decided to go develop a completely new app that can be used with the newer products they launched.


This was the first app launched by DJI. It supports older models and while some users may use this for the newer models too, you may end up missing out on some good features from the GO 4 app for the newer drones.

Devices supported by this app are:

  • Phantom 3 series
  • Inspire 1
  • Osmo Series

The features included in the DJI GO app are:

  1. Live HD view
  2. Intelligent flight modes
  3. Easy flying and landing controls
  4. Automatic flight loss
  5. Edit and share your photos or videos instantly
  6. Loads of video tutorials and user manuals

DJI GO 4.0

While most of it remains the same, you will notice a changed interface for the GO 4. Changes are refreshing, so the new interface looks good, but there are fewer changes on the inside.

Devices supported by this app are:

  • Mavic Pro
  • Phantom 4
  • Phantom 4 Pro
  • Inspire 2
  • Spark

In addition to all the features available on the DJI GO app, the GO 4 also includes:

Better camera control settings

You can use voice prompts for gesture control and you also have the option for setting the flight direction on the helix or camera mode. There are other additional modes like the cinematic mode where your video slows down for a more dramatic effect.

The GO 4 app also allows the drone to automatically focus instead of users having to tap to focus.

Near real-time image transmission

The new app also claims to have more real time transmission than the DJI Go app.

Downsides of the two apps

With the DJI Go App you are limited when it comes to features. With newer technologies making drones better by the day, the DJI GO app may seem slightly restrictive especially if you are using the newer model drones.

The DJI GO 4 app is great in terms of features but users have been complaining of glitches which making it difficult for them to use the app as effectively as expected.


If you are using the older drones then you do not have a lot of choice and you would have to stick to the DJI GO for now. But if you are using new drones then it is best to install the DJI GO 4 app on your device because it is more feature rich.

If you have more than one drones and one or some of them are older versions then install both the apps. And use the app according to the drone you are flying. Remember that the drone ends up connecting to the first app that is opened on the device. So be sure to close all apps, and then pick the right one before connecting the drone to your device.