8 Best DJI Mavic Air Cases & Backpacks

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DJI has just released the Mavic Air 2. See all of the specs here.

You need a case for your Mavic Air to protect it from damage. The reviews on this page present 8 of the best DJI Mavic Air cases and backpacks that are available. They all offer something different to meet the needs of enthusiastic drone pilots.

Here’s a breakdown of considerations for choosing a Mavic Air carry case:

  • Budget: Setting a maximum budget helps to narrow down choices
  • Portability: Crucial for people always on the move
  • Size & storage: Does it fit all you need to carry; is there room to grow?
  • Materials & protection: Try not to let good-looks alone lure you
  • The comfort factor: Design, weight-balance, materials, handles, and straps
  • Practicality: make sure the bag is practical for your lifestyle needs

First, let’s look at why drone cases are so important and the reasons to own one.

Fstop Labs Air Carry Case
Weight: 13.6 ounces
Dimensions: 11.2 x 8 x 2.5”
Value, adjustable shoulder strap, carrying handle, fits Mavic Air & accessories.
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Best Value
DJI Mavic Air Travel Bag
Weight: 8 ounces
Dimensions: 3.2 x 4.8 x 1.8”
Comfortable shoulder bag design, lightweight, front pocket, rear zipped pocket.
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Top Pick
Pelican 1510 Mavic Air Carry
Weight: 13.6 pounds
Dimensions: 22 x 9 x 13.8”
Lightweight, stainless steel parts. retractable handle, auto pressure equalization.
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Keeping Your Mavic Air Safe

Drones are changing the way we take photos and video to document our lives and life events. They are sophisticated yet simple to operate. Now anyone can shoot like a pro. But flying cameras—just like their handheld counterparts—can be costly and need looking after. Proper support and protection are primary considerations, but people want style too.

There are all kinds of bags to meet different lifestyles. We can choose from backpacks, shoulder bags, sling packs, hard cases, soft cases, roller luggage, and others. You may need to compromise in certain areas. For example, style, comfort, protection, and practicality, based on personal needs.

Carrying Solutions for the DJI Mavic Air

Some Mavic Air deals come with a custom carry case. The Fly More Combo deals include a Mavic Air Travel Bag that’s quite decent. The problem some pilots have with the stock bag is that it only has room for the drone and little else. The good news is that there are plenty of other options.

There are tailor-made cases designed only for DJI’s Mavic Air. There are also more general, universal bags that work. Some third-party bags fit the quad and its accessories like a well-tailored garment.

About this Mavic Air Cases Guide

Only you can know what you need and expect for your Mavic Air case. This review page can help you to make a better-informed decision. The reviews are short, easy-to-read, and tell you all you need to know and nothing you don’t. The 8 quad cases here cater to all budgets and pilots demands. I handpicked these items based on personal thoughts, the opinions of experts, and real user reviews.

The table below shows the cases as they appear on the page. The first three are Best Budget, Best Value, and the Top pick, in that order. These cases under those are by price order, lowest to high.

DJI Mavic Air Cases & Backpacks Comparison Table

Make and ModelDimensionsWeightPrice
Fstop Labs Carry Case for DJI Mavic Air11.2 x 8 x 2.5”13.6 ouncesCheck Price
DJI Mavic Air Travel Bag3.2 x 4.8 x 1.8”8 ouncesCheck Price
Pelican 1510 Drone Carry Case w/ Foam22 x 9 x 13.8”13.6 poundsCheck Price
Chartsea Portable Shoulder Bag for MavicNot specifiedNot specifiedCheck Price
PolarPro Minimalist Case for DJI Mavic Air7.7 x 4.9 x 8.7”8.8 ouncesCheck Price
Rugged XL Mavic Air Fly More Case16 x 14 x 6”2.5 poundsCheck Price
Smatree Mavic Air Fly More Combo Case13.9 x 10.7 x 4.2”3.25 poundsCheck Price
Professional DJI Mavic Air & Goggles Case21.8 x 17.5 x 10.2”4.41 poundsCheck Price

1. Fstop Labs Mini Carry Case for Mavic Air | Best Budget

Fstop Labs Mini Carry Case for Mavic AirView on Amazon

Editor’s Rating: 4.5/5

The Fstop Labs Carry Case is a purpose-made product for the DJI Mavic Air. This Best Budget pick has a custom molded foam interior to house the quad and its related accessories.

  • Best feature 1: Custom molded interior protection
  • Best feature 2: Water-resistant shell
  • Plus points: Value, adjustable shoulder strap, carrying handle, fits Mavic Air & accessories
  • Minus points: Softshell, interior cutouts restrict usage

Reasons to Consider the Fstop Labs Case for Mavic Air

You won’t find many complaints with this product considering its affordable price tag. It’s a soft-shell design with a waterproof coating. The case is comfortable to hold or wear using the adjustable shoulder strap. Its mini size makes it easy to fit inside bigger bags like a suitcase or backpack. There’s also a larger version if you need more space for a laptop and other things.

The interior compartments have custom cut-outs to house the Mavic Air and accessories. They include 3 flight batteries, remote control (RC), charger, and cables.

The Not So Good

Both the big size and mini version here have soft shells. The molded interior does a reasonable job at protecting the contents. As a low-cost product, though, it’s not as protective as some soft-shell or hard-shell alternatives. And, the molded interior cut-outs are specifically for the Mavic Air and accessories. That means the bag is not suitable for multipurpose use.


Tech Specs
Case type: Soft-shell with handles and shoulder strap
Dimensions: 11.2 x 8 x 2.5”
Product Weight: 13.6 oz.
Materials: fabric and plastics (not specified)
Waterproof/resistant: Resistant
Interior: Molded cutouts
The Pros
Custom molded interior protection
Water-resistant shell
Value for money
Adjustable shoulder strap
Comfortable carry handle
Fits Mavic Air & accessories
The Cons
Softshell average protection
Fixed cutout restricts usage

2. DJI Mavic Air Travel Bag | Best Value

DJI Mavic Air Travel BagView on Amazon

Editor’s Rating: 4.7/5

The Best Value pick goes to the DJI brand Mavic Air Travel bag. It has a soft fabric and a casual feel to it. It also offers excellent compact protection—for a fabric case.

  • Best feature 1: Original DJI quality product
  • Best feature 2: Easily fits a Mavic Air kit
  • Plus points: Comfortable shoulder bag design, lightweight, front pocket, rear zipped pocket
  • Minus points: Limited storage space, price

Reasons to Consider the DJI Mavic Air Travel Bag

Descriptions for this bag are vague because there’s not much to say. In other words, what you see is what you get. The bag has a simplistic design that consists of a middle storage area and two outer sleeve pockets. The rear sleeve is ideal for carrying a smartphone or tablet. And the central storage compartment can accommodate an entire Mavic Air kit.

The kit includes the quad, remote controller (RC), 3 batteries, charger, and charging hub. There aren’t any custom foam compartments. That means you must store everything in a precise fashion. The easiest packing order is the controller, batteries, cables, power supply, charger, and the drone on top.

The Not So Good

The bag has limited space and only houses what’s on the list. You can get a few smaller items into the side pocket but no more. It’s also quite expensive compared to similar third-party alternatives. It’s a genuine DJI product, though, and that guarantees a certain quality.


Tech Specs
Case type: Soft shoulder bag
Dimensions: 3.2 x 4.8 x 1.8”
Product Weight: 8 oz.
Materials: Non-specified soft fabric
Waterproof/resistant: None
Interior: Soft, fixed compartments
The Pros
Original DJI quality product
Easily fits a Mavic Air kit
Comfortable shoulder bag design
Front & rear outer sleeves
The Cons
Limited storage space

3. Pelican 1510 Drone Carry Case w/ Foam | Top Pick

Pelican 1510 Drone Carry Case w/ FoamView on Amazon

Editor’s Rating: 4.9/5

The top pick goes to the Pelican 1510 hard carry case. It’s not only for the DJI Mavic Air, so that gives it multipurpose uses if you need them.

  • Best feature 1: Multipurpose use
  • Best feature 2: Full protection/proofing
  • Plus points: Lightweight, stainless steel parts. retractable handle, auto pressure equalization
  • Minus points: Big, finicky lid organizer (optional)

Reasons to Consider the Pelican 1510 Carry Case

This carry case is perfect if you want the ultimate protection and don’t need to be conspicuous. It’s a rugged mobile box that uses stainless steel parts in its build. There’s tons of space for other gear as well as a drone setup. That’s great news if you carry a full Mavic Air kit plus extras. The Pelican 1510 also has strong protection. It’s crushproof, waterproof, and dustproof once the locks are in place.

It’s also the FAA maximum carry on size which is good news if you travel. The polyurethane wheels and retractable handle make light work of moving the case over longer distances. The wheels are less obliging over bumpier surfaces, though. That’s where the carry handles become useful. And the automatic pressure equalization valve does a great job of sealing the case.

The Not So Good

Don’t buy the 1510 Carry Case if you want to travel light. It’s big and bulky and not the easiest thing to lug around if you’re in a rush. It’s an excellent choice if you want the ultimate protection and space to play with. The other downside is that some find the optional lid organizer a challenge to manage.


Tech Specs
Case type: Hard shell carry case
Dimensions: 22 x 9 x 13.8”
Product Weight: 13.6 lbs.
Materials: ABS, polyurethane, stainless steel, rubber
Waterproof/resistant: Yes
Interior: Foam or padded dividers
The Pros
Multipurpose use, flexible interior
Full protection/proofing
Rugged w/ stainless steel parts
Lightweight for its size
Retractable handle
Auto pressure equalization
The Cons
Too big for lightweight travelers
Finicky lid organizer (optional)

4. Chartsea Portable Shoulder Bag for Mavic Air

Chartsea Portable Shoulder Bag for Mavic AirView on Amazon

Editor’s Rating: 4.4/5

The Chartsea carry case is a portable shoulder bag design specifically for the DJI Mavic Air. It’s a lightweight, easily portable bag that’s quick to pack and comfortable to wear.

  • Best feature 1: Portable shoulder bag design
  • Best feature 2: Lightweight and comfortable
  • Plus points: Carry handle, shoulder strap, PU/EVA materials, aesthetically pleasing
  • Minus points: Limited storage capacity, no proofing

Reasons to Consider the Chartsea Portable Shoulder Bag

The Chartsea carry case is a practical and affordable choice. It’s for anyone who wants something to transport and protect only their Mavic Air and its essential parts. It’s a nice-looking product too, and that’s always a bonus. There’s a wide handle along the top and a comfortable shoulder strap for handsfree carrying. The inner shell is an elastic EVA with custom cutouts for the drone and accessories.

The Chartsea has spaces for three batteries which includes the one in the drone. The other cutouts are for the remote controller (RC), charger, charging hub, and cables, etc.

The Not So Good

This bag is not the right choice if you need more than it holds. Its interior is inflexible and only has space for the said items. There aren’t any reinforcements or added proofing either.


Tech Specs
Case type: Shoulder bag w/ carry handle
Dimensions: Not specified
Product Weight: Not specified
Materials: PU (shell) EVA (interior), nylon
Waterproof/resistant: None
Interior: Fixed compartments w/ zipped lip storage area
The Pros
Portable shoulder bag design
Lightweight and comfortable
Top-mounted carry handle
Strong shoulder strap
Aesthetically pleasing style
The Cons
Limited storage capacity
No proofing

5. PolarPro Minimalist Case for DJI Mavic Air

PolarPro Minimalist Case for DJI Mavic AirView on Amazon

Editor’s Rating: 4.3/5

This is an excellent carrying case for anyone who wants to travel light. The PolarPro Minimalist is a custom case specifically designed for a DJI Mavic Air drone kit.

  • Best feature 1: Minimalist design
  • Best feature 2: Fits easily into a regular backpack or another bag
  • Plus points: Holds a full kit, well-designed soft shell, inner straps & dividers, fast access
  • Minus points: No waterproofing, restricted space

Reasons to Consider the PolarPro Minimalist Case

The Mavic Air Fly More Combo comes with a bag, but it’s a tad big and floppy. The PolarPro Minimalist case is neither of those things, yet it holds a full kit and fits easily in a backpack. Its smooth molded outer shell means it slides out of a knapsack or other bag as fast as it goes in. There are no awkward straps or buckles to hinder its movements. Packing and unpacking the Mavic Air kit is also a cinch.

It doesn’t look like this bag is big enough to hold everything from the outside—but it is. You can fit the Mavic Air drone, three batteries, charger, hub, and the remote controller (RC). There are two straps inside the case to hold it all down, but it’s a firm fit without them. There’s no rummaging around looking for stuff either. The kit packs tight and is instantly accessible the moment you lift the lid.

The Not So Good

PolarPro’s Minimalist Case for the DJI Mavic Air is water-resistant but not waterproof. I guess most pilots would be willing to pay a little extra for full waterproofing. Remember too; this is a minimalist carry case. That means it only has space for the Mavic Air kit mentioned above and nothing else. The customizable dividers let you change its configuration, but there’s still limited space.


Tech Specs
Case type: Minimalist soft shell
Dimensions: 7.7 x 4.9 x 8.7”
Product Weight: 8.8 oz.
Materials: Synthetic fabrics (various)
Waterproof/resistant: Resistant
Interior: Open space with customizable dividers
The Pros
Smart minimalist design
Fits easily into a regular backpack or another bag type
Holds a full Mavic Air kit
High-quality outer shell
Customizable dividers
Inner straps for extra security
Instant access to drone and its accessories
The Cons
No waterproofing
Limited space
Lifetime Warranty

6. CASEMATIX Rugged XL Mavic Air Fly More Combo Case

CASEMATIX Rugged XL Mavic Air Fly More Combo CaseView on Amazon

Editor’s Rating: 4.6/5

This CASEMATIX XL carry case is a favorite choice for the Mavic Air Fly More Combo. Its rugged design provides high protection against impacts like drops and hard knocks (see review).

  • Best feature 1: Rugged design
  • Best feature 2: Built-in carry-handle
  • Plus points: 2 Padlocks holes for added security, tri-layer interior, diced pick & pluck middle
  • Minus points: Not travel-friendly, not waterproof

Reasons to Consider the CASEMATIX Rugged XL

CASEMATIX’s XL is an ideal traveling case. Outdoor adventurers go places most others don’t. They also expose themselves to harsher environmental risks. That’s where this rugged case comes in handy. The makers use hard-wearing composite injection plastic for the build that borders on indestructible.

The built-in carry handle is also convenient. It’s also free from the damages that attached type handles are prone to. There are two padlock holes under the handle for added security. The inside of the case is customizable with a tri-layer arrangement that uses an egg-crate top. The middle section has a diced pick and pluck structure, and there’s a thick foam layer at the bottom.

This case easily accommodates the MAVIC Air Fly More Bundle. That includes the drone, 5 flight batteries, and a battery charger. There’s also room for the charging hub, remote controller (RC), propellers, and other accessories.

The Not So Good

It’s easy to carry this case that’s not overly large. However, it’s still rigid and too big to fit into a backpack. The only way to carry it is by the built-in handle. It’s not travel-friendly if you need something smaller and less conspicuous. This case isn’t waterproof either. There is a bigger alternative that is waterproof called the CASEMATIX 13″ Rugged Waterproof.


Tech Specs
Case type: Hardshell customizable organizer
Dimensions: 16 x 14 x 6”
Product Weight: 2.5 lbs
Materials: Injection composite plastic, high-quality foam
Waterproof/resistant: Resistant
Interior: Customizable Pick & Pluck
The Pros
Rugged design
Sturdy, built-in carry handle
Two padlock holes for added security
Protective tri-layer interior
Convenient diced pick & pluck middle section
The Cons
Not travel-friendly
Not waterproof

7. Smatree DA600 Mavic Air Waterproof Carrying Case

Smatree DA600 Mavic Air Waterproof Carrying CaseView on Amazon

Editor’s Rating: 4.8/5

This is the Smatree DA600, another purpose-made hard-shell travel case. It houses the Mavic Air Fly More Combo and arrives with custom cut-out foam compartments.

  • Best feature 1: Waterproof construction
  • Best feature 2: Custom cut foam
  • Plus points: Auto pressure equalization valve, anti-scratch/anti-crash, ABS plastic, EVA foam
  • Minus points: Restricted space

Why Consider the Smatree DA600 Carrying Case

Not all hard cases for drones and accessories are waterproof, but this one is. The case has an automatic pressure equalization valve. It works by releasing air pressure to form a tight seal that keeps water out. Smatree’s DA600 is also rugged. It boasts an ABS plastic exterior shell that’s anti-scratch and anti-crash resistant. And the interior EVA foam does a great job at protecting the contents.

There isn’t much room for customization as they designed the case specifically for the Mavic Air. That means the foam is already custom cut to accommodate the parts. These include the Mavic Air drone, remote controller (RC), and 3 DJI Intelligent Flight Batteries. There are also foam cut-outs for the battery adapter, charger, prop guards, props, and a few other bits.

The Not So Good

It’s a purpose-made case for the Mavic Air and its accessories. There isn’t room to fit parts other than those specified without creating a new inside. It’s a brilliant choice if it offers what you want, though. Consider something else if you need more flexibility or room to grow.


Tech Specs
Case type: Hard shell carry case
Dimensions: 13.9 x 10.7 x 4.2”
Product Weight: 3.25 lbs.
Materials: ABS Plastic, EVA foam interior
Waterproof/resistant: Waterproof
Interior: Custom cut-out for Mavic Air and accessories
The Pros
Waterproof construction
Custom cut foam
Auto pressure equalization valve
Tough ABS plastic exterior
High-quality EVA foam interior
The Cons
Restricted space, specific cut-outs only for Mavic Air kit

8. Professional DJI Mavic Air & Goggles Case

Professional DJI Mavic Air & Goggles CaseView on Amazon

Editor’s Rating: 4.7/5

There aren’t so many drone cases around that have a dedicated space for DJI Goggles. This one is a perfect fit for Mavic Air pilots who don’t like to carry separate luggage.

  • Best feature 1: Dedicated space for DJI Goggles
  • Best feature 2: Custom cut-outs for Mavic Air and accessories
  • Plus points: Soft grip handle, water-tight seal, dual padlock holes, made in Germany
  • Minus points: Price, restricted use

Reasons to Consider Mavic Air Pro Combo Case

MC-CASES bring us the Professional Carry Case for DJI MAVIC AIR & Goggles. It’s a German-made product which tells us plenty about quality. The company builds this case using water-jet precision cuts and high-precision milling. The interior uses closed cell foam that provides the ultimate protection for its contents. And the custom cut-outs ensure each part sits securely in its place during transit.

The lid has a watertight seal around it, and there’s an automatic pressure release valve. The comfortable soft-grip handle has two holes either side for double padlocking. Pilots can choose to carry the case of wear it using the shoulder strap for handsfree carrying.

It’s a smashing pro-level DJI + Goggles carry case, but it’s not cheap. The case has the necessary space for a comprehensive DJI Air FPV kit. It can house the DJI Mavic Air and assembled DJI Goggles. There are also compartments for 4 batteries, charger, remote control (RC), and original cables, etc.

The Not So Good

The Mavic Air Pro Combo Case by MC-CASES retails at around $150 at the time of writing. It’s a high-quality, long-lasting product that’s easy to organize, but you can only use it for the Mavic Air.


Tech Specs
Case type: Hard-shell travel case
Dimensions: 21.8 x 17.5 x 10.2”
Product Weight: 4.41 lbs.
Materials: Not specified (exterior) dense, closed cell foam (interior)
Waterproof/resistant: Resistant
Interior: Precut
The Pros
Dedicated space for DJI Goggles (assembled)
Custom cut-outs for Mavic Air and accessories
Comfortable, soft grip handle
Water-tight seal
Dual padlock holes
Shoulder strap
Made in Germany
The Cons
Restricted use
0/50 ratings